Chat with Precollege Alumni Tomorrow from 12:30-1:30pm

Tomorrow, July 19, 2012, you have the opportunity to speak with Precollege Alumni currently working towards a degree at FIT in the Dining Hall from 12:30 – 1:30om. Have questions about Fashion Design, Communication Design, Advertising Design, Fashion Merchandising Management or Internation Trade and Marketing majors? Wanna hear what it’s like to be a college student at FIT? These questions and more can be answered one-on-one with students who are just like you. They will be easy to spot in thier Purple FIT shirts (pictured above).

Alumni Bios:

Cecily was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri then moved to Providence, Rhode Island during high school. She completed her AAS in Fashion Design at FIT and is expected to graduate in May 2013 with her BFA (also in Fashion Design) and a double minor in History of Art and Psychology. Cecily is currently involved in FIT’s Student Ambassadors and the assistant coaching staff for FIT Volleyball, and was a previous Vice President of the AAS Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa.


Stephen hails from Huntington NY and completed his AAS in Communication Design at FIT. He is expected to graduate in May 2013 with his BS in Advertising Design. Stephen is the President-elect for the 2012-2013 year in the Art & Copy Club. Click here to view his website:  



Claudia hails from Queens NY and completed her AAS in Fashion Merchandising Management at FIT. She is expected to graduate in January 2013 with her BS in International Trade and Marketing. She is a member of ITSA (International Trade Student Association) and has worked as an intern at Continental Reliance Group Global Licensing, a Visual Merchandiser at Banana Republic, a Catalog Fulfillment at Bloomingdale’s, and an Assistant to Designer for Quinn New York Inc. She is also a recipient of the BRAG Scholarship for Academic Excellence, was on the Dean’s List 2009-2012 for FMM and ITM, and is currently a contender for the Harold Sachs International Practicum Scholarship.


What are YOU wearing this week?

I was going to post what I’ve been wearing each day on my blog, but I keep forgetting! So, this is what I want you guys to do… Every day comment what YOU guys will be wearing or what you wore that day! I want to hear what trends inspire your style. Who’s your favorite designer? What’s your favorite article of clothing you own? And I will DEFINITELY remember to post what I’m wearing each day!

As our first week comes to a close at FIT, I can’t help but wonder if the next two weeks will fly by as well.. I certainly hope not! FIT already feels like a home to me. The atmosphere, the people, and especially THE FASHION! I never want to leave!

My first week at FIT couldn’t have been better. One thing that I never did last year was visit FIT’s museum. I DEFINITELY recommend going! If you can’t make it, then definitely check out the website! It is:

One of the many animations shown! These two characters were HILARIOUS!

Another thing that I recommend doing is attending the Precollege Lunch Hour Activities. I went to the Short  Animation Film Day on July 12th! All of the events are held in FIT’s Cafeteria. Don’t worry about not being able to grab something to eat because there is a Cafe and a Starbucks right inside! Don’t know when the events are? Not a problem! Here’s a list:

  • July 16 (Monday): Street Market Monday– Bring your favorite NYC street find to show others! I will definitely be there to take pictures of all of you with your unique item!
  • July 17 and 18 (Tuesday and Wednesday): Artwork Photoshoot– Get photographed with your best piece of artwork to-date! The picture will be e-mailed to you so you can cherish that moment forever!
  • July 19 (Thursday): Lunch with Alumni– FIT undergraduates will be in the cafeteria to answer questions and share their experiences
  • July 23 (Monday): Major Monday– Watch a slideshow of different FIT majors and student work. There will also be tips and information for applying to FIT! So if you’re a senior this year then you should DEFINITELY be in attendance! An Admissions Representative will also be there to hand out information and answer all of your questions!
  • July 25 (Wednesday): Looking Back– Since classes will be ending the next day, definitely take the time to come and see a slideshow of photos taken throughout the three weeks!

So, what are your goals for the next week? Do you have any projects due? Well, I do! My first project is due on Thursday. We had to create two looks inspired by a trend or something that inspires us. So, I was inspired by the Elizabethan Era. It’s a very classy look. But there’s a twist! I infused some of today’s popular trends with the Elizabethan trend! I will surely post pictures of my progress! For my other class, I have already started to complete my jean jacket. I really hope to finish both my jean jacket and my t-shirt by the end of the program. I know I can do it!

How was your first week? What are you doing in your classes? Tell me all about it!

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