Starting off the Summer

Summer in New York City is never very much fun. The hot July sun beats down on the buildings, which in turn absorb the heat and effectively turns the city into an oven. FIT, located in midtown, is in the epicenter of this oven. Midtown is never a very pleasant place to be, with all the people and garbage and just general disparity, but during the summer it becomes something much more sinister. It becomes an unbearable wasteland of tourists and homeless people who are all baking in the oppressive heat. Thankfully, FIT is on a side street and has managed to cull together enough shade to create a nice sitting area for faculty or students or just passers-by. This July has been a little more bearable than the last, I find that I can enjoy myself more when the temperatures stay below 95 degrees.

This summer I am taking advanced sewing and advanced sketching. These classes entail sewing a denim jacket and a t-shirt and rendering many more fabrics and creating my own mini collection, respectively. And although I’m not really one for conversation I do enjoy listening to the people around me and I have found that many of my classmates have come from outside the city. Most from Long Island or New Jersey, but some traveling from as far away as Los Angeles or Paris. I found this to be true last year as well and it surprised me, the amount of people willing to travel thousands of miles just to take a summer class in a pre-college program. Not that FIT isn’t a great school, and not that there aren’t countless reasons to come, but I’m sure that there are local fashion or art schools in some of these areas. FIT has a certain pull for a lot of people. Maybe it’s the sirens of the city calling their names but for a lot of these kids they feel that FIT is the place for them, and are willing to go to great lengths to be in presence of this school. It is a great compliment to the atmosphere and the curriculum and the faculty.

I myself enjoy very much what I am learning and I enjoy being around my professors. I enjoy being in an atmosphere that promotes this kind of artistry. Even though I get a lot of that at school I like being around people who like all the same things as I do. It’s nice to really fit in somewhere.



The Beginning of the End

“So… you’re not going to come out with us tonight because you have to wake up at 5 am tomorrow? That sucks!” I heard that no less than 10 times Friday night at my school’s football game. What my friends didn’t know, was that I have been waiting for this Saturday for the past two months and it was finally here! This semester, I am taking HDE 094: Boutique and Interactive Store Design.

My day began very early (4:50 am to be exact), but I didn’t care; I was anxious and excited for potentially my last, first day of Precollege classes! My 6:05 train slowly approached Penn Station at about 8:45, leaving just enough time for a quick Starbucks run. I’ve become a regular at the ‘bucks’ right outside Penn; they even know my name!

While waiting for my drink, I checked my schedule and realized that classes started at 9:15, instead of 9:30 which I was used to. So I quickly grabbed my drink and ran over to FIT. As soon as I saw the Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center (the used-to-be-called- “D building”), I felt right at home!

I walked into D-425, a room I have become very familiar with, and was instantly greeted by none other then Professor Glenn Sokoli; his ear to ear smile can instantly brighten anyone’s day. I also met my 6 other classmates. We instantly all connected with our interest in the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design department! I’m not used to having such a small class, but I am very excited to have a better opportunity to work one on one with Professor Sokoli!

We began class by reviewing the FIT guidelines, something we were all very familiar with.  Professor Sokoli then handed out the course syllabus and we discussed what we would be working on for the next 12 classes. I am so happy to have switched into this class; I know it will surpass all my expectations!

My classmates and I were having so much fun talking with the Professor, we didn’t even realize it was time to go! After class, I ran over to Pret A Manger, my FAVORITE to-go sandwich shop, to grab a quick bite to eat before my 1:15 train back to ‘Smallbany’ (Albany).

Are you taking any classes this semester at FIT? If so, what are you taking? I am beyond excited to come back next Saturday and will talk to you then!



Beginnings At FIT

Beginnings are always exciting. At FIT, beginnings are creative as well. The opportunity to learn with real professors and talk with talented students that are as old as you are is simply brilliant.

FIT is a place where you can get inspiration from literally everything. It’s a nice way to explore your interests and get more involved with your chosen profession. Because of this I chose to wear my new spiky boots. I live very close to FIT, only about 45 minutes away by car, so we accidentally arrived an hour early. Even so, I was far from the first student there.

class projects

three of the four things we will be making.

The classroom was filled with industrial sewing machines and irons. Pretty soon the professor started the class. We talked about ourselves, and she talked about safety rules. Most of the students already went to an artistic high school and those who went to normal school took art classes. It was interesting hearing them talk about their personal reasons for learning how to sew and how it worked with their specified interests.The professor showed us how to work the machines and told us to sew some

window view

the view from my first class

straight lines on a piece of paper. We didn’t use thread so we all ended up with little holes in the paper. This let us get the hang of working with such a fast machine. I’m pretty good with basic straight stitches, but these machines were huge. After we all got the hang of the machines she taught us how to thread them. This was particularly hard as there were so many loops and holes your thread had to go through. Next she taught us how to block small pieces of muslin, which she then made us sew straight stitches on. Once you had filled your entire pieces of muslin with straight stitches you could move on the triangles. She showed us how to do these and it was pretty easy. I finished my triangles early so I moved onto tucks. I love using this technique on clothes so I finished them pretty fast. Then she called for clean up.

