All I Have To Say Is Waffles

Before I begin my usual ramble of how class was today, I’d like to share how fabulous my breaks have been since I was introduced to the cafeteria.

It’s incredible that I have taken classes at FIT for three years and I never bothered to go to the cafeteria! Last week, someone from my class decided to take us on a trip there, and we have been going every break since. I strongly recommend to anyone who hasn’t been there to check it out because I MADE WAFFLES ON MY BREAK TODAY. Yes, you read that right. I made my very own Belgian waffle during my fifteen minute break. I saw the waffle maker and the waffle mix and immediately knew how my time would be spent.

For those of you who don’t believe it ’till you see it, I have PHOTO PROOF!

I might be overreacting a little bit, but I mean… waffles.

Not to mention that I bought waffles, a bagel, a drink, and two bags of chips with a friend and it only came out to about seven dollars total, meaning we each threw $3.50…that’s it.

So basically I think everyone should go and make themselves waffles on their breaks ’cause it’s seriously worth it.

I’m really trying to find the perfect thing to do for my self portrait, but I can’t think of anything! I don’t know if I want it to be very obviously me, or something more abstract, or even something in the middle. I drew up a few sketches of my ideas and I’m trying to weed through them, but so far I just keep coming up with more ideas instead of removing them!

During class today, someone else on the Communications board came into our class to drop by and say hi, and we were bold enough to ask her for some advice. She told us more about what colleges, and specifically FIT, looks for when reviewing portfolios, and what is most important or most necessary to include. Mostly I gathered that they want to see who you are, a lot of observational drawings, and some pieces from your sketchbook.

I also made plans to hang out with a girl from my class next week! We got friendly-er during our waffle making time, and have plans for next Sunday!

For now, the whole city is preparing for the hurricane that is supposed to hit us bad, so I’ve got to go tape all my windows! (Kidding, I don’t know anyone that does that)

Stay safe everyone!

Where do you normally like to go on breaks?

Until next time,



We are family~

Just when I thought I couldn’t think of a “funny” title bam! That one Sister Sledge song pops into my head, I hope you sang it while reading the title, heh.

I wouldn’t be anything without my family, seriously. They are always there for me and still love me even though I’m a big weirdo. They’re my biggest fans and actually my biggest clients (you would not believe how many times I hear the phrase “Hey, can you fix this for me?”).

Fortunately, my parents support my choice in the career field I’m going into instead of forcing me to become a doctor or lawyer or engineer or whatever. This is what my mom says, “If you decide you want to be a circus clown one day, great, we support you! Just be the best circus clown there ever was!” I for one, am not a big fan of the circus (smells like elephant poop in there, yuck) but I get where she’s coming from.

Since day one, there was no hesitation from my parents. I’ll always remember the day I went to Wal-Mart and me and my mom were passing buy the (now obsolete) sewing section, and I looked over and thought “Wow, that’d be cool, making my own clothes.” I turned to my mom and asked for a sewing machine. Since it was early fall, I was going to finish the sentence with “for Christmas” but I didn’t even get that far because she had already answered “Sure, let’s get you one now!”

When I first found out about the Precollege Programs here at FIT again, no hesitation, no arguement, only pure excitement about me finally being able to go somewhere to expand on my craft.

Now with college appilaction deadlines drawing near, once again my family is offering to help with¬†anything¬†I might need. Without their support and love, I wouldn’t be where I am today so shout out to the Lopez, Torres, and Ali family, I love you guys!

Love, Talya