It’s The Most Anxious Time Of The Year

It’s the holiday season and happiness and joy are in the air however this year, the high school class of 2016 is embracing a new feeling this winter. It’s the time of year when many colleges start to get back to us with the news of our possible acceptance, mailboxes have slowly become a warzone of letters from schools and holiday greeting cards and at times it can feel overwhelming. Waiting for that top school to get back to you holiday_collegecan be nerve racking but fear not for life will go on. While this time of year may be stressful and I can certainly feel it taking its toll on me I remind myself and all of you readers in the class of 2016 to keep your chin up. It’s the holiday season and that means family is around and festivities are taking place, and while these little paper slips come through one by one to let you know your possible future you have a million other things to take your attention. Since this is possibly your (and my) last full holiday season at home take time to enjoy it fully, worrying about something that is already set in stone will get you nowhere. Take time to decorate your whole house with dazzling lights or even take up a winter sport for the first time. If winter activities aren’t your thing just kick back and relax and ease yourself with your usual activities. Lately I have been swimming a lot and re watching Doctor Who to distract myself and I have to say it has eased my soul a bit. Class of 2016, we made it this far so don’t overthink and always be happy.


Changes & Expectations

With all of the Precollege classes to choose from, I was having a hard time deciding on just two. I was relieved when I finally picked Fashion Design Techniques and Fabric Styling. Both are completely new to me, Fabric Styling is even in D Building, which I’ve never had a class in before.

In Fabric Styling, we chose a celebrity, (mine is Rooney Mara, who graduated from my high school) and we will be presenting how we would style their clothing, apartments, and photo shoots. There are a lot of new supplies that I wasn’t expecting, but they’ve all been really helpful. We use cutting boards, exact-o knives, and sticky-tac to make our presentations look very professional. We’ve learned how to use most of our supplies and how to use different layouts to make our boards stand out among the rest.

We also visited FIT’s Museum, and saw the IMPACT! exhibit. I must say, I can’t wait to get back and see it again next week. All of FIT’s exhibits are really inspirational and there’s a lot to learn from the changes in fashion throughout the years