Congratulations Kimberley!


Student: Kimberley Crishom
Major: Fashion Merchandising Management

Courses taken in Precollege Programs include:
HPM 067: Manual Patternmaking and Sewing

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Congratulations Kiley!


Student: Kiley Murphy
Major: Fashion Design

Courses taken in Precollege Programs include:
HIL 012 Drawing for Illustration
 HAR 087: Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques II

Were you accepted to FIT this fall too? We’d love to feature you on the blog as well!
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Been There, Done That – An Interview With Precollege Alum Lilly Truscott

Lilly Truscott

This week, Precollege Programs had the opportunity to speak with FIT undergraduate student and Precollege alumni, Lilly Truscott. Lilly was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, but moved to Nashville, TN during high school. She is currently in her first semester at FIT, working towards her AAS in Advertising and Marketing Communications. After gaining her Associates Degree, Lilly plans to graduate with her BS in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing.

Lilly currently works in the Precollege office through FIT’s Work-Study program, where she is able to share her experiences as a Precollege student with current students and parents.

Courses Taken in Precollege Programs:

HAD 146 Typography for Graphic Design
HFM 064 Business of Fashion

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The Future

I think there is only one word to describe my junior year of high school: stress. Don’t get me wrong, there are many highlights of junior year such as prom and getting your license, but other than that it’s stressful. It’s stressful in the sense that I have to get my grades to be as good as they can be, and I’m planning for college and my future.

Hopefully….(fingers crossed) I get into FIT! FIT is honestly my dream school….I mean, who wouldn’t want to go here! I plan to apply to Fashion Merchandising major and then after two years, I plan to apply to the Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing Program. Though FIT is my first choice, I have other colleges in mind to apply to as well.

In the future I would love to be a buyer for a clothing and cosmetics company. I can definitely see myself living in a big city such as NYC or Los Angelos. Where do you see yourself in a few years? Any good fashion colleges I should take a look at?

Until next week
xoxoxo Tori


FIT: My Home Away From Home

Have you ever done an activity outside of school that motivates you? Well, taking FIT’s Precollege classes has shaped me into a new person over the last few months. FIT has made me more serious about my school work and focusing on getting into the college I want. When I am unmotivated to do my school work, I always think about FIT as my goal and how it will all pay off in the future. At first when I started coming to FIT, I had to become more responsible for myself coming into the city alone which is such an amazing experience in and of itself.  FIT makes me feel welcome. Everyone is so nice and the instructors really care about their students interests. At FIT, I am always myself, outgoing and one who speaks my mind. The one thing that I do differently is dress a bit more trendy and dressy as opposed to how I look for school.  I am hoping that the more classes I take at FIT inspire even more to move closer to my goal! What do you think?

xoxoxo Tori