After today I can truly say that I have a serious crush and possible love affair with the city of Shanghai! Today was a truly magical and yes…whimsical day. Strolling through the streets and villas of “Old Shanghai” was inspirational and AMAZING!!!…Especially after the craziness of the past two days with paying for plastic grocery bags, wandering through hidden food markets, and possibly falling out of my seat from straight jet lag in my 6:30 PM Chinese class.

Hopping on the Shanghai Metro Line was cute with a smooth easy ride, unlike the New York subway. Upon arrival to “Old Shanghai,” we found countless and never ending streets filled with an array of wondrous shops that contained items from sparkly odds and ends all for only 10 yuan (1 or 2 American Dollars)… to addictive clothing that give straight LIFE!!!!

The surprising event of the day was the constant, obvious, and indiscreet stares from the natives throughout the day… that I was actually warned about. The people of Shanghai went from frolicking citizens to ravenous paparazzi in 5 minutes tops. You would have thought we were YMCMB walking through the hood…Straight Up! It definitely went from extremely flattering to just ridiculous in a short amount of time. If this is what it will be like for the next 4 months…this should be an extremely interesting stay!

On the other hand this day out was immensely euphoric and satisfying to my soul. Great company, humorous exploits, and “Ball Until You Fall” shopping was the recipe for this Epic day out. This is definitely the beginning of my inspiration supply for my Shanghai inspired mini collection.

On the real though…I can honestly say that this day was truly fulfilling and my “Hai” has begun…



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