A Day with Me at FIT

This Saturday’s class was really fun and encouraged us to be as creative as possible.  As mentioned in my second post, my class is doing a project where we have to create a photoshoot setup for a pair of shoes with a background/props inspired by the color, shape, texture etc.  I am working with two other people; Megan and Frankie.

After brainstorming for a while, we decided to use Frankie’s brown leather Steve Madden boots. The color and structure of the boots reminded us of hiking in the woods.

We had a few ideas on how to compose our set. We originally wanted to put branches inside the shoes because they resemble tree-trunks, but we decided a moss ground with a branch and pine cone or two would be more clean and less cheesy. Professor Sokoli suggested we put an insect on one of the boots for that final ‘wow-factor’.

Later, we went on a field trip as a class to the Flower District to look for props. There were so many different kinds of mosses to choose from!

We had fun looking around all of the stores on 28th street for inspiration. I became closer friends with Megan and Frankie as well as everyone else in my class on this trip. We all just get along with each other. It’s really great!


Developing a Much Clearer Understanding of Fashion Merchandising

While one may think a business class would be lackluster and unexciting, I can assure you that it’s anything but. I absolutely love my professor, with fiery hair and a fierce personality class is never boring! Last week we took our 3rd field trip which was shopping on 34th Avenue! It wasn’t all fun and games though; we were really there to look at the trends for this season. This helps to forecast the trends for next season. We looked at details such as pocket lining, different cuts, or color patterns to see the direction in which the trends are going. Of course, in the last half hour of our trip we were let loose in Forever 21 to really shop!

Our other field trips were on campus. At the library we were given access to great websites such as Woman’s Wear Daily and Fashion Snoops. Another field trip included visiting the museum at FIT where we looked at the way fashion has evolved by looking at couture pieces from every decade. All of the field trips are great and make me super appreciative of the hands-on experience that I am getting!

In class we have focused on the life cycle of a trend and we’ve gotten an overview of all different jobs ranging from Textiles to Marketing. I think it’s a great help to decide where you fit in this multi-billion dollar industry. If you are focused in Merchandising, like I am, the class really goes in depth into what the industry is all about. Now, I have a much clearer understanding of what my responsibilities and options are in order to pursue this career.