Exploring the FIT Campus And Beyond!

One of my favorite things about the campus at FIT is how simple it is to get around.  Only 5 minutes from Penn Station, the FIT campus is very easy to find and is packed with awesome stores and food places, so I always look forward to going on break and walking around after class.  Usually my professor gives us a 25-30 minute break which is the perfect amount of time to grab a quick bite.  Some of my favorite places to go on break are Panera, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. There are so many great lunch places to choose from.  If I’m not feeling hungry, sometimes I stop and check out the Barnes & Noble at FIT for new fashion books and college attire. I recently bought an FIT sweatshirt that I’m absolutely in love with, it’s so comfy!

After class sometimes I go shopping with my friends.  We love Zarra, Macy’s, Forever21, H&M, and American Apparel. It’s really exciting to explore and find new places, especially for a ‘Jersey Girl’ like me who is used to open spaces and no places to walk to.

If your planning on visiting the FIT campus some other places you should check out are:

  • Joe Fresh 34th St
  • Cat Walk Shoe Salon 7th Avenue
  • Lush Cosmetics
  • Macy’s at 34th St.

If you’re taking a sewing or fabric styling class you can find a lot of beautiful fabrics at Mood located on 225 W. 37th St.  You guys might recognize this store from one of my favorite shows, Project Runway!  I made several trips to Mood last semester when I took fabric styling.  The swatches I selected at Mood were really unique and added something really special to my style boards!

I’m having so much fun learning my way around the city and finding cool places to hang out and shop! If you’re planning on checking out FIT keep some of these awesome places in mind!  Thanks for reading and have fun exploring!