There’s Nothing Like That Feeling of Accomplishment…

…When you finally check off the last task on your ‘to do’ list. You finally have time to relax…  for about an hour or so; then it’s time to do it all over again.

My schedule is hectic and it does get to be overwhelming at times, but I always remind myself that it’s my choice. I made it that way. I do things most teenagers don’t because I want to be a successful worker in the industry of fashion and, why not get a head start on it?

My schedule:

High School always comes first before college, as much as I wish it didn’t. SAT’s are exactly a week away. This test will determine what college I get into. Nerve wrecking right?! For about the past month, I have tried to get at least thirty minutes to one hour of studying in per-day. But now that the test is only one week away, my studying will amp up to several more hours.

I prioritize myself and keep two agendas in my purse wherever I go (except when I go out at night- which is rare.). I would recommend this to anyone with a busy schedule because it really helps you keep up with your work.

After SAT prep, school work is second on my list of prioritizing. Between homework, projects, and essays, it has to be done!

When I’m finished with high school work, I move on to college work! My FIT class doesn’t require take home assignments but we do need to bring in items to incorporate into the projects. If the professor hands out notes, I re-read them and go over what is expected for the next class. I don’t consider this to be ‘dreaded work’ more as learning fun.

And when that’s done, I work on ‘MiRi Co.’ MiRi Co is a small project a friend and I produced. It forming, creating and shooting fashion photography. The models we use are volunteers from our school. We help the models build up a portfolio as well as ourselves. I style the shoot, come up with the concepts, buy and borrow the needed attire, and basically direct when shooting. My friend, Maggie, is the photographer, but also helps me whenever I need it. I love working on these shoots because it’s my favorite hobby.

When I finally reach some free time, I usually read or go out with friends. Over my spring break I had quite a lot of time on my hands. I read two novels, made several trips to the city, shot 1 photo shoot (they take up a lot of time) and even went out. But now that reality has returned, it’s time to get back on task. But hey, I’m not complaining :)


My Time Management Trick? My Moleskin Planner

I’m not going to lie, sometimes being a high school student and a Precollege student can be a bit hectic.  Not many high schoolers  would voluntarily wake up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday to head to yet another class.  However, I’m so in love with fashion, that I really enjoy waking up early to get to FIT!  Thankfully, I’m in a class that doesn’t require too much homework (especially because our mannequins stay in the classroom), and I’m able to focus most of my weekday afternoons on schoolwork.

I have after-school activities on Mondays and Tuesdays, so on those days I try to finish my homework early.  Now AP Exams are rapidly approaching, so I’m also budgeting in a good amount of studying each night.

It’s also important to have time for social activities–on nights when I don’t have too much homework, I spend time with friends after school.  On Fridays, I enjoying going out, but I also  make sure to get home early enough to be well rested for my morning classes!  When I’m interning at Marc Jacobs around show times, things can get really crazy with late hours and lots of work.  All the work is for fashion though, so I love every minute of it. Of course, I couldn’t get anywhere without my Moleskine planner–I use it to mark test dates, nightly homework, big events, and even when I need to submit these blog posts!  Although it’s difficult to stayed balanced, I try to have time for all different sorts of things.    Have a great week and stay busy (but not too busy)!



How Do You Juggle Your Schedule? Here’s How I Do It…

Today, as I sat in US History class, I watched as my teacher taught about inflation during the early 1900’s. However, I couldn’t focus… I was busy thinking about his simple button-up and how the shoulders were slightly too loose. I was imagining how it could be reconstructed for a better fit. All these things to be taken into consideration as I make my first blazer out of a gorgeous, long sought-after baby blue and yellow brocade (my obsession since fall).

I guess I missed my FIT classes too much!

These days, everything is getting so competitive. More and more people are applying to SUNY schools because they are so much more affordable. Of course, like any other student trying to get into their dream school, I try my hardest to meet all of the requirements needed to get in. Some times of the year are harder than others…like midterm week, finals week, the end of each quarter, and before big breaks. I’m also very competitive with my extra-curricular activities.

