What Lies Ahead

Can you sense if you’re going to have a good day the second you wake up? Probably, some of the time you can and I have that exact same feeling with my classes this semester. Both my classes this term have such nice people in it along with amazing professors. My expectations for both my classes are set very high this time around, I have a feeling I will gain a lot from these classes.

For my merchandising class I think I will learn really get a feel for how it will be like to have a career in the business side of the industry as opposed to the more creative side, such as design and things of that nature. However, last week I was talking to my professor, Professor Piazza, and she told me that it is possible to incorporate creativity into merchandising which really made me feel better about choosing my major because I want that balance of business and creativity. I am also looking very forward to completing my first project in this class which is to choose a decade in which we need to write a report and do a presentation on it. Of course, I chose the 90’s because I am obsessed with everything  90’s at the moment and the whole grunge look. My professor this week showed us examples of PowerPoint slideshows from college students, which were all amazing. I’m looking forward to making my own PowerPoint because my goal is to make my presentation live up to the expectations of my professor as if I was in college. I am going to try my hardest to make my presentation really stand out.

On the other hand, this week was my first day of my fabric styling class (and everyone else’s second day). I thought I would feel out of place and not really prepared in the class for that reason but I caught on quick and the class couldn’t of gone better. The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in the classroom, was the actual classroom. Call me weird but my favorite classrooms at FIT are the “artsy” ones as I call them, the ones filled with huge tables covered with paint splatters; and that is exactly what my classroom is.

                                    My “artsy” fabric styling classroom

In class we immediately started working on project #1 which is to choose a celebrity and create a fashion board for him/her filled with photos of how we would style our celebrity and choose the right colors, fabrics for him/her. My choice of celebrity is Alexa Chung.

For those of you who don’t know who she is, Alexa is a model and host of 24 Hour Catwalk on Lifetime but receives most of her recognition in the fashion world. Her style is minimalistic, classy, and menswear inspired while girly at the same time. I cannot wait to create a whole board dedicated to just her style. Although this class is primarily based on doing style boards, I think I will enjoy it because creating boards is such a great way to express a mood or theme in a visual and hands-on way. Putting boards together is a lot of work, but in the end the turn out is extremely satisfying.

            My magazine cut outs for my Alexa Chung style board

Despite all of this, in all honesty guys the real highlight of my day had to be finding out that I can get 10% off at Gigi’s cafe for being a student at FIT, that place is the best. If you have yet to visit Gigi’s for lunch, you’re totally missing out.

Okay I’m kidding, my classes and my whole day at FIT definitely topped off as my highlight of the week actually, but the 10% off has to be a close second.

All in all I know this semester is going to be a great one and I’m so excited to get to share it with you guys!

Fashionably Truly,


My great yet indecisive first day

Do you guys feel that “first day” feeling the night before a new school year starts or even the night before FIT starts every semester? After having many “first day” experiences at FIT, I still find myself feeling the same amount of excitement time and time again.

My day started with driving into the city, which is weirdly one of my favorite parts. I love driving on the highway and seeing the big buildings from a hazy distance just getting closer and closer. Once I arrived at FIT, the process couldn’t have gone any smoother, I handed in my consent form and got a “Fall 2012″ sticker slapped onto my I.D. card and walked right to my first class “The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising.”

When I walked into class I immediately noticed that my friend Justine from Fashion Forecasting in the Spring was in the class, it’s always nice to see a familiar face. Shortly after Professor Piazza walked in and handed us a syllabus and proceeded to tell us a little bit about herself.

Professor Piazza spent a good hour telling us about her extensive career in the fashion industry which I think is fantastic because I LOVE getting to know my professors and what they have done in the past. I’m thrilled for this class – I think it is going to touch upon subjects that I have yet to learn but some I learned in previous classes, which is fine because there’s always room for improvement. Also, it is great to learn about a topic from another professor’s point of view.

After a short break my class and I visited the “Ivy Style” exhibit at the FIT Museum. This exhibit basically stressed fashion derived from schools such as Princeton, Harvard and Yale, focusing on menswear specifically. Surprisingly I sort of like menswear so I found the exhibit quite interesting, there was tons of mixing of prints, ties, blazers, bow ties, the usual stuff that comes to your mind when you think of “preppy.” I said “surprisingly” because many people in fashion, mostly my age, have their mind set on womenswear, or shoes and not willing to experiment with other areas.

