Spring Break is Finally Here!

Spring break has finally dawned on us and now we can finally take somewhat of a mental break although some teachers feel the need to interrupt our mind break with 40 chapters of Pride and Prejudice, well thank goodness for Netflix!

With time off and our (us FIT precollege students) minds filled with 5 weeks worth of new knowledge, we’ll now have more time to expand and enhance our newly acquired skills and work on our midterm/ final projects. Our class’s project is to create 3 looks (1 casual day look, 1 career look, and 1 evening/special occasion look) for a specific customer/age group. For me, coming up with an idea for a look takes no time at all; It just comes to me. No lie, the other night a vision of a cobalt and aqua blue dress came to me in a dream! The actual process of getting it down on paper though, is the challenging part. But luckily with this class, I’m getting way better at it.

As much as i love spending part of my weekend going to Manhattan and be surrounded by fashion people doing what I love to do, I think i can handle not waking up early an extra day of the week and awkwardly sit very close to complete strangers for an hour for at least one Sunday. But in it’s entirety, I’ll miss going to class this week.

For the most part, my spring break will consist on me becoming a vegetable on either my bed or on my couch in front of my tv watching pretty much everything on Netflix Instant or playing Super Mario Galaxy. I’m obviously a real social butterfly, but I’ll try and fit sewing and finishing my midterm project into my busy schedule. Unlike most teenagers who refuse to be home for even longer than 5 minutes, I’ll be happily at home resting and relaxing watching my baby cousins with my boyfriend and putting my parents in debt because of my rekindled love for eBay. Fun right? Did I also mention I’ll be attending Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball? Oh yeah, that too. No big deal, just the biggest pop star on the planet right now, and I’m going to see her for the second time. This nonchalantness and refraining from using all caps and exclamation points is very hard for me, so I’ll just move on and say that this show will bring inspiration to me for my mid term project. Don’t worry though, my career look won’t end up being a leather bra and underwear set.


Paws up! -Talya


My Spring Break Plans: Photography, Skirts, Reading & Bunny Ears

Hey everyone!  This is an exciting week, it’s finally Spring Break!

I’m so glad to finally have a little break from school.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing vacation upstate with some of my best friends, where there will be plenty of photography opportunities (I’m bringing my Polaroid camera)!  I’ll be swimming, cooking, and hopefully doing a little vintage shopping.  I’m also spending some time in the city. I plan to use some of my skills I’m  learning in class to complete some projects I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  I want to hem this space-print skirt I made  which can be worn long or short.

The photos are by my close friend and FIT blogger Martina.   The two of us plan on going fabric shopping so we can create many of the things we’ve made patterns for! We are also planning a visit to a 99-cent store so we can buy glitter and plastic accessories to customize our new pieces.

I’m also excited to do a little spring shopping and add some fresh warm-weather pieces to my wardrobe.  I’m thinking about some scalloped denim shorts, beautiful white dresses like in Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides, and, of course, dreaming of the beautiful Miu Miu heels from this season.

Today my friend Elijah (the other half of my blog at http://lesfillesdelamode.tumblr.com/) and I visited the Marc Jacobs store to take a picture with the adorable Easter pig in the window!  (I’m the one in the pink hat).

Also, I can’t wait to just relax and read the new issue of the ever-inspiring POP Magazine while enjoying the spring weather (finally).

The new issue of POP and a few of my favorite seasonal items:  Daisy Eau So Fresh body cream by Marc Jacobs, floral hair wrap from the ballet store, and a gifted pair of blue glasses.  Finally…I’m excited for Easter, the perfect opportunity to wear my pink bunny ears.

I wear them all the time, but this is the perfect excuse to pair them with even more pastel colors than usual!

Have a great Spring Break!




Spring Break Antics

Well, it’s FINALLY spring break!  While I’m not going anywhere tropical, I am heading to the suburbs of Pittsburg to visit my grandparents. I’m hoping that we get to spend some time in the actual city, visiting the Andy Warhol museum, and checking out the Farmers market. But of course, I am excited to hit each and every cute store that I find! Don’t let the location fool you, small towns can carry some awesome stuff! It was in a little boutique in Upstate New York where I found my purse made out of ties! I’m hoping to find something adorable while I’m there, but if not, I’ll still be having fun visiting family.

