Soooooooooo it’s finally time for my depart to the lovely city of Shanghai, China!!!!

 Wow…this is really going to be a life changer and there are a million thoughts going through my head. Will I be financially sound? Do I really have to go EVERYWHERE with someone? Is it like NY? Are there any cute men who love chocolate? (lols) What is the art scene and club scene like? Will I meet some really quality friends while I’m over there like I have here?

 I’m sure I will be okay, but my main goal when I get to China…is to LIVE. I mean REALLY LIVE!!! I want find any missing parts of myself, abandon old bad habits, and fall in love with my craft again.

 I mean this is F**king China!!!! The Mecca of clothing manufacturing. The networking possibilities are unlimited… and I heard so are the men!!!(haha)

But, I simply want to be inspired… to BE.

 To be satisfied with who I am and where I am in life…

To be even more confident in myself as a fashion designer…

To be a better person holistically…

To be in tune with where I am headed in life…

Tommorow I will be departing for Atlanta, where I will be flying off from the Atlanta International Airport to Pudong International Airport. My plane leaves Friday morning and arrives Saturday afternoon.

 OMG…this is really happening and it feels like it’s the right time for a real change and I think I’m ready for it! I have amazing support from my mother and close friends, which I appreciate sooooooo much!!!

Okay…I guess I’m really about to do this!! Wish me well and I will talk to you on the other side!!!!


Churches and Sandwiches

Second week of classes is over and so far so good! In my Lost Symbolisms and Secret Codes of Art class we went to San Miniato Church and it was absolutely amazing, The church is located on top of a hill so you get a beautiful view of Florence. It was really breathtaking and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Florence. When the weather is warmer I want to go up there and have a picnic.

A couple of days ago my roommate and I stumbled on a delicious sandwich shop. Nerbone is located in the Mercato Centrale and it can easily be missed, but by the looks of the line when we arrived, it’s a hidden gem in Florence. The Mercato Centrale is a big warehouse space with hundreds of vendors that sell fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and cheese. I got a simple turkey sandwich (turkey is actually rare in Italy!) on white bread with a delicious sauce. It was simply but mouth-watering! The sandwich only cost 4 euros so I will definitely become a frequent customer. It was also a lot of fun walking around the market and seeing all the wares people were selling. Everything was so fresh and colorful, though  I don’t recommend going there on an empty stomach.

London Fashion Week

Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

London Fashion Week was more than I ever imagined! It was incredible. LFW is so much different from New York Fashion week. All the people are so posh, fashion forward, and knowledgeable. New York Fashion Week has a strange mix of people and people who want to be in the fashion world, but cannot quite figure out their own style. There are two main tents for shows and inside Somerset House there are exhibitions. The exhibitors are designers and the set up a space to show their new collection. You need a special pass to have access to them, it is mostly buyers and photographers who can go and see the new collections. I was lucky enough the get a pass from my internship because they were showing. Everything at LFW is very exclusive. I really enjoyed being able to see how fashion week worked in another country. It was interesting to compare it to New York. I meet some really cool people and was able to expand my horizons in the fashion industry. Even people watching was beyond words when I stood outside the tents. I cannot wait to go back for another season!



Venice Carnevale

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Venice to attend the world-renowned carnevale. It was unlike anything I have ever experience. It was basically adult Halloween, minus the skimpy outfits. Venice was absolutely packed but I still managed to have a great time. I was also very fortunate because, although it as very cold, it wasn’t raining. My friends and I went with a travel company by bus.

We arrived to Venice around noon where we then took the water taxi to the heart of this floating city. Everything about the boat ride was surreal. How many places have boat taxis to begin with?? As the boat neared the city, I began to see the gorgeous houses on the water, each one unique, and the ever so famous gondolas that I had only seen in travel brochures and movies. As a typical tourist, I couldn’t put down my camera; I just had to get a picture of every single thing. We got off at Piazza San Marco, one of the main plazas in Venice and the heart of the carnevale festivities.

We began walking through the small side streets with no real aim, we just wanted to explore the city. Lunchtime rolled around and we settled on a small Italian restaurant called Trattoria Sempione. Venice is known to have excellent seafood so I ordered calamari to start and then spaghetti with king crab as a main dish (it was one of the most delicious meals I have ever had!).

Afterwards we continued to walk around and take pictures with magnificently dressed people. Everyone seemed to have walked straight off of a movie set with their detailed and majestic costumes. Even the children were meticulously dressed as kings, queens, Mickey Mouses, supermans, and cowboys. We made it back to Florence at 1am, covered in confetti and glitter, exhausted, and incredibly happy. It was definitely and experience I will always remember. Later this semester I want to return to Venice and experience the city with less masked individuals, more walking space, and less layers of clothing.



Blogged by: Mollie Attenson

I have recently started making a list of things I have done so far in London. I have realized how fortunate I am to have this opportunity, that many others do not get. I have also started to make a list of places I want to go while I am here.

 One thing I did was go and see the Valentino: Master of Couture exhibit at the Somerset House. It was unbelievable to see over 130 divine haute couture designs worn by icons over the past decades. The installation was breathtaking. It is set up like a runway and allows the viewer to get close to all the garments. It was inspiring to see Valentino’s work. I cannot believe how much he has accomplished so far. It really proves that anything is possible.

I am really enjoying my time so far. London is such an amazing city. It reminds me of a BIG New York, which is cleaner and where the people have better accents.