Course Showcase: HSX 132 Advocacy U

Here is another BRAND NEW Precollege Workshop course we are featuring this Spring! You can complete this short intensive course in just 4 Saturdays from April 21 – May 12. Read the course description below and click here to register!

HSX 132: Advocacy U

Community service has become an unofficial requirement to gain admittance into most colleges.  In this workshop you will learn how to take volunteerism to the next level and stand out amongst your peers.  Students select their favorite cause or charity and learn how to build a successful awareness and fundraising campaign.  Each session will focus on the key aspects of professional nonprofit work, including developing and executing marketing/communications plans, grassroots fundraising, event planning, and forging community and corporate partnerships.  Upon completion of this workshop, you will be armed with the tools of an all-star advocate and ready to rally support for your chosen cause.

Back into my Fantasy World: The First Day of Class

After a dreadful week at school, Saturday finally arrived.  I would consider my first day at FIT every semester to be comparable to my first day at school; the same process is involved such as wondering who is going to be in my class, if I’ll like my teacher, feeling both anxious and excited at the same time and most importantly, picking out something to wear! My first day started off pretty well, beginning with waking up at 6 a.m. to go to the place I only dream of. Despite having a little bit of trouble finding my classroom, the ride into Manhattan went more than perfect, it was just a short 25 minute ride being that there was no traffic. So, for the most part the whole “getting in to class” task went fairly smooth.

My class this semester is in the A building!

Once I got into class my professor, Jamie Ross, showed up shortly after. This Spring I am taking Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future. This class is much different than my previous class. One, this class is triple the size of my last class. There is probably about 16-18 people in it, as opposed to my last class which had 6 people. Also, due to the fact that this is a Saturday live class and not a workshop, it is a lot more in-depth and vigorous (which I enjoy). I was not too nervous about attending class because I found out earlier that my friend Gianna from my fall semester class was taking the same class as me (or so I thought). Unfortunately, it turned out that her schedule got messed up and she was moved to another class half-way throughout the day (it was fun while it lasted).

To say that I am excited for this class is an understatement. Professor Ross not only seems extremely nice and down to earth, yet she also seems tremendously motivated to be teaching this class. She started off class telling us a little bit about herself and then we (the class) had to introduce ourselves individually. I really took notice of all the different types of girls in the class and how they each decided to express themselves in varying ways whether it be in dress or personality. After that we went over the syllabus and at that point I could tell that this class was going to be great. The three projects we have due over the course of the next few months are going to require much time, effort and a lot of work. But, I know that it will not seem like work to me because I’ll be doing something I am passionate about. Additionally, we are going to be going on a few field trips, which I absolutely love to do! Some trips include going to go to SoHo, and 34th street to photograph street style that will help us predict and forecast upcoming trends.

On that account, not too much happened during class today, hence it was the first class. But I promise to have much more information as the weeks pass by! I have a very strong feeling that I am going to love everything about this class, it’s possible that a fashion forecaster might even become a potential “dream” career for me!

Fashionably truly,


Course Showcase: HSX 133 Fashion Journalism

We have another Course Showcase for you! Let us introduce you to a BRAND NEW Precollege Workshop course called Fashion Journalism. Precollege Workshops are short intensive courses, which in the Spring is scheduled on 4 Saturdays from April 21 – May 12. Read below for the course description of this hot new class and click here to register!

HSX 133 Fashion Journalism:

As we become a more content-driven society, there is greater demand for well-developed editorial.  Through four interactive sessions, students will discover the many facets of journalism in fashion and related fields, and the extensive career opportunities affiliated with it.  An understanding of editorial and written content will be developed through various projects involving conducting interviews, newsgathering, and concept development.  Students will hone their journalism skills by writing and editing fashion news and feature stories.  Basic knowledge of copyediting, headline-writing, captions and journalism etiquette will be covered.

FIT: The Beginning of Something New! My First Day Experience…

Oh, how was my first day you ask? Well, it was spectacular! Though, the beginning of the journey to NYC was a bit rough- I woke up at 7 sharp so I could get to my Drawing for Illustration class as early as possible. Having to walk a half mile to catch the bus then 16 blocks to FIT get’s a bit tiring, but it was all worth it!

The vibe of the room was all so artsy. A place I thought I belonged.

Once my professor started doing attendance and started to ask what grade we were in, I couldn’t help but notice that I was the only freshman in my class. Then I realized, you’re never too young to know what you want to do- maybe sometimes you’ll question what you might want to do but at the end of the day, you’ll eventually find your calling. I just so happened to find mine at that very moment.

We started with a warm up. We had to draw someone- no problem right? Wrong! I consider myself a rookie and so once I heard this, I couldn’t help but feel a bit self cautious with what I was doing. The outcome came a bit better than expected, but I wish I would’ve done a bit better. Confidence is key so I must keep that in mind from this day forward!

I  did learn to sketch a model roughly from head to toe, which I think is key for me to succeed in my drawing skills, which I know will only get better with this course. Also, it’s nice to get into some hands-on work on the first day of class. I  wished my high school teachers prepared work for us to do on our first day of class… I find it rare that that happens.

turtle in Drawing for Illustration

Once it was lunch time, I noticed this little saying written on one of the tables that said  “There once was turtle, who lived in her shell. The shell was her home and her prison as well.” I found it interesting in a way that was bothersome yet awesome! Haha. It brings to mind individuality and open mindedness, which I see in every single one of my classmates. I wish I would’ve known them much better, but there is 10 more weeks for that to happen! Oh the joy!

I can’t wait to see the city again, to walk those blocks again, to learn something new next Saturday!

What might you learn at FIT?


My first day of class!

On my first day of class I was both nervous and excited. I love meeting new people but at first I may come off as shy.  Taking an early train wasn’t as bad as I thought, I sat with my two best friends from my school who are taking The Beauty Business-Art & Science of Cosmetics and Fragrance.  The train ride was fast, probably because we were so excited to get to class.  Once I walked into my classroom the instructor, Professor Jamie Ross, greeted me with a smile.  She made everyone feel welcome and very comfortable.  We began by going over the course description and objectives followed by a syllabus that outlined what we would be doing each week.   This made me even more excited for the projects and New York field trips to come.

When it was time to go on a break, I went to Starbucks with one of the nice girls sitting next to me.  We talked about how we were excited to meet new people who shared the same interests as us and how we love being in the city.  After break, the Professor  presented an example of her own work titled “Retail/Street Scene: Miami” from her recent trip.  She showed us many pictures she took of hot new clothing stores as well as pictures of people on the street.  Being a Fashion Forecaster seems like a really fun an interesting job. I’m really looking forward to learning tricks about taking pictures and how to look for new trends.   It was a very exciting day and I can’t wait for next week!