How to Balance FIT and School

If you’re reading this you more than likely take Precollege classes at FIT, or are considering it. With this, we all have one thing in common (other than the obvious), which is that we have to go to high school five days a week as well. As we all know, high school is not a breeze and is extremely stressful most of the time. After being in Precollege classes for three semesters and having experienced the hassle of completing a report for FIT due on Saturday and trying to study for the 2 tests, a quiz and powerpoint due for regular school on Friday, it can be alot. So, here are the things I do to try to balance the two:

  • Set a day during the week to dedicate your time to do FIT work, for me, I choose Fridays. I just feel like Friday is a good day because I don’t have to worry about high school work since I have all weekend to do it. Just don’t leave all your work for one Friday! Span it over a few Fridays,
  • Use your class time. If you’re falling a little behind on, say, your mood board, then maybe consider staying back on your 20 min break to catch up. Sacrifices. Sacrifices.
  • Have fun while you’re doing your work for FIT! You’re at FIT for a reason, and you probably like what you’re doing so in the end, work shouldn’t seem like work!

Hopefully those tips helped! I know I will be using my own tips with two different projects due in two weeks for both my FIT classes. This week in my merchandising class we went down to the library and got a look at the Vogues and Harper Bazaars from as late as the 1900’s for our decades project. I have to say, they were pretty cool to look at.

 My professor even extended our project due date a week so that we have another week to look at the archives again because we didn’t have enough time to get through all the ones we wanted! I’ll be sure to share my projects with you guys when I’m done.


Fashionably Truly,



Goodbye for Now!

The time has come to say goodbye! I have had an amazing experience this semester, not only in my

Professor Uvennio and I on the last day

class, but also blogging and sharing my experience. My last day of class was terrific, although bittersweet, I had lots of fun, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s work, it was fantastic! But of course I was sad that it was the end!

I have learned so much about tons of different designers, and my drawing skills have really developed, as well. I have gained an overall broader understanding of fashion design. Also, I have created a design journal and a designer board, I am very proud of all of my work. I will really miss the class, especially my professor and all of the people that I got to meet this semester. I will really miss the whole experience in general.

I will definitely be back at FIT in the fall for another precollege course. I’m still deciding which to take though, so many of them sound amazing! I am considering taking The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandizing, Introduction to the Fashion Design Industry, or maybe Jewelry Design. I’m going to have a tough time making my decision!

The best advice I can give is to always go after what you want. I have learned that you can achieve any of your dreams if you work hard enough. That’s what got me here, a sophomore in high school attending FIT and blogging for the program! I would never be here if I hadn’t chased after my dreams. I know that one day I will be able to achieve all of my goals in the fashion industry by working hard. And always remember to be yourself, copying others won’t get you anywhere, I love originality. FIT’s Precollege Program is beyond incredible, I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in the world of fashion and art, I promise you will not be disappointed. I always look forward to coming to FIT for classes, over the past year that I have been a student, I have grown so much in each class, especially in this one. I can’t thank my professor as well as the other staff at FIT enough for making it such a great place to be.

Don’t think of this as goodbye, I hope to see you all soon enough at FIT!! :)

Yours in Fashion,


Bittersweet Goodbyes

The bitter sweet goodbyes we must all face, not knowing if we will ever see anyone in our class again, is an indescribable feeling.  Sure, we have all exchanged info; added each other on Facebook, followed each other on Twitter – but it’s not the same as seeing your classmates every Saturday like we all have gotten accustomed to doing week after week.  But for the most part, aside from the friendships I made in class, I learned so much more about the fashion industry through FIT classes than I could ever have learned from a book or a movie or any website.  With the help of my professor, I believe I have become even more eager to get into the fashion industry.

