Class goes by fast

Hey, again! Tessa here, giving you the skinny on today’s class.

I got to the classroom in a timely manner. My mom drove me in today, and we got to the city in less than half an hour. (Shout out to mom! Hi mom!)

Anyway, since I already had prepped my collar yesterday, the first thing I did was prep the folds for what will become the sleeve’s hems.

That took basically no time whatsoever, so I sat down and chilled and chatted with some of my fellow classmates.

And so on and so forth until the professor called us over to the Serger/Overlock machine. (I’ll be calling it a Serger, FYI.)

He discussed how it worked a little bit, how we were going to be using it, and other basic things about it. It was not my first encounter with a Serger, though; I’d first seen them a while back at a summer sleep away camp. And I also used them last semester/course.

So I hopped to it. (Read: waited in line to serge what we were supposed to serge.)

After I was done with that, I talked some more. With the people who were also all caught up, of course. And so eventually, we were called to the table and the professor showed us how to start to attach the collar. Once I had that properly pinned, I made sure it was right and sewed. That was only the first bit when it came to the collar, however. There are multiple steps and it is pretty complicated, so I will not bother with talking about it in depth. I did also do the next bit, causing me to nearly be done with my collar. And my whole shirt, even.

For the whole shirt, I just have to put on the sleeves, finish the collar, attach the back and front, and then hem the bottom! (I am, of course, omitting the buttons and buttonhole bit because we have to go somewhere to get that professionally done.)

I wonder how long that will take me. Hmm…

Catch you on the flip side!