Of course, when I get home I’m planning on heading into the city with my friends, you know, NYC!  With the warm weather picking up, it’s time to really spring shop! Currently, I’m on the hunt for the perfect peasant top, and I’m looking to get a new pair of TOMS. While I’m shopping in NYC and Pittsburg I have to be mindful to take a ton of pictures of the merchandise for my final project. We have to have 75 photos of store windows and displays and document the trends for this year. I’m looking forward to a kick starting my project!

While I have some time off, I’ll also be planning my new room. I’m redoing it and I have to get everything just right, from the art deco posters to the Tuscany orange paint color. Designing my room is one of my favorite things to do, I redo it about once every 2 years. In sixth grade I came home one day, bought paint, and made my walls polka-dotted, from there it took a turn to a beachy theme, then I became more sophisticated with a black, white, and turquoise color scheme, but now I’m back to a So- Cal/ Mexican inspired room. I may seem like a lot for just one week, but I’m not one to just lounge at home! What are you doing for your break?


My Spring Break: Hitting The City For Fun & Inspiration!

Spring break is this week and I am excited because it provides me with an opportunity to expand my newly acquired skills from my classes at FIT. As you know, I’ve been learning techniques and the proper way to create everything. Sometimes as a designer, I get so caught up in making my design perfect that it ends up being overly basic and looses its originality and essence. Spring break lets me take my designs on a exhilarating ride. While spending all my time exploring the city and observing its inner soul; who knows what kind of inspiration or exotic fabrics I’ll find.

I will also be taking some time out to practice my craft and expanding it by trying to mimic the way different fabric hangs and can be positioned on certain body types. Once I’m sure on which fabrics I’ll be using, that will help excel at yet another skill I need work on: Shading. Proper shading is really vital to any design because different fabrics catch the light in different ways whether they be  lighter or  heavier or darker. Perfected designs really help the customer get an almost exact idea of what they’ll be wearing before the garment is even completed.

As for my spring break plans, I’m pretty much staying close to home. I’m spending my time in the city trying to portray the typical New York tourist. I’m planning to visit the Top of the Rock, the high-line, a couple of  Broadway shows, and the MoMA . Perhaps I’ll catch a sun-kissed tan, run into some people with British accents, contain my unattainable urge to sing along during a show and explain to my mom why a clump of hay or a black canvas is deep. Hopefully, in the midst of all that I can also acquire some inspiration.

While in the City I will also be looking for fabrics to finish one of my projects that is due right after spring break. Once I get some swatches I can start my final piece. I’ll post pictures of it up as soon as I’m done. Of course, I’ll miss everyone and the fun I have in the class. I’ll be cringing with excitement to show all my peers what I’ve come up with during this time. So until then, I hope everyone has a great break!(:


Gimme a (Spring) Break!…New York, I’m Coming


That’s how I’ve been feeling since school ended today. I have an overwhelming amount of things to do over break, but this is the week when I finally get to sit down and immerse myself in my fashion work. Every weekend, I haven’t had time to review what I’d learned in class and actually start my class projects, but here I go!

I told you about my two projects, the Vivienne Westwood and the spring collection. I have to pick a period of time before the 1950s for my Westwood project. Honestly, until I intensely research, I have no idea which to choose. Any ideas?

Spring Collection

My preliminary sketch on tracing paper

With Color

I colored this quickly in class, but I might use this look for the spring collection. What do you think?

Pink and Gold Heels

Matching heels. Bottom is hot pink. Top is a gold metal buckle. (Color sketches done on marker paper)

I’m hoping to visit New York a second time this week to visit a store and get my fabric swatches for the project. While I walk around, I’d like to take a spring stroll through Soho- this will be my mini-vacation- because I’m trapped in New Jersey all week. I want to find inspirations for my spring outfits from the window displays of boutiques and the clothes themselves. One target store: Topshop.

The Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Met is coming up in early May, which would have been a great help for the pre-1950s era project, but nevertheless, I am definitely looking forward to that! Meanwhile, while I wait, I’ll explore the museum; you can spend a day in there and continue to find new exhibits and artwork. What a place.

The bulk of my weekdays will be spent in an arts center near my home. The instructors there teach younger children how to explore their creativity through several projects over the course of a week. I help out. This will be an interesting experience for me, as I’ll be able to see how children perceive and express art with their naive minds, unlike us teenagers and adults, who already have preconceptions about the world.

And as for some leisure time for myself, I’m on the lookout for a unique pair of flat sandals to last me all season! I don’t know whether to go for the classic t-strap or a funky style instead. Such a difficult decision, all this fashion!

My goal of the week is successful time management…doesn’t everyone have to these days?


A part of my customer profile inspiration page. I love these silhouettes!