Another Day in My Dreamworld

So after 2 weeks of working on AP Art projects, running after school clubs, folding endless piles of clothing (I work at Abercrombie Kids) and trying as hard as possible to understand economics, I finally got to get back to work on my portfolio. However, my teacher had a couple surprises for us today…

First, we went over the rules for the “take home test” portion, which is two create 2 figures with 4 mix and match garments including one jacket, one top, a skirt and a pair of pants. How i’m going to get all my ideas onto two figures is the real challenge. We had some time to sketch, but then we walked to mood. It was such a gorgeous day out, and it was so much fun getting to know everyone and seeing everyones different styles through which fabrics they picked out. I now have dozens of new swatches to go into my “swatch-book” that I made with a photo album.

When we got back to campus we went on break, and me and my classmate Kathleen grabbed Starbucks. Then came the really amazing part, which was the FIT Museum. I haven’t been there since the Vivienne Westwood exhibit in the Spring, but the new exhibits are incredible. It was almost overwhelming, and i’ll definitely be back there after class next week to get some more inspiration. But first, the week ahead: full of work, homecoming week, college applications, essays and art projects.



Friendships and Field Trips!

Wow, another week down! I hope everyone had a great second week at Summer Live!

Today we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the 5th avenue. It’s one of my favorite places because even though I want to major in graphic design, I still love fine art…a lot (and the Roman and Greek statues are great to practice your drawing!). After a 15 minute subway ride, we were there! My class was going to go to the Alexander McQueen exhibit, but we didn’t get to go in because there was a 1 and a half hour wait! But no worries, we went to other exhibits. The class split up into two groups and my group went up to the rooftop garden. It was absolutely beautiful! I saw NYC on a whole new level, literally!










When we went back inside, we saw the modern art and photography exhibits. I loved how some of the photos contained typography. This one really stood out to me, don’t you love the color type and lines with the black and white photo?

I’ve met some pretty awesome people the past 2 weeks. It’s great being in a class where everyone shares the same interest as you. I don’t go to a high school specializing in art, so finding people in a regular high school who share a strong interest in art is hard. I feel like everyone in our class really opened up to one another when we had our first critique. Now, everyone’s complimenting each others work and I’m finding myself becoming less shy when I want to ask for other peoples opinion on my work. The one thing that I hate about commuting is that I can’t really hang out with my new friends after class because I have to catch the train home!

Everyone on the FIT campus is extremely friendly. I love meeting new people and talking about other peoples classes. Just by sitting outside drawing today, I met some new people!

Did anyone else go on a field trip this week or meet some new people on campus?

And now… to start thinking about my final project (it involves some photography, can you guess what I’m doing?)


My Typical Saturday at FIT

All during February, I was waiting to get back to my FIT precollege classes… and before I knew it, I was on the train again.

This Spring, I’m taking Advanced HAP 026: Sewing for Fashion Designers and HAR 087: Advanced Fashion Art for Fashion Designers. I walked into Fashion Techniques a little worried; I didn’t have much time between the Fall and Spring semesters for practicing, because I had a lot of schoolwork. So I wondered, what if everyone was on a different level than me? What if I couldn’t keep up? Or worse (because I would actually love that challenge) what if everyone else was way behind me? Also, what if, God forbid, I got designer’s block? That’s always my biggest fear.

To my surprise, the instructor was extremely welcoming and warm-hearted and gave a very generous review of how to draw a fashion figure. Generally, we start drawing in the beginning of class while the professor takes attendance. Then we have a preview of what we’ll be going over that day. Usually, the professor puts ads from some of the latest mags up on the board and sometimes her own drawings too to inspire us. Last week, we learned how to perfect tweeds, plaid, and herringbone details. We stood over the professor’s desk and watched as she went step-by-step on how to draw these items. Most of the time, she asks for our input and for ideas on color-scheme and detailing. Everyone is shy and holds back in my class. People are nervous and timid, but finally, someone speaks up with their input. The classes consist of kids at both beginner and advanced levels. Sometimes people have taken classes other places and weren’t sure if they were taught to draw to FIT’s standards, because, of course, not all places have the same expectations. Sometimes people overestimate their skills because of the same situation, or just haven’t mastered the techniques yet. Then there are kids of all sorts in between.

Class ends at 12:30, but since I also take an afternoon class, I stay and wander for an hour. The art store down the street usually catches my attention because, just as most artists, I can spend hours in an art store. I may go across the street for some of the best pizza in New York state, and usually Dunkin’ (which gives 10% discounts to FIT students, but make sure to ask!) for tea or a coffee to boost my energy. The Museum at FIT is free and great for all kinds of inspiration. The Japan exhibit and the His and Hers are awesome! The designers they feature are awesome too. Right now it’s Vivienne Westwood, which we toured. That tour informed us how social and political events have such a strong grip on fashion.

At 1:30, I head up to my sewing class and get ready for whatever project we’re making. I’ve been taking private sewing lessons for a couple years but had no idea how to use an industrial machine, so I took the beginner’s class. Others in the class had also sewn before, but I’ve still learned a lot. I  recently finished making an apron.


Untamed Creativity In My Precollege Courses

This week I’ll be letting everyone know about what I’ve been up to in my classes. In HLD 014: Accessories Design Techniques, I am curently working on a large tote bag. I’ve learned a lot and acquired manny new skills in this class. It was the first time I’ve ever used an industrial sewing machine, which i learned is a lot harder to use than the type of machines most have in there homes. I also realized how important getting correct measurements and proportioning your fabric to get the most out of it as possible is. The class is great, my teacher is really patient and helps us all so we can really create whatever design’s we come up with.

I also take HAR 087: Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques. At the moment we have two projects. One of them is to create spring related separates (pieces that could be interchanged) and they have to be inspired by any exhibit of our choice from the FIT Museum. My inspiration came from the Vivian Westwood exhibit, specifically the “Statue of Liberty” garment.

The second project is for the Vivian Westwood Contest. We are to choose a dress, object, or historical painting from before 1950 and base a modern garment based on it. For that I was inspired by a dress from 1867 also found in the FIT Museum. In this class, I’ve advanced my croquis and learned how to draw different and unique patterns. One of the reasons I’ve learned so much in this class is because the teacher for this is constantly reviewing everything and showing us demos so we truly can understand it and use the newly acquired skills.

Both of these classes keep me busy the entire time and take unbreakable concentration on the final product. My Accessories Design Techniques class has taken me on trips to Mood Fabrics as well as other fabric and trimming shops to find out were to get the things i need to bring my designs to life while the Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques class has taken me to different exhibits for inspiration on my designs. Accessories is a little more hands on and running around since I go from pinning to sewing to ironing, and then for Fashion Design, I stay in my seat sketching and shading. They sound like complete opposites right? But one thing they do have in common is the hard work. You really need to be a perfectionist at every aspect of it, whether it’s the stitching of your bag’s braided handle or getting all the details, like princess lines, on you design to make it unique.

My absolute favorite part of this whole experience is that while following the guidelines of how to create the garments I can really do no wrong. And thats because its my design! It can be whatever I’m feeling or thinking. In both classes the teachers teach me how to create my creations and never squash my blast of creativity. It can be as lush and luxuriant and wild as I want it to be! (: