How to use the most of your break time when at FIT!

Time is precious, therefore you should always use it wisely! When at the FIT program, you’re given a break that ranges from 15 to 30 minutes. During this break, you can do anything, like grab a snack, eat a meal, buy a couple of things, hey, you can even venture for new possibilities! But, I suggest staying in a close rage to the campus (you must have time to get back on campus, or you’ll miss class, which is a no-no).

Since NYC is so compact and there’s virtually a store within a 10 feet range- there’s so many options available to you!   Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but I’m here to show you my routine when I’m on my break to give you some ideas.

I always exit out of D building onto 27th street. On the left side you’ll see a variety of restaurants and stores! But my absolute favorite has to be the Lily Farm Deli!


The number one thing I’ll always buy at Lily Farm’s is Snapea Crisps! It’s healthy, absolutely delicious, and affordable!

Other places that I like going to on break are:

  • Rosa’s Pizza ,168 W 27th St .At 7th Ave. (left of Lily Farm)
  • Papa Johns, 213 W. 28th St (pizza is good for the soul)
  • Fashion Design Bookstore, 250 West 27th Street  of course!)
  • Revolution Books, 146 West 26th Street

Of course there’s many other places you can go too, but these are the ones that I find very comfortable. Time passes quickly in the City and with that being said, you should always keep time in your hands.  You don’t want to miss class!

Since after class I don’t really have a designated departure time to catch the bus (since it comes every five minutes), I  walk around the city to discover new things and take time for myself! I enjoy walking for a long periods of time. If I could, I would walk all the way to Central Park! I always venture off deep into the city.

Here are some places that interest me when I’m in NYC:

  • Buffalo Exchange, 114 West 26th Street
  • H mart, 25 West 32nd Street
  • Tokyo Rebel, 170 Avenue B
  • Kinokuniya Bookstore, 1073 6th Avenue
  • Bleecker Bobs, 118 West 3rd Street
  • My Plastic Heart, 210 Forsyth Street
  • The Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53 Street
  • ONASSIS, 71 Greene Street
  • Any store on Broadway

The City is filled with such wonderful things. It would take years to discover half of what’s there! But the joy of it is, I get to have the great opportunity to go every Saturday cause of the FIT.

Time to explore even more!


Passion for Fashion

Preparation for FIT’s portfolio requires dedication, skill, and passion for the fashion industry. You need to find a message or create an image in which you want to convey, and somehow make it creative, yet wearable. Everything, in my opinion, must be realistic and not outdated. It also has to be realistic, and the the inspiration you chose need to not be taken too literally, as it will make the garment boring. A good portfolio requires a good story. Also, it has to make a statement about something, ANYTHING! Making a portfolio may be difficult, but the difficulty of it should make it more interesting, as its what you love to do!

As I look into the future, I hope to find my way into FIT. I am anxious to get a letter from FIT telling me I’m accepted, or even declined. FIT has always been my number one school, and continues to be number 1. The atmosphere you get at the school is indescribable. Diversity, freedom, and creativeness are three words that would describe the atmosphere you get by just stepping foot onto the campus grounds.

In five to ten years, I hope to find myself living in a cute apartment in NYC, working for a big brand like Burberry, or Hugo Boss in their menswear department, and I hope to have a dog that I can dress up in cute clothes (I’d name her princess!).

These past couple of weeks at FIT has given me such knowledge and understanding of the field I am hoping to get into. I feel even more prepared for college now that I’ve taken the classes during the summer and weekends. If it wasn’t for FIT’s Precollege classes, I wouldn’t be as confident as I am now that I will be successful during my college career.


Inspiration. Education. Diversity. – My FIT Routine.

Whats NOT to do in NYC? From restaurants, to shopping, to cafes, your options are limitless. Not only are their places for inspiration for your artwork, but you get to absorb so much culture in NYC just by walking the streets.

During my breaks at FIT, I usually get coffee at FIT’s cafe, right next to the art supply store (THEY HAVE EVERYTHING IN THERE, CHECK IT OUT!). Their caramel macchiato’s are to DIE for, and the variety of muffins are endless.

For lunch, I like to eat at FIT’s cafeteria, or I like to wander off and go to whole foods or even subway which is just a block away from the FIT campus. The prices at FIT’s cafeteria are unbelievably cheap, you get a ton of food for under 5 dollars. Also, you get to be around college students, and you really get the feeling like your in college with them. Although, being up and about in NYC and trying different cafes and restaurants really helps you absorb the NYC atmosphere; the cafeteria just gives you a different atmosphere to absorb. It really depends on what “feeling” you want to get throughout your travels.

