My Fabulous First Day of Class

September 24th: I scramble out of bed to catch my 8:04 train to Penn. I am soooooooo excited. I was unable to take a class over the summer. So I have not been at FIT for about 4 months – it felt more like a year! I put on my outfit that I picked out the night before, eat a quick breakfast (I always eat now. Before I did not because I wanted to sleep later, but by the time class concluded I felt lightheaded – so not ideal), and rush out the door to meet my friend Grace. I happen to hate getting up early but it is so worth it for FIT. I actually enjoy getting up early because I am going somewhere I love. When I tell people I voluntarily get up early on Saturdays to go to class, they look at me like I’m crazy – I so don’t care though. I am doing something both fun and productive at the same time that will better my looming fashion career – what could be better?

This class that I am taking in the fall, Fashion Design Techniques, is my 4th class so I can’t say I was too nervous walking into class. I have previously taken Fashion Art for Fashion Designers, Introduction to the Fashion Design Industry, and Fabric Styling. Also, since my friend Grace is taking the class with me I would surely have someone to talk to. Although, I have taken two classes by myself. What I love about FIT is that even if you don’t know anyone in your class, at least you have something in common to talk about: fashion. I like my professor, Marie Wright, instantly because it was evident that she actually wanted to be there. Of course there are expectations that could be challenging to live up to, but she still wants us to have fun. That’s important because of course I am there to (fashionably) learn and grow as a person first and foremost, but it’s also nice to have fun in the process.

Fashion Design Techniques focuses on draping. I feel that I am going to learn A LOT. Even if it is hard it will be worth it in the end. I am a pretty good drawer, but I need to know how to interpret my sketches into actual garments. This class will take me one step closer to this goal. I learned some new terms, such as terms of the dress form such as apex and center back. I couldn’t believe there are so many terms but surprisingly I found I knew many of them already. We blocked muslin, meaning that we cut the muslin (more like ripped it) and ironed it to achieve the shape of a square. You have to map out the muslin, such as indicating where center front and the side seams are located. This is all very technical, but I did not find it all that challenging. You have to draw a lot of lines and it can be annoying because the lines must be perfectly straight and parallel to one another. But I can tell I’m going to love this class.

After class me and Grace took a trip to the fabulous Buffalo Exchange. I scored what I describe as a “knitted blazer sweater” for only $16. Buffalo is my favorite store. The clothes are unique and reasonably priced (my favorite type) All-in-all, I think I am going to really enjoy this class. It will place me one step closer to be an internationally known fashion designer. This dream might sound childlike and shallow to many but I am determined to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. One of my biggest pet peeves is people saying that a career in fashion is for dumb blondes who have nothing else to do. Fashion is actually a really tough (and sometimes brutal) industry; it requires self motivation, confidence in one’s self, and self-motivation, and thick skin. These are qualities that I possess, hopefully qualities that will catapult me to the top of the “fashion hierarchy”.

Fashionable Yours,


Garamond, Baskerville, and Bodoni

Hi everyone! How was your first day of summer live?

Can you guess what my blog title means? No? Well read on and you’ll soon find out!

Now, before I continue on, I want to tell you about how my hometown in Long Island compares to Manhattan. Long Island is (for the most part) very quiet and relaxed in the mornings, which everyone knows is the polar opposite of NYC! Once you get off the LIRR, you get thrown into a fast paced, energetic, exciting city… and I love every minute of it. My commute isn’t so bad. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to arrive at Penn Station, which gives me time to work on my AP Art studio and art history assignments, always a plus!

The first thing I did when I arrived in the city was head downtown to go to Bleeker Street Records in Greenwich Village. The neighborhood alone is awesome to be in! There are galleries, vintage shops, and my personal favorite… record shops! Bleeker Street Records is the perfect place to stock up on Cd’s and records (which I happen to collect!).

It was finally time to start heading to FIT. People started queing up at around 12:45. I unfortunately didn’t get to see any of my old classmates mainly because I was the youngest in both the classes I took prior to this one. Some will even be attending FIT in the fall  (and I want to give a massive congratulations to them, I was so lucky to be in a class with people so dedicated to what they do). We handed in our paper work, got an ID sticker, then were sent off to class! My class is in the C building in a Mac lab. Our professor started off the class with teaching us the history of typography and how certain fonts originated. It was really interesting! Did you know that most popular fonts we use today were originated centuries ago (now you know where my blog title came from!)? I’m also really looking forward to getting to know everyone in my class more during the next 3 weeks. Everyone is so creative in their own way and I can’t wait to see what kind of work everyone makes.

To me, the best part of the first day of classes at FIT is being introduced to the class subject, and learning it’s history. I also love hearing about what kind of projects we are going to do in the class, I want to start the in depth projects already!

I’m off to do my homework for my class now (tracing over different type faces, it’s making me look at basic fonts in a whole new way now that I’m drawing them!)

Did you learn anything really interesting in your class that you didn’t know before? I’d love to hear some interesting facts about what everyone’s studying!

PS, I’ll have photos next week of opening day, some of the places I mentioned, and more next post!

What a great first day…….

