Student Work: HGD 175 2-D Animation Using Adobe After-Effects

Check out some of these student animations from Summer Live!

This work comes from HGD 175 2-D Animation Using Adobe After-Effects (Level 2)
Course Description:

Used in producing television commercials, film credits, and web animations, Adobe After-Effects is software used by industry to create two-dimensional animations. Students will produce their own 30 second animations, text animations, and several other projects that may be viewed on any computer and used for portfolio submissions. Basic Adobe Photoshop knowledge required.

Major: Computer Animation and Interactive Media. 


First Day Of School and I’m Back In Action!

My days of waiting for Precollege classes to begin again are finally over! I’m back in action. Now, I have to wait out this dreadful month of March to see if I’ve gotten accepted to FIT.

Well, as usual, the first day can be a little hectic, even as a student who has already taken 6 classes. I thought I had forgotten my schedule (I found it when I got home tucked into a magazine) and needed to get a new one printed, but then I ended up going to my afternoon class, Draping, on accident. So, I had to go back down to D130 for a late pass to awkwardly walk in to my real first one late, yikes.

Fabric Styling caught my attention, as we went over what we’d be doing. We all introduced ourselves first though and said why we had chosen to take the class. Personally, I chose fabric styling to learn more about fabrics and which ones work well together so that my designs would become more cohesive. Also, after seeing how intricately put together the boards for fabric styling are, it will help a lot for my design presentation boards. We went over so many new things about how to organize the layout of a board well, and all the new supplies we’d be using for it. The teacher, Sara Petitt, explained that we would all have to pick a celebrity and find fabrics that would work well for them. We will be making a separate board for a collection of outfits, the interior of their homes, and a photo-shoot for our celeb to go on.

After class, I went with two of my classmates to Mood Fabrics, where we’d be swatching  a lot for our class. I bought some fabric for my in-process prom dress, and some  tulle for another one of my art projects. It was good to have classmates willing to take a trip with me, since we all have a lot in common and can bond over the experience.

I hurried back to my second class and got there just in time. Since this was my actual draping class, we went over all the safety rooms for the classroom, which is full of sewing machines and mannequins. Then we went over the exciting part, all the patterns we’d be making! By the end of the class we’ll have patterns for several different skirts and a bodice that we’ll learn how to make variations for. I’m really psyched for this because I love making clothes for myself but can never find the time because of all the art projects I have piling up.

After class, I finally had the chance to go to the cafeteria. In 2 and a half years of taking classes at FIT, I had never been to the cafeteria before. It was actually really nice. As someone who’s an extremely picky eater, there were several options that I liked, and tasted good! It was also reasonably priced, which tends to be a problem for other college cafeterias.

So, my first day of class went really good and I can’t wait to get started on my projects!


Today I went to the Katonah Museum of Art where my dress was featured, and by request, here are some close-ups!

And another project from school I found photos of