Course Showcase: HGD 175 2-D Animation Using Adobe After-Effects

Interested in learning how to create animated content for the web? We have Computer Animation and Interactive Media Courses that may be of interest to you! In these courses, you can explore career possibilities including being an animator, storyboard artist, creative or technical director, or effect artist. It is currently available  this summer!

HGD 175 2-D Animation Using Adobe After-Effects (Level 2)
Prerequisites: HGD 174 or previous Photoshop experience
Used in producing television commercials, film credits, and web animations, Adobe After-Effects is software used by industry to create two-dimensional animations. Students will produce their own 30 second animations, text animations, and several other projects that may be viewed on any computer and used for portfolio submissions. Basic Adobe Photoshop knowledge required.




Course Showcase: HIN 128 Film and Global Fashion Marketing

Do you love film and fashion? Check out this NEW International Trade and Marketing course offered to Precollege students for Spring 2012! For information on our Spring 2012 Program Details, click here.

HIN 128  Film and Global Fashion Marketing
Explore how global fashion marketing principles are woven into documentaries and popular films such as “Lagerfeld Confidential”, “The September Issue”, and “Valentino: The Last Emperor.” Study how movies have popularized fashion trends across cultures and nations, and the role of film-making centers, such as Hollywood and Bollywood, in setting global fashion standards. In this class you will strengthen your analytical, writing, and oral skills by critiquing films viewed in class.