Expectations and What I’ve Learned So Far

My expectations for Fashion Design Techniques are to learn how to drape and to learn how to place the muslin correctly on the dress form. I have noticed that the class is getting harder. I thought everything was easy until we went to put the muslin on the dress form…Let’s just say things didn’t go so smoothly. It’s really hard to get everything lined up and if it’s not then everything will be wrong after that. My self expectations are to get accepted into FIT and to get all As and Bs – this can be a challenge because I’m in 2 AP classes and I’m not doing to well in physics (Science is always my worst subject; I can’t wait to NOT have to take it senior year.) I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well, but it’s a comfort that your portfolio matters a lot too.

I haven’t really had to change anything about myself coming to FIT. I like how everyone has such different styles but you can all talk about fashion. I love how on the 1st day of class you can scope out everyone’s individual style and see if they have a similar style to you. FIT changed me in the way that I became more open to other’s opinions and styles. FIT made me become a better drawer for sure. I couldn’t even draw before I took Fashion Art for Fashion Designers. If I do say so myself, I’m a good artist now. I can draw the croquis. FIT is so different from my school because everyone dresses kind of outrageously, where at my school the atmosphere is definitely more normal. I like expressing myself at FIT.

I was surprised that I learned to draw really fast and even more surprised that I’m doing very well in draping so far. I could actually help other people when I’m usually the one that needs to be helped. The atmosphere at FIT is friendly, although of course there are those that are not very friendly and don’t have a nice attitude to put it nicely. But that’s ok. I don’t really put attention to those people because I’m here to have fun and learn about the different aspects of the industry. FIT is my favorite part of the week; I get to go to my dream college, shop, learn, and explore the city.

See You Next Week,



My Fabulous First Day of Class

September 24th: I scramble out of bed to catch my 8:04 train to Penn. I am soooooooo excited. I was unable to take a class over the summer. So I have not been at FIT for about 4 months – it felt more like a year! I put on my outfit that I picked out the night before, eat a quick breakfast (I always eat now. Before I did not because I wanted to sleep later, but by the time class concluded I felt lightheaded – so not ideal), and rush out the door to meet my friend Grace. I happen to hate getting up early but it is so worth it for FIT. I actually enjoy getting up early because I am going somewhere I love. When I tell people I voluntarily get up early on Saturdays to go to class, they look at me like I’m crazy – I so don’t care though. I am doing something both fun and productive at the same time that will better my looming fashion career – what could be better?

This class that I am taking in the fall, Fashion Design Techniques, is my 4th class so I can’t say I was too nervous walking into class. I have previously taken Fashion Art for Fashion Designers, Introduction to the Fashion Design Industry, and Fabric Styling. Also, since my friend Grace is taking the class with me I would surely have someone to talk to. Although, I have taken two classes by myself. What I love about FIT is that even if you don’t know anyone in your class, at least you have something in common to talk about: fashion. I like my professor, Marie Wright, instantly because it was evident that she actually wanted to be there. Of course there are expectations that could be challenging to live up to, but she still wants us to have fun. That’s important because of course I am there to (fashionably) learn and grow as a person first and foremost, but it’s also nice to have fun in the process.

Fashion Design Techniques focuses on draping. I feel that I am going to learn A LOT. Even if it is hard it will be worth it in the end. I am a pretty good drawer, but I need to know how to interpret my sketches into actual garments. This class will take me one step closer to this goal. I learned some new terms, such as terms of the dress form such as apex and center back. I couldn’t believe there are so many terms but surprisingly I found I knew many of them already. We blocked muslin, meaning that we cut the muslin (more like ripped it) and ironed it to achieve the shape of a square. You have to map out the muslin, such as indicating where center front and the side seams are located. This is all very technical, but I did not find it all that challenging. You have to draw a lot of lines and it can be annoying because the lines must be perfectly straight and parallel to one another. But I can tell I’m going to love this class.

After class me and Grace took a trip to the fabulous Buffalo Exchange. I scored what I describe as a “knitted blazer sweater” for only $16. Buffalo is my favorite store. The clothes are unique and reasonably priced (my favorite type) All-in-all, I think I am going to really enjoy this class. It will place me one step closer to be an internationally known fashion designer. This dream might sound childlike and shallow to many but I am determined to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. One of my biggest pet peeves is people saying that a career in fashion is for dumb blondes who have nothing else to do. Fashion is actually a really tough (and sometimes brutal) industry; it requires self motivation, confidence in one’s self, and self-motivation, and thick skin. These are qualities that I possess, hopefully qualities that will catapult me to the top of the “fashion hierarchy”.

Fashionable Yours,


My Classes at FIT

Hi everyone!  I’m preparing for my next Precollege class session right now–so excited!

This semester I am taking the Precollege course HAP 017: Fashion Design Techniques.  In any industry, technique is important, but especially in the fashion world where stitching separates a couture piece from one available in a mall.  I have millions of creative ideas, but I never know quite what to do with them. For instance, how could I turn an old button-down shirt into a skirt)?  This class is helping me learn how to channel all my inspiration into designs.  Right now we’re learning how to create and drape patterns for basic silhouettes.  I just finished creating a simple muslin pencil skirt.  Although this may not sound like the most exciting thing to some people, this one pattern will allow me to make hundreds of skirts in any fabric. I can even make a dress if I attach a bodice!

Next class I’ll be finishing draping a flared skirt and moving on to creating bodices.  Once I have the basic layouts for my garments, I can mix and match to create my own unique designs!  What’s both challenging and exciting about Fashion Design Techniques is fitting pieces to an actual body.  Before this class, the patterns I used were very simple and could have been nipped and tucked to fit any body shape.  Now I understand that each mannequin (not to mention human body) is different, and it takes lots of meticulous pinning to create the perfect look.  My designs have become so much more polished since I began this class, and I love it!  My professor, Professor Wright, is fantastic.  She’s so sweet and always willing to help us, even with designs for different classes.

Last semester I took an intensive Precollege Workshop, HSX 095: Costume and Couture Rendering.  That class prepared me well for many fashion-related endeavors because the most important skill is being able to take designs from your head and put them on to paper…Then, of course, fabric!

Both Precollege Programs have strengthened my design abilities so much and I can’t wait to continue on at FIT!  Sorry I don’t have any pictures of my designs from this week, but I’ll make sure to include some next time!  To check out what inspires the style of myself and my close friend Elijah on a daily basis, check out our blog!

Have a great week!