A Bittersweet Ending

As the past couple days have gone by, I have realized I’m not returning to FIT the following week. My alarm will ring for 6:50 AM and I will simply sigh, turn it off, and take in the harsh reality of nnot returning to the place I love.

These past three weeks have been the highlight of my summer. (And probably of my year) I mean, come on, it’s FIT.. It’s unlike anywhere else.

The classes I took this year were outstanding. I made some remarkable new friends who I will DEFINITELY keep in contact with. I even found my roommate for FIT! (If I get in!) My experience here was phenomenal. I wish I was a freshman so I can take even more Precollege classes! Unfortunately, I live too far away to attend classes during the Fall or Spring. What a shame.

I hope I get good marks on all my final projects. I am so anxious to view them! They are getting posted on August 2nd, so remember to check them out!

My jacket (from my sewing class) turned out phenomenal! I ordered a bunch of spikes and studs from this really cool website. I can’t wait to go home and apply them to my jacket! I’m also going to distress it with sand paper! In my first class I also made a t-shirt. It’s a grey jersey knit t-shirt with a ballet neckline and long sleeves. It’s the comfiest t-shirt IN THE WORLD!

I’m so excited to return home and start working on my portfolio. I think I will include my jacket in my portfolio.. I worked so hard on it and I am so proud of myself!

How were your classes? Do you think you will return to FIT? How did your final projects turn out?

Overall, my last day was filled with excitement, a sense of pride, sadness, and some realizations for the future. I was excited that all my hard work was finally completed. I had a sense of pride in myself, and in the work I created. A sense of sadness because I am leaving the place and people I have grown to adore. And the realization that if I don’t work hard, I may never return to FIT.. And that simply won’t do.

I hope you all had a wonderful experience at FIT, I know I did!

I do not want to say goodbye to any of you people” -Christa McAuliffe

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Friendships That Just Became

Throughout the period of waiting to go to the FIT program, I was always wondering if I were to make friends there, who would I meet, and how my classmates would be. The first two weeks were very quiet in the classroom. I’m a very social person and silence kills me! But eventually some people just needed to get comfortable with themselves to start speaking up.



I though have met two girls particularly that I’ve made a great bond with.

One of them is Sara!  From the many things that me and her have in common with, she is absolutely awesome! She joggles many things at once and is multi-talented. She’s great with her fashion, music taste, and how to work a camera and a pencil! She’s also very unique and easy to talk with.  At first there was not much me and her had said to each other, but we gradually just started to make more conversation and ended up being friends.


Someone else that I’ve met on my journey in my FIT class is Eula. She was much more quieter than some of the others- and so it took a bit for me to actually start talking to her. But it was all worth it! Once I actually started to talk to her- we had so much to talk about! From our love for art to Kpop, there was not a time when I got bored of the conversation. Her fashion sense is spectacular and I know she will succeed at becoming a big time fashion designer!

I’m so glad that I’ve met these two wonderful people. Hey, maybe later on I’ll be able to meet more! Who knows. All I know is, I have no regrets on signing up for the FIT program. All it has brought was happiness, knowledge, and friendships!

Let’s see what comes along next week!



The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

FIT is one of the best ways to meet new people! Especially ones that are just as obsessed with fashion as you! FIT is an amazing place because people aren’t as judgemental. I say this because FIT is full of diverse people that do they’re own thing! I love being able to try to wear something out there or do my makeup a little more bold for class without having the feeling of being judged. Overall,FIT  its a comfortable safe environment.

I first started attending FIT with one of my best friends from school, Jenn! We both took the Fabric Styling class! I loved being able to take the train and having someone there with me to get around the city with! If I had signed up to do it alone I’m sure I would have been fine but having a friend with you makes it a thousand times greater!

This semester I was able to convince my other best friend Amanda to take the Fragrance and Cosmetics class with me! The two of us are obsessed with make up to the point where we have mini makeup stores at home! Its amazing to be able to share the opportunity of FIT Precollege Programs with two of my closest friends! Do you go to class with friends from school?

xoxox Tori


Mes Amies

So getting up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday and working on homework and art all week leaves me with a pretty weak social life. However, Precollege classes make up for that. Sometimes you’ll find your classmates are talkative and easy to make conversation with, and others, you’ll have to be that person yourself. I like to be the person to break the ice in class. After all, I’m not commuting two hours each way if I’m not having fun!

It’s really easy to make friends in your classes because you all have at least one common interest. Also, since everyone comes from different areas with different backgrounds, there’s a lot to talk about when you meet someone new.

In my first class, there is one girl who goes to the same school I do. It’s the first class I’ve ever taken with someone from my area. I’ve also taken a trip to Mood with a few other classmates, and sometimes go to the art supply store with others also.

In my second class, there are two other seniors who have applied to FIT. It’s great to have something to bond over, and because we’ve all been through the application process together and can share the excitement (hopefully!). It’s been easy to become friends because we all like sewing, so we’re now taking a class on draping. We also go to the FIT museum a lot so we always talk about our different tastes and styles.


Inspiration is Everywhere in NYC

Some New Friends at FIT

FIT Friendships – Old and New

Saturday was another great day at FIT, and although it was only the fourth day of class, I’ve already met some really cool people. It’s easy to make friends at FIT because everyone has the same interests, and everyone wants to be there and is interested in learning about fashion. Because I have so much in common with everyone, there is always something to talk about; it’s nice to be able to talk about runway shows, new stores, and designers with people who are also really passionate about the fashion industry.

On Saturday morning, my class went on a field trip in which we would explore stores on 34th street, and take photos of the mannequins and displays. In addition to being a chance to observe the trends and similarities between the displays, it was also a great opportunity to bond with the other students. The girls in my class are a lot of fun, and I look forward to getting to know them even better over the next few weeks.

Jill, Sam, Me, and Nicole in Forever21.

In addition to making new friends, I also get to spend some time with my best friends from high school: Amanda and Tori. We take the train together and meet up for lunch every Saturday. We even plan on taking a few shopping trips after class now that the weather is nice. We love spending this time together so much that we’ll be counting down the days until FIT during the school week. Tori is a Precollege blogger for the Makeup-Cosmetics and Fragrance class, so you should check out her blog posts, too.

Tori and I on the train.

Amanda and Tori.

So far, FIT has been an awesome way to meet people whom I share interests with, as well as a way to spend time with friends that I already have. The experience is making me look forward to all of the friends I’ll make in college. I can’t wait!