When I arrived to NYC on Sunday, I noticed that FIT was 20 blocks away from my apartment!! And actually, I’m not used to walking. But all around me, NY got my attention – those amazing buildings, colors and people helped me enjoy and forget that I was walking for so long.

This first day was so good! The school is much bigger than I thought, so at first I got kind of lost and I couldn’t find my classroom. But then some nice girls helped me to find it. The classes were exactly what I expected. My first class was HAR 016 – Fashion Art for Fashion Designers, where I learned the correct proportions for fashion sketches. Everyone was really nice when I told them that I was from México. I was not the only international student in class –  there was another boy, Rodrigo,  from Venezuela. My professor  was very nice and kind. She  actually helped us buy our supplies for the class.

My second class was HAC 063-Careers in Advertising and Marketing Communications. This class was more theoretical than the first one but very interesting as well and also exactly what I was expecting. The professor’s examples were based on his personal experience in the fashion industry.

The school atmosphere is nice, don’t you think? During our lunch break, I hung out with friends and ate a slice of delicious pizza from Rosa’s, right across the street from the D Building. I also enjoy watching other FIT students yesterday. I found some of their outfits so original, don’t you agree?  I wore something simple – a crochet white t- shirt and a green skirt.

So how was your first day?


How Was My First Day at FIT Precollege?

My first day of Summer Live was spectacular! I came excited and ready to learn, as well as meet my class and professor. When I arrived on campus I felt my mood improve instantaneously, being at FIT makes me happy, I feel like I belong.

The class that I am taking, Anatomy of Fashion, is taught by Professor Christopher Uvenio. I’m really looking forward to this class because Professor Uvenio seems so excited and enthusiastic in teaching us. I know I am going to have a lot of fun and learn a lot from him.

We began class by briefly introducing ourselves to the rest of the class; I noticed how unique everyone was dressed, and how they represented their personalities in their clothing. After this, we did a pre-test so Professor Uvenio could see our drawing skills. We were asked to sketch a simple fashion form. Drawing isn’t really my forte, but I think mine came out okay for my first try. Our professor then talked about a bunch of different designers and what we would be doing in the class. He showed us an example of a fashion journal, which we will be making. Our fashion journals will be books showing all different kinds of inspiration we see from magazines. We will collage these images into the book to create mood pages. It seems like a project that I will very much enjoy because I have always loved making collages.

After the break, our class went across the street to the Fashion Design Bookstore on 27th Street. Even though this is my third class at FIT, this was my first trip to this amazing store. When we entered it was bustling with many fashion students picking up their supplies. I highly recommend checking out this store, even if you aren’t in need of art supplies, it is fun to just browse!

One thing that I bought is The Fashion Book by Phaidon. Our professor said that we would love it, and so far I’m hooked! I started reading it on the train ride home and couldn’t put it down! It’s filled with tons of information on designers, photographers, icons, and more, all from A to Z. I highly recommend checking out this book, as well.

Our class ended by discussing more of what was in store. We will be visiting the FIT Museum as well as the FIT library to do research. I’m thrilled for the rest of this class because I know it will be very fun and informative.

I left FIT today feeling inspired, confident, and so excited for the upcoming classes. I am very glad that I decided to take this course, even though it is a little different from what I normally gravitate towards, I know it is exactly what I am looking for.

Until next time,


Specifically Speaking Gaga, Parker, Prada, Wintour

Running full speed from my house-to the-train station in order to make my train and arrive at a decent time for my first day of class, was all worth it in the end.  Timing is everything while participating in one of the Precollege classes, in addition to first impressions, being 5 minutes late could have you miss important information, or force you to miss meeting that new friend while on line waiting for an ID card.  Not one to be punctual, my early arrival today gave me the chance to meet a new friend, we spoke Givenchy and Mugler and Prada for 10 minutes.  We also expressed our love for Jeffrey Campbell shoes; elaborating on our favorite pairs with specific detail, all the way down to the silver thumb tacked wedges.  Exchanging numbers by the time our photos were snapped, I had started my first day off well.

While running into old classmates and hometown friends, I still managed to find my way to class at a decent time.  Sitting in the front row, I was eager to find out what was our first topic of discussion.  After listening to the, well let just say long winded introduction, the real fun began.  My professor was high spirited and fun, knowing just what to do and say if he felt the class’s attention wasn’t completely his.  He talked-mostly-of the celebrities and socialites of the industry; we all spoke Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Blake Lively-I also spoke, Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour, Shala Monroque, and Isabella Blow.  These celebs are sure to be featured on the three style boards, which are to be completed by the end of the course.  My celeb is Shala Monroque, having not completely reached stardom outside of the fashion industry, I’m taking a risk by doing someone who has yet to reach her full potential or reach full fledged stardom-yet she is a style icon nonetheless.   As a completely obsessed fan of Monroque’s I couldn’t imagine doing a style board on anyone else, her star qualities are hard to overlook.

Helpful Hint- TALK!  The only way to make new friends is to speak up and show that your friendly.  I chatted with tons of new people today, try and notice what someone else is wearing, a compliment is always a nice conversation starter.


Shala Monroque

Editor, Socialite, Style Icon and inspiration for my 3 style boards

My First Day of Class Outfit