Firenze for Ever

So it is my first couple of days here in Florence and I absolutely love it! It has been a blur of unpacking, exploring, orientation, and getting lost.  I love where my apartment is located; only five minutes from the Duomo! It is also in a less touristy part of the city so it is nice to be surrounded by Italians. One of the windows in my room overlooks a plaza and I love to look out of it and people watch. Italians are definitely very unique, everything from their clothes to their mannerisms seem so effortless.  I have my first day of classes tomorrow which I am very excited for. My classes tomorrow include Lost Symbolism and Secret Codes in Art, Italian Crime Fiction, and of course, Italian.


Ponte Santa Trinita, view from kitchen, Ponte Vecchio, Sunset


View from apartment, Duomo

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