Once class is over, I usually stop at the closest H&M store and buy something, or just to see whats new in their stores. I get a sense of whats in and out in the ready to wear industry by visiting H&M, and I get to see what the consumers are wearing. Its hard to just go to H&M without buying anything though. So my trips there have been cut down a bit, as I don’t want to be broke.

Inspiration. Education. Diversity. The three words that describe NYC, and my routine as a FIT Precollege student.


Another Day in My Dreamworld

So after 2 weeks of working on AP Art projects, running after school clubs, folding endless piles of clothing (I work at Abercrombie Kids) and trying as hard as possible to understand economics, I finally got to get back to work on my portfolio. However, my teacher had a couple surprises for us today…

First, we went over the rules for the “take home test” portion, which is two create 2 figures with 4 mix and match garments including one jacket, one top, a skirt and a pair of pants. How i’m going to get all my ideas onto two figures is the real challenge. We had some time to sketch, but then we walked to mood. It was such a gorgeous day out, and it was so much fun getting to know everyone and seeing everyones different styles through which fabrics they picked out. I now have dozens of new swatches to go into my “swatch-book” that I made with a photo album.

When we got back to campus we went on break, and me and my classmate Kathleen grabbed Starbucks. Then came the really amazing part, which was the FIT Museum. I haven’t been there since the Vivienne Westwood exhibit in the Spring, but the new exhibits are incredible. It was almost overwhelming, and i’ll definitely be back there after class next week to get some more inspiration. But first, the week ahead: full of work, homecoming week, college applications, essays and art projects.



My Fabulous First Day of Class

September 24th: I scramble out of bed to catch my 8:04 train to Penn. I am soooooooo excited. I was unable to take a class over the summer. So I have not been at FIT for about 4 months – it felt more like a year! I put on my outfit that I picked out the night before, eat a quick breakfast (I always eat now. Before I did not because I wanted to sleep later, but by the time class concluded I felt lightheaded – so not ideal), and rush out the door to meet my friend Grace. I happen to hate getting up early but it is so worth it for FIT. I actually enjoy getting up early because I am going somewhere I love. When I tell people I voluntarily get up early on Saturdays to go to class, they look at me like I’m crazy – I so don’t care though. I am doing something both fun and productive at the same time that will better my looming fashion career – what could be better?

This class that I am taking in the fall, Fashion Design Techniques, is my 4th class so I can’t say I was too nervous walking into class. I have previously taken Fashion Art for Fashion Designers, Introduction to the Fashion Design Industry, and Fabric Styling. Also, since my friend Grace is taking the class with me I would surely have someone to talk to. Although, I have taken two classes by myself. What I love about FIT is that even if you don’t know anyone in your class, at least you have something in common to talk about: fashion. I like my professor, Marie Wright, instantly because it was evident that she actually wanted to be there. Of course there are expectations that could be challenging to live up to, but she still wants us to have fun. That’s important because of course I am there to (fashionably) learn and grow as a person first and foremost, but it’s also nice to have fun in the process.

Fashion Design Techniques focuses on draping. I feel that I am going to learn A LOT. Even if it is hard it will be worth it in the end. I am a pretty good drawer, but I need to know how to interpret my sketches into actual garments. This class will take me one step closer to this goal. I learned some new terms, such as terms of the dress form such as apex and center back. I couldn’t believe there are so many terms but surprisingly I found I knew many of them already. We blocked muslin, meaning that we cut the muslin (more like ripped it) and ironed it to achieve the shape of a square. You have to map out the muslin, such as indicating where center front and the side seams are located. This is all very technical, but I did not find it all that challenging. You have to draw a lot of lines and it can be annoying because the lines must be perfectly straight and parallel to one another. But I can tell I’m going to love this class.

After class me and Grace took a trip to the fabulous Buffalo Exchange. I scored what I describe as a “knitted blazer sweater” for only $16. Buffalo is my favorite store. The clothes are unique and reasonably priced (my favorite type) All-in-all, I think I am going to really enjoy this class. It will place me one step closer to be an internationally known fashion designer. This dream might sound childlike and shallow to many but I am determined to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. One of my biggest pet peeves is people saying that a career in fashion is for dumb blondes who have nothing else to do. Fashion is actually a really tough (and sometimes brutal) industry; it requires self motivation, confidence in one’s self, and self-motivation, and thick skin. These are qualities that I possess, hopefully qualities that will catapult me to the top of the “fashion hierarchy”.

Fashionable Yours,