After Class Activities

After another day of class, I meet up with my best friend Erin (I will be talking more about her in my upcoming posts) to spend some more time in New York City before heading back home. In my opinion, FIT is in the perfect location. There are so many (great) places to eat and there’s places to shop as well. It’s even nice to just walk around!

My favorite places to eat are Potbelly, The Greek Corner, and Five Guys. Potbelly is the best sandwich place ever. From roast beef to grilled chicken, the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, the strawberry-banana smoothies are awesome.

The Greek Corner is a small diner that’s only a block away from FIT. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty easy to miss when you’re walking by, but Erin and I love it now that we found it. They have everything, from breakfast food to sandwiches and burgers. Who doesn’t love diner food?

Five Guys, as you probably already know, is a burger chain. The burgers are to die for, and the fries are great too. Sorry if I made you hungry, but these places are the best!

Overall, my Saturdays are pretty great. It’s one thing to be good in a class, but it’s another thing to really love what you’re doing. It’s also great being able to spend a nice afternoon in New York City every week. To be totally honest, I wouldn’t want to spend my Saturdays anywhere else!

This is a photo that Erin took a few weeks ago a few blocks away from FIT. It was raining that day, but the scenery is still so pretty! :)

This is a photo that Erin took a few weeks ago a few blocks away from FIT. It was raining that day, but the scenery is still so pretty! :)








TTFN, Marisa ♥♥

Family Support: I’m So Fortunate

I am very fortunate to have a family who supports me in everything I choose to do.  When I was younger I would change what I wanted to be when I grow up about every week.  I wanted to be a ballerina so I started dancing when I was 3; I wanted to be a musician, so my parents let me do orchestra; I wanted to be an actress, so my parents signed me up for theater and acting classes… and so on. I basically did every activity and every sport too.

I started off wanting to be a designer when I was 11 but I realized that there was more opportunities in the industry than just that which helped me to realize that styling was what I was born to do.  FIT Precollege classes was actually my sister’s idea.  She is in her last year at Parsons The New School for computer graphics modeling and said the Precollege program she took there gave her the skills to have an advantage in college.  If it wasn’t for my big sister’s support, all the amazing experiences and knowledge I have gained at FIT for the past year would never have happened.  So I really owe everything I have accomplished to this day to  my entire family for encouraging me to try new things and strive to be the best that I can be.