Progression – Final Project

The drawing board, my draft came along way

My Completed Final Project

The time came for me to take on the hot glue gun once again, pullout a few tricks I learned in my school art class, and dare to do something so different, I didn’t think it was possible to create.  Having a vision inspired by a 2 Dimensional art project, I made in school while experimenting with vanishing points, I decide to make this runway 3D while keeping the self drawn seats (which I’m very proud of considering it’s a big step up from my usual stick figure drawings) flat, but making them shine a bit with the help of glitter glue.

Sticking with my Alexa Chung inspired celebrity style board, our final task was to imagine we are presenting an idea for a fashion photo shoot.  As a huge Vogue fan who reads the magazine every month cover-to-cover, I over course imagined that I was presenting this board to Anna Wintour herself, which urged me to take complete advantage of the 3 days and work incredibly hard on this final project.

I like to leave a great last impression, so with that in mind, I thought I would take a few pages from Vogue magazine and give the class a bit of a history lesson.  If you didn’t already notice, Alexa Chung is not the only notable style icon on my board, aside from the other brunette beauties (the models), Jane Birkin joins Alexa as the ultimate fashion icon, during her 1970’s glory days.  After reviewing Alexa’s style I thought Jane was the perfect women to compare her too.  Their street style amazed me the most, so placing them in Paris during fashion week, I, “the editor” compared how both Birkin and Chung took fashion week by storm during their completely different generations.

Incorporating Vogue’s “Flash” section as well, a “Vogue photographer” followed around Chung during the spring shows and took a number of photos to compare to Birkin.  After 3 weeks in class, it’s safe to say I progressed a great amount.  The little tips my professor gave me popped in my head throughout the whole creation, and reflected in my board tremendously. even though class has sadly come to an end, I will continue to make a few style boards for fun, maybe even in a few years for my profession.


Three weeks went by already?

It feels like just yesterday I was getting ready for my first day of Summer Live. We’ve all had so much fun and I will miss everyone.

I’m pretty sad about having to leave FIT (for the summer anyway!).

But before we I say my final goodbye, I want to tell you all about my final project! We had to take pictures of typography in our environment or around New York. New York it was for me! I had fun with this assignment. I never realized how type defines this city, it’s everywhere! From billboards, advertisements, and shop windows, you can’t not see type wherever you go. What I had the most fun doing was taking the time to look at graffiti and stickers people put everywhere. Some of it was really cool!


The next part is to arrange them in a non conventional way. I chose to do a collage. I chose to do a “T”, to stand for typography. I’m happy with how it came out so far! Do you like it?

What I learned in this class will help me with graphic design and it increased my overall knowledge of type. Without it, I wouldn’t know the difference between kerning and I wouldn’t know what a “rag” was. It’s ending too soon, I still want to learn more and do more awesome projects!

What is everyone else doing for final projects?


As Class Comes to a Close…

Hello Everyone!

As Summer Live drew to a close, Final Projects were the central focus. For my class, Anatomy of Fashion, the final project consists of two parts. The first part is a design journal. I have been working on my design journal throughout the three weeks. It contains designs of my own, magazine collages, client pages, mood pages, inspiration, and much more. All of this shows who we are as a designer. Also, it contains collages showing A-Z designers, one for each letter. This has been a very fun project since I love collaging. At first, it seemed like an intimidating task to fill up the whole journal, but I worked on it steadily and eventually finished it.

The second part of our project is a poster about a designer we were assigned to. My designer is Azzedine Alaia. The poster has to show what the designer is all about. The passage on my poster reads: “The Tunisian born fashion designer began studying sculpture at a young age and after graduating became a dressmaker’s assistant. He worked in Paris for multiple different fashion designers including Christian Dior, Guy Laroche, and Thierry Mugler.  In the late 1970s he began his own atelier and dressed many private clients including celebrities. Soon, his designs began to be sold in New York and Beverly Hills, and he eventually opened his own stores there and also in Paris. He began working with Prada in the early 2000s. He is known for being ‘The King of Cling’ and also for his shoe line. He is admired for his independence, freedom, and discreet luxury.  Some of his celebrity clients include Grace Jones, Tina Turner, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Shakira, and Naomi Campbell.”

When going about final projects, its always best to start working on them ASAP, even though procrastinating may seem appealing at the time.

I’m looking forward to the last day of class tomorrow, we are going to present our posters and share our design journals with the class, we will be having a fun party with food and music, as well. Even though I am sad that tomorrow is the last day, I know I will have a fun and exciting final day.

What kind of final projects were assigned in your class? Are you doing anything special for the last day??


FIT: The Turning Point In Helping Me Find The Perfect Career

Today I realized that this was my last Monday can you believe it? Time passed really fast!

This week we are focusing on our final projects. In my first class (fashion design) we have to create a clothing collection, but in order to do that we need to have an inspiration and an ideal customer. So, today we made a board representing our costumer.  I decided that my ideal customer was a woman who is always traveling. I pasted many related pictures like an airplane, a big city, the beach and a suitcase. Tomorrow I have to include an inspiration and I think that the perfect one would be Italy because it is one of my favorite countries, and, as you know, I may study there for a semester.

My final project for my AMC class is about creating an advertising campaign. My team and I chose the company Ray Ban because their sunglasses are so stylish and trendy.

These past two weeks, I have been thinking about my future because as you know I have just graduated from High School. At first I was confused in my career orientation; my options were fashion design and marketing. FIT has been a turning point in my decision and has helped me to find my perfect career: I want to work in marketing or something related with business.  I love fashion design and maybe later I will study that.

Living alone in a big city like New York is not easy, but  fortunately I have met many extraordinary people. Most importantly, I am getting to know myself better, which is essential in order to accomplishing my goals. Enjoy your last week!


Fashion Final: Christian Dior’s “New Look”

My final project: that’s been a pretty hot topic in my agenda for the past couple of days.  I’m embarrassed to admit my time management is terrible and that after I finish this post I will not only begin my project, but finish it all in the same night.  I have let procrastination get the best of me and now have to pay the cost by sitting in the house on a Friday night in order to contribute my part of my partner designer final project.

Me and my partner’s task is to pick a designer, define their characteristics and what influence there work, as well as what influence they have over the fashion industry today.  My love for Christian Dior’s “New Look,” 8 shape silhouette led me to choose his immense collection, dating all the way back to his breakout collection in 1947 which forever changed the fashion industry and the way women dressed.

I may talk a good talk, but I had to do a lot of research in order to really understand Dior and see beauty the way he used to.  But it wasn’t just facts and memorization; working with a partner is always difficult no matter how close or distant you are to your partner.  My partner, Sydney, and I live in the same town, go to the same school, yet never had the chance to get together and complete our project.  So as she visits colleges down South, we communicate and try to separate each of our responsibilities, while also trying to forget the fact that we have less than 24 hours to start and finish this project.  I always joke with my friends and say I work better under pressure and receive better grades when I cram, but at this point my exhaustion is slowly taking over my body. Before I graduate high school, I may have to reevaluate my study habits and work ethic.


Christian Dior’s 1947 New Look pieces as seen at the MET

Christian Dior’s 1947 New Look pieces as seen at the MET