But how do you manage all this stuff? I’ll show you how I do it (or sometimes don’t, but should):

  • PRIORITIZE. What comes first this week? Is it your Chemistry test or your Art History day trifold? Always go with what comes first.
  • PREPARE. You don’t want to be cramming for those SAT’s last minute. Use big breaks to read  your review books, catch up on art projects, and meet up with old friends (that way you don’t feel so bad blowing them off when you’re busy later). Knowing what you have to do is half the battle, it’s so much harder to get things done when you can’t remember what you have to do!
  • LISTS. I use the long commute I have to school (45 minutes) to do homework, and sometimes I make lists of art projects I have to do and put them in order from greatest to least importance. This is another part of preparing and always helps when you actually know what you have to do that day.
  • GIVE MORE TIME THAN NECESSARY. Sleep is always important, especially if you need a lot of focus during school. I know that getting more sleep keeps me way more concentrated, and that’s important because it means less studying later. Don’t overbook yourself and then miss out on your beauty sleep (a good way for getting good sleep to stay focused is exercise). Only plan to work on one or two projects a night, depending on how much homework you have.
  • RESPONSIBILITY. I know exactly how hard it is to look at a boyfriend’s sad puppy eyes and say, “No, we can’t hangout for the 3rd day in a row. I have work to do,” or having to send a remorseful text to a friend you haven’t seen in weeks canceling girls night because something urgent came up. I’ve learned a lot of responsibility in the last couple of years, and take it from someone who knows, there will always be parties on Friday nights the day before class. But what you learn the next day could be with you forever. Your efforts do pay off, and it’s always better to celebrate them after with the people you love.
  • SOMETIMES, SAY NO. Being happy and sane is more important than anything else. If you’re so stressed that you’re not enjoying yourself, ease off the activities. I absolutely love creating art and would never want to take it for granted; so I give myself time with it and don’t push my boundaries. I don’t need to get a piece done in a couple days if I’m not going to love making it.
  • USE TIME WISELY. Like I mentioned before, I have a 45 minute commute to school (without traffic, Fridays get rough) and a 2 hour commute to the city on Saturdays. Every morning, I do my hair and makeup in the car and eat breakfast, and sometimes do homework. On the way home I always do school work, study my SAT book, knit, or like right now, hand bead a garment I’m working on. On the train ride, I mostly draw and work on my current FIT projects and study some more or read. I even bring flashcards on the subway sometime; you never know when you’ll be waiting around for 10 minutes for the next train. I’m also constantly on my blackberry emailing to keep up with different groups.

I like to stick to a schedule during the week; it definitely helps keep my mind on track. Right now, I go to physical therapy Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I take spinning classes Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and I go to the city Saturdays. It gets really hectic…but I guess that’s my life. I thrive on keeping busy – it motivates me and pushes me to my limit. Things to get a bit crazy sometimes but you just have to keep reminding yourself of your progress and all of the positive things you have going for you. It’s always worth it!


Busy But Never Bored

My schedule has gotten pretty full lately. I have high school, homework, yoga, projects, job- hunting, and 2 Precollege. courses. I try to keep my weeks focused on school work. Usually I get home from school around 3 on weekdays. Then, with a couple hours spent on homework, chores, plus trying to workout as often as possible, my days just disappear  before my eyes. By friday night, I’m ready for some fun! Every girl needs a social life…

My weekends still aren’t spent completely chilling though. I have Precollege on Saturdays and usually get home round 7. Saturdays is my real end of the week because whenever I get home from hanging out with friends, it’ll be my only night of the week that I get to sleep in. On Sundays I get up in the afternoon, work on my blogging, do my FIT assignments and, if need be, I do some regular school work. If I have any extra time left, I spend it relaxing, listening to music, and just laying around.

I do have an agenda to keep track of all my assignment due dates. But, I wouldn’t say my life has gotten too hectic that there’s no time for fun. I love the program I’m in and it keeps me busy enough that I’m never bored. I think that doing extra things like sports or classes keeps you well rounded.(: What do you think?


Managing a Busy Schedule: It’s OK to Say No

Precollege courses are so much fun! But managing assignments, school work, extracurricular activities and friends is tough. Since I take a morning class, I try to get home early when I go out on weekends. I have to be on a train at 7:30 AM so I usually wake up around 6:45 to get ready! During the regular school week, I have a job running birthday parties and programs at a local gym and a blogging internship at a local boutique. I’ve always liked being busy but last semester I took way too much on.

I tried to juggle varsity basketball, play rehearsals, and my internship along with precollege classes. I felt like I never had any time! I decided not to run track this semester to free up my schedule and it has helped me so much. It’s okay to say “no” if you can’t commit or strain yourself trying to do it all. I didn’t learn that until this year. I’ve learned now that I can commit so much more now that I have fewer activities.

That being said, I still need to manage my time. I am a chronic list maker so I always make a to-do list and every month I make a schedule and add to it as the month goes on. I’ve also learned not to leave FIT assignments to the last minute (after staying up till 4AM making a car out of a trifold poster.) My schedule is busy, but I always make sure everything is done and I still have time to hang out with friends!