2012-09-29 12.58.44

display of Halloween looks.

I had an hour for lunch and then my draping class. Quite of few of the students in my sewing class were also in my draping class, so the introductions at the beginning of class were easier. The professor talked about the basics of draping and safety, then told us how

2012-09-29 13.22.23

my draping classroom

to choose a dress from. After we all had dress forms she showed us how to measure them accurately. We then blocked and ironed large pieces of muslin. We will be using these pieces to drape a skirt. we then did extensive measuring and quit a lot of math. this involved adding 3/8ths to everything and a six inch extra to the overall measurements.  we then drew all of our measurements onto our fabrics, checked to make sure it was right, and cleaned up.

But that took us quite some time so we will be draping next week. I’m very excited to be learning new things about construction. I am always pleased with my designs, it’s just making them real that has given me trouble. So I am hoping that come next fall, my design and construction skills will both be even.

Overall, FIT has once again taught me stuff I didn’t think I’d be learning, inspired me for things I didn’t think I had an interest in, and made me feel at home. I’m excited to learn more, especially about things I didn’t know I wanted to learn. What would you like to learn that you’ve never really spent time on?


My First Day

It felt great to back in Chelsea soaking up inspiration from the masses of stylish teens hanging around FIT on the first day of class. I came in a little early to meet up with my friend Nicole, who I met last summer in the HAR 091: Anatomy of Fashion class. While grabbing some pasta and veggies at one of our favorite local lunch spots, the Green Tomato, Nicole and I caught up and talked about how excited we were to meet our new professors and start learning.

After chatting and enjoying the gorgeous weather, I headed up to my HAD 150: Magazine Design class, where several rows of Mac desktops equipped with every design program imaginable awaited. Professor Lerner handed out the course syllabus, which outlines the magazine project I’ll be working on through out the next three weeks. She then described the different types of publications we could create, such as consumer magazines, trade papers, and educational journals. Next, she had the class sketch out ideas for a magazine cover, and then we brought our concepts to life by playing around with typography in Adobe Illustrator. As I glanced around the room, I noticed that many students, myself included, already had a clear vision for their magazine. With guidance from Professor Lerner and high tech tools at our fingertips, I know our ideas will develop into beautiful, professional-looking magazines.

During the class break  I met Sophia, and after I dorked out about how cute her outfit was, we ran over to starbucks for a quick sip before returning to class. Then Professor Lerner checked in with each student to make sure we were getting the hang of Illustrator. It seemed that everyone was having fun experimenting with the different fonts, colors, and arrangements. Before I knew it, class was over, and it was time to head home and recharge for all that that awaits on day two of Summer Live 2012. On the train I unwound from the exciting day with some music and—what else—a magazine.

Until Next Time,


I am super excited for the next three weeks…

My first day at FIT was much more than I imagined! I experienced a whole new lifestyle than what I’m used to, and I loved it! The people, the sights, the energy, the vibes, everything I experienced was so astonishing that I boarded the train home with a smile on my face knowing that I had a great day.

I woke up Monday morning to a phone call from my mom informing me that the LIRR was shut down due to signaling issues between Penn Station and Jamaica…GREAT! Just what I need on the first day of FIT…I thought I had enough stress already! There was nothing I could do but wait and hope that the LIRR would get back to running ASAP! An hour passed and by the time I had to leave, the trains were back on schedule! I felt relieved and glad that I wouldn’t be the first “late girl” to class. My train was scheduled to transfer, and when I boarded the new train I was in shock by what I saw…the OLD version of the LIRR! There was wooden paneling and colored seats; I felt like I was in the 70’s!

Upon arriving at Penn Station, I met up with 2 of my friends that took morning classes and grabbed a bite to eat before my class. I was informed to arrive 30 minutes early, and I wound up being the first one there. I used that time to chat with my professor and get to know what these 3 weeks are going to be about. My professor, Margaret Bishop, is the most friendly and personable woman ever! She shared with the class about how she loves to travel and has lived in about 50 countries and together visited over 100! Also, while earning her masters degree, FIT asked HER to teach in their International Trade and Marketing department! How awesome is that!

Anyway, the class in general is going to be super exciting. There are girls from Paraguay, Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, China, Barcelona, and all over the US! Hearing all the different accents and languages in one room really enhanced my dream to travel. All of the girls in the class share the same passion for fashion as I do, and everyone took part during our first discussion…it could’ve went on for hours! My professor introduced International Fashion Marketing to us and described the projects we will be doing and field trips we will be taking. One of our projects includes creating a big display board full of cutout pictures from fashion magazines. Each group was assigned one of the following styles: men’s fashion/denim, retro, swimwear, or prints. My group was given retro. I think that style is the most fun to play around with and my group will definitely do a good job of presenting it to the class.

All in all, I am super excited for the next three weeks. Besides the fact that I’ve never been outside of the United States, I want to travel even more now because I’m surrounded by so many different cultures! My family constantly tells me how beautiful it is to travel the world, and I hope that someday I will be able to agree with them!

Until next time,