FIT – The Way I See It!

After hopping off the ferry, which always seems to be late when I need to get somewhere, I jet to the 1 train.

I was the third girl to arrive. I chatted with some of my classmates about what I missed last week while I was taking my S.A.T. and got to know a few of them a little better.

This week we worked on our concept boards! The class ripped through magazines to find inspiration for their client. My concept for the client is “Old Hollywood Glam.”

Everyone in my class had really cool ideas for their concept and they were all completely different. I wish i could have taken a picture of everyone’s concept board but my camera died! :(

This is where some of the girls and I ran to during our 15 minute break. BTW, 15 minutes is not enough time to eat! We grabbed our food and rushed back to eat in class. All of our concept boards probably have pizza stains!

My not so neat work space! …

Next week we will be presenting our concept boards, excited! :D

Introducing Precollege Intern: Yulissa

From fashion and styles I’ve also received a smile. My name is Yulissa – I am a Jersey Girl by location not by heart. I am currently a high school senior in a small town called Rockaway. For my Gifted and Talented program, I choose to do an independent study which allowed me to study any possible field that I was interested in. Without thinking twice I knew fashion had stolen my heart, which led to where I am now: an intern with Precollege Programs at FIT. I love every minute of it!  Fashion is my motivation; it allows me to express myself. Over the summer I love to travel and experience the culture and fashion from different countries.

I hope to pursue my dream by attending FIT and majoring in Fashion Merchandising Management. After two years I would love to apply to FIT again and major in Fashion Design.

There is always something that instantly makes your heart smile, for me it’s fashion.

Sometimes Change Is Good

I’m officially obsessed with my interior design class! The week has been going slower than usual anticipating Saturday’s class.I can’t stop thinking about my plans for the assignment that our profession gave to us. I’ve been drawing out different floor plans on the dry erase board in my room everyday and I’ve also  been searching for supplies all week. I have such a busy schedule but suddenly my Saturday class is all I can focus on! Being in the program has also been a balancing act for me. My F.I.T. schedule and cheerleading schedule clash, A LOT. It’s so hard to choose between the two because I’m so passionate about both. I’m doing my best to manage them but it’s getting really hard.

Being in the Pecollege program has made me 100%a sure that F.I.T. is the school for me. I actually just started filling out my SUNY application, it’s so nerve racking! I love the environment at F.I.T., when I walk into the school its so different than walking into my regular high school class. I’m much more involved and interested . I feel like Ican be creative and opinionated. My personality in school is very different than in the procollege class. In school I’m always viewed as the “cheerleader” or “pageant girl”,  at F.I.T. I feel like I have no label and it feels really good!

My life is already changing so much from being in the program. I hope everyone is enjoying the experience as much as I am. :)


Back in Black

…Or rather “Back in Prada Spring/Summer 11 inspired stripes,” the first of many outfits being worn to my pattern making class which I am so completely in love with. omg.

I honestly had the worst expected for the class due to the fact that I was in a pessimistic mood because of the prior incidents of being incredibly sick with the cold, getting in a car accident the day before, almost missing my train, taking pain relievers from my accident, cold medicine and athesma medication at the same time without realizing that the combination would make me almost a walking zombie and the complete worst, meeting my new pretend best friends on the train but never speaking to them because being painfully shy and awkward and never actually talking to them but only listening to their awesome conversations from two seats away. (I’m actually kidding, the car accident was the worst if my sarcasm didn’t translate through text.)

But despite all of that, the first day of class went way better than expected.

As I walked toward the elevator I met a guy who asked me for directions and it turned out he was headed where I was! We introduced ourselves, complimented each other, and even had a conversation! I was so proud that I overcame my social awkwardness for at least a few minutes to meet a new person. Oh, and it get’s better, I talked to another person! I was on a roll, being a social butterfly and all.

I’m glad my professor quickly jumped into things and we started drafting a pattern for a skirt. “With this basic skirt pattern,” she said “you can make any skirt” – Music to my ears!

Looks like I’m going to have a lot of new skirts in the upcoming months…


A Little Piece of Heaven on Earth

F.I.T. is a place of safety, a place of creativity, and a place of acceptance. When you walk the streets of New York City you quickly realize “normal” is over rated. Throughout my Precollege experience at F.I.T., I don’t feel like I’m getting judged, or stared at constantly like I do on a daily basis in my home town. Here, I feel like I can be myself without any worries.

F.I.T. has given me the confidence to not care what people have to say about me. I now express myself when I want and however I want throughout my time at not only F.I.T., but also my in everyday life. These Precollege classes really help define you as a person and really help mature you, and the way you view schooling and life.

This school is just a little piece of heaven on earth filled with creativity, friendships, laughter, and a fun education.