Following that, I had a lunch break before my next class which involved my weekly trip to Buffalo Exchange, but unfortunately I didn’t come across any good finds today. From there I went to “Fundamentals of Digital Photography and Photoshop” where I had a little bit of a mishap…

After sitting through the first half of class I learned a few things about my camera that I didn’t know which was wonderful but by the end of the class I realized the class just wasn’t for me. My true passion is for fashion and although I love photography I felt like I wouldn’t be fully happy in this class. It was a bit too in depth in photography for me, which is fabulous for all of you who wish to pursue photography more than I want to. Please keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and for myself I know I would of been happier if I switched to a more fashion related class. Long story short after class I headed to D-130 and switched to “Fabric Styling for Fashion.” It will be a bit confusing walking into class next week as everyone’s second day but technically my first but hopefully I’ll catch on quick.

How was your first day? What was your favorite part about the day?



Now Showing: Fabric Styling Exhibit

The Fabric Styling exhibit is located in the D building, showing now- Wednesday, May 2nd.

Everyone in FIT has a special talent that the school helps them to excel in and pursue. The Fabric Styling students have
strong fashion sense and an eye for color and pattern they stay ahead of the fashion game.

Check out the exhibit when you are on campus this weekend, Precollege students!
View Precollege courses in this major here.




Before and After

I see a big difference in myself and my work since I’ve been taking Precollege classes at FIT.   Last semester, I took Fabric Styling.  We designed boards based off celebrities signature styles and learned a lot about layout and organization. Learning about these things has prepared me for the class I am taking now, HFM 060  Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future.  For our projects we need to make power points, blogs and boards, so in order for our presentations to look professional they need to be well thought out and put together neatly.

Here are two of my boards from the class I took last semester, HFS 180: Fabric Styling for Fashion.

1.  Emma Watson Fashion Board:

2.  Zooey Deschanel Home Decor Board: 

For my current class Fashion Forecasting I am working on a blog. The assignment is to create “a dream fashion blog.”  I am proud to see how the skills I’ve learned from Fabric Styling have carried over into the class I am taking now. I’m sure both of these classes will also help me with projects in the future and assignments in college.

This is the link to my dream blog.


Another change I’ve seen in myself is that I have gained more knowledge about the fashion industry. In the class Fashion Forecasting, I’ve learned about how trends go in and out of style and how companies decide what goes into their stores.  Before this class I wasn’t aware of all the careers one can have in this wonderful industry.

Thanks for reading, see you guys next week!


Changes & Expectations

With all of the Precollege classes to choose from, I was having a hard time deciding on just two. I was relieved when I finally picked Fashion Design Techniques and Fabric Styling. Both are completely new to me, Fabric Styling is even in D Building, which I’ve never had a class in before.

In Fabric Styling, we chose a celebrity, (mine is Rooney Mara, who graduated from my high school) and we will be presenting how we would style their clothing, apartments, and photo shoots. There are a lot of new supplies that I wasn’t expecting, but they’ve all been really helpful. We use cutting boards, exact-o knives, and sticky-tac to make our presentations look very professional. We’ve learned how to use most of our supplies and how to use different layouts to make our boards stand out among the rest.

We also visited FIT’s Museum, and saw the IMPACT! exhibit. I must say, I can’t wait to get back and see it again next week. All of FIT’s exhibits are really inspirational and there’s a lot to learn from the changes in fashion throughout the years. It is extremely essential to know about in the fashion industry, since styles are constantly repeating themselves. It’s a huge privilege to have a (free!) museum right on campus, and the exhibits they’ve curated there have truly been amazing. Although I’m a little sad I missed out on Diane Von Furstenberg speaking in the Katy Murphy Amphitheatre at the opening!

In Fashion Design Techniques, I expected to enhance my skills in using patterns. However, there’s a lot more to it than that. We’ve learned how to draw the measurements on to the fabric and drape it right one to the mannequin and make our own darts. We just finished the basic skirt, and we’ve only had two classes. I already can’t wait to take it home to make my own skirts in several different fabrics.

In other news, I’ve been accepted to Parsons, The New School! Now, I only have to wait 3 more weeks until April to hear about FIT….