With the lesson of how to make a resume and proper edict for a job interview under my belt; I have the confidence and knowledge I need in order to work in the fashion industry.  This summer I plan on going on a job hunt, most exclusively clothing retailers.  Living in Jersey isn’t completely a loss; we have tons of small boutiques and shops surrounding all of our small towns looking to hire local students.  Maybe even a city job is in my future for the summer, I plan on spending a lot of time in the city between hanging out with friends and taking FIT Summer Precollege classes.  If I could only stop putting off signing up, I plan on taking two classes this summer semester, HAD 150 Magazine Design and HPH 159 Digital Camera Use and Photography for the Beginner.  I believe these classes will widen my perspective of the industry as a whole, aside from the business aspect of it, which I was taught in The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising this semester.

For all those high school or middle school students who want to take an FIT Precollege class, I suggest you take a variety of classes.  Whether you know what you want to do in the fashion industry or your just taking classes for fun, the business and artistic sides of fashion always intertwine and having a good background in both can only help you that much further.


Time to Say Goodbye: Reflections, Regrets and Advice for Future Students

What a busy weekend I’ve had this spring, driving to New York every Saturday with my mom, who has been so devoted to waking me up at seven in the morning. I definitely could not have experienced Precollege Programs without the help of my mom. By this time, I can reflect about the things I regret and wish had done better over the past several weeks.

  1. Time management. There’s a blog I’ve written that is all about how I control my use of time, or at least attempt to, in the midst of a homework-packed schedule and extracurricular activities for school. Make sure you know what is happening in your life—create a calendar or use a schedule organizer on your phone to keep upcoming events on time. That way, you know when you have time to work on fashion sketching or whatever assignment from class.
  2. Transportation. Unfortunately, and I cringe at this, I never went on the train. I constantly claimed to plan to ride the train this weekend, but it never happened. For me, the problem was that I had other plans that conflicted with the train time schedule. Going to New York by our efficient Prius was definitely not a burden, but the train is much faster.
  3. Commitment. To succeed in the class, whether for designing, marketing, or sewing, put your heart into it! I love fashion and the magical feeling I get when I immerse myself in its world, but in order to apply the most of myself to a sketch I am working on, I need to plan ahead and save time.

These three factors in my experience are correlated, so think about these before you take class, and if it cannot be fit into your schedule, sign up for the summer classes. Don’t let a time problem thwart you from taking a class, especially if it has to do with your passion.

I can’t call myself a New Yorker yet, although I would love to live in the city one day after college. The city exuberates with vibrancy, and I soak up the atmosphere without taking it for granted. Anyone living close enough to commute to New York should take advantage of the proximity, so consider yourself lucky!

I’ll never forget the skills I have acquired and the time I have spent during the span of my two classes from last year and this spring. Thank you, FIT!


Au Revoir!

It’s over! :( My last Precollege class was this week and it went by so fast! (On a side note, if you’re reading this, then the world has not ended so yay!) I learned so much about fashion merchandising and I’m now seriously considering it as a career. Now, whenever I go shopping I notice all of the trends and how stores are laid out. It makes me feel so professional! While I am looking forward to being able to sleep in on Saturday, I’m definitely going to miss going into the city every weekend. Everything is just more fun in New York!

If you’re serious about a career in fashion, or you just want to learn more about a certain field, then you need to take a Precollege class at FIT. They are amazingly fun and you learn so much! Plus, you get a swanky ID card with your picture on it that lets you get into some museums for free and makes people think you’re legit (because you totally are). Don’t worry if you’re shy like me, because it’s so easy to connect with people when they have the same interests as you. So…TAKE A PRECOLLEGE COURSE! (You know you want to…)(I used a lot of parenthesis in this post…)(Now I used even more…)

Unfortunately, I’m not taking an FIT course over the summer, I’m going to a program at Drexel. But I am definitely coming back in the fall so you haven’t heard the last from me! Thank you so much to everyone who read my posts and I hope you had as much fun reading them as I did writing them! If you want to keep up with me, check out my Tumblr:

Bye! :)