Week 2 Off to a Great Start!

Hello Everyone!

How was your weekend? Mine was great, I got lots of work done for FIT.  I finished up all of my paper couture dolls and I put the finishing touches on one of my designs, which is inspired by Cruella DeVil. I also started working on my design journal and I continued to work on this in class today, as well.

For our design journals, we have  to show what we are all about  through a collage, mine is going  well so far. The next step is to develop a character of our  ”customer,” which is what I’m beginning to work on.

For week two of FIT I am most excited about working on my design journal; I have lots of  ideas I want to add to it during this week. I’ll be sure to give you an update on this project next time!

Also, this Monday was much different than last Monday, which was the first day of class. I have learned a lot in such a short amount of time, my knowledge of designers has  grown immensely. This Monday we went to the Fabric Lab. I had never been there before, so this was very exciting for me. We were there to look for fabric swatches to use for our mood pages. FIT has such a large selection! In addition, my class also visited the library. My professor gave us a tour – the library has lots of cool things to see in it. We will be spending time in the library throughout the next few days to do research on designers for our final projects and I’m really looking forward to it.

During week one at FIT, my interest in fashion design has definitely grown. I’m usually more interested in styling or merchandising but I am finding this area of fashion to be just as fun and enjoyable. Do you have a favorite area of fashion? Have you found that FIT has helped you discover what you love??

I hope you all are enjoying your Summer Live classes as much as I am!

- Justine

Paper Couture and More!

The first few days of class have gone by so fast! I’m thrilled with everything I’ve been working on so far. Making a trip into the city everyday is becoming a routine I will miss so much when it’s over!

One of the projects that I am working on right now is the Paper Couture project. This project includes drawing a fashion figure and then going through magazines to find images, textures, patterns, or anything of the sort to create a cut out outfit for the drawing. It has helped me develop my drawing skills further, especially when it comes to drawing people. I have really been loving this project and am surprised by all of the amazing things everyone in my class has come up with! All of the work that I have been doing so far is perfect to add to my portfolio.

Also, we have begun looking for mood images to add to our fashion journals. I have come up with a few ideas, and plan on continuing this. In addition, my knowledge and skill has definitely improved so far. Like I mentioned, my drawing skills are improving, and my knowledge of different designers is growing, as well. Every day I learn so much from my professor about tons of different designers, many of which I have never heard of before. 

The most exciting thing about my class is how fun all of the projects are so far, and how much they let me explore my creativity. I’m definitely looking forward to learning more!

How were your first few days of class?

Until next time!



Spring Break Project Recap: Recreating Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The scary thought progressing through my mind at the moment is colleges. The thought of being free, independent, and one step closer to becoming an adult brings excitement as well as anxiousness. Finishing up my junior year with more stress then ever, I am petrified of not getting into one of the fashion colleges of my dreams: Fashion Institute of Technology and LIM (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.) With all the prep for major tests and regents and handling simple school work, working on a portfolio is also a huge priority in my life.

As I started to explain in a previous blog, during my spring break I worked on a shoot with a couple of friends. We re-created the vibe of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The shoot was done at two locations: The stone steps and waterfall in front of the Plaza Hotel and the Tiffany & Co. store located on 5th Avenue and 57th street. The shoot became a huge success when many tourists stood behind the photographer taking snap shots and glazing at the model and scenery. When people started to ask the model and I if they could take photos with her, it was a great feeling of accomplishment for my team and I. Especially when there was fifteen people lined up waiting to take their picture with ‘Audrey’. The model loved the attention and didn’t mind posing for the fellow tourists on the NYC streets. But then again, when your Audrey Hepburn, one of the most symbolic beauties of all time, why wouldn’t you flaunt it?

Here are some of my favorite photographs from the shoot: I would love to hear feedback on whether you like or dislike my work. I would also love to hear tips any one has for me! I LOVE OPINIONS :)

I adore that piece of hair blowing by her face! Although the feet are a tad awkward.

This was a quick shoot we threw together at the last moment at the Plaza. The pictures didn’t come out the way I wanted them but this one was the exception. I like the way her outfit is flaunted.

Again, I would love to hear your feedback and opinion.


My Love/Hate Relationship With Being Busy

I submitted my project today! I eventually ended up tweaking my original hot pink dress into a polk-a-dotted, red a-line with a shimmery hemline. I was extremely pleased with my project, especially since I only began last night at 10 P.M. I guess I have strong, solid stamina, because I lasted through the entire night until 5 A.M., when I finally completed all three of my illustrations. I know, I’m crazy.

Here are two of my drawings for my spring collection:


A day dress with flair. Polk-a-dot cotton top.

Day into evening wear. Jumpsuit pants with a lace rib top and light leather jacket.

This is my life. In high school. Except last night was the latest I’ve stayed up until, so that’s a new personal record for me.

With homework day after day, hours of sports, and clubs, I feel overwhelmed maintaining a balance and finding success in all of my activities. I reassure myself, thinking it’s better to be busy than to be loafing around the hosue. After school, I always find myself fighting against the urge to sleep, which will only waste precious working time. Facebook only makes the situation works—I’m not an addict—but once you sign on, there’s almost no turning back, and my body’s sense of time becomes dysfunctional.

April Month Calendar

Marilyn Monroe for the month of April

Add on the pressure of standardized tests and the looming junior-year workload, and I must only be one thing: a teenage robot that lives her life accordingly to her blueprint, that is, my calendar. It hangs on my wall and I constantly update it with any upcoming events and meetings. Lately, I’ve been volunteering often in my community, so my weekends are always filled with something to do.

My fashion class definitely chews up most of my Saturdays, but it is definitely worth the time and effort. I have trouble finding time to practice designing, which happens usually on Friday nights before class, but as long as I use it wisely, I’ll be well on my way through the journey FIT has provided me!


Spring Break!

Hi again everyone!

As you all may know, it is finally spring break! This puts me in a especially great mood because not only does it stay light out longer, but  flowers start blooming, and you can finally put away your wool knit tights and oversized sweaters, and replace them with slip dresses and high waisted shorts. Over spring break, I am planning on staying in the city and probably doing a little shopping on the lower east side at some fantastic vintage stores. I already have a little checklist of some basic wardrobe necessities for spring! I’ll post some pictures once this shopping is complete!

I am also going to keep my eye out for some rad patches to put on the jean jacket I’m currently working on in my sewing class at FIT. Here are some pictures of the work-in-progress:

I also just added some of the cheetah print fabric as a last minute touch and I really love the outcome! Speaking of which, over break I’m hoping to drop by Mood Fabrics so that I can find some velvet cheetah print fabric; it would make a fantastic dress – Perfect for spring too because sometimes it can get pretty chilly and velvet is a relatively heavy fabric.

I’m also hoping to find some time to add a little bit of color to my hair! I haven’t decided yet- which would you prefer, the lavender or pastel blue?

I’ve always loved changing my hair color (I’ve had quite a variety) and I can never stay put with one hairstyle for too long! My favorite colors for hair: anything pastel. It works in so many ways. You can dress it up with more pastel colors for a very charming look, but you can also dress it with sharp looking clothes such as leather or denim, and channel almost a “90′s look,” which I have always been very into. Hope to hear about your spring breaks!  Talk to you soon!



P.S. For more inspiration on clothing, hairstyles, photography, etc.. you can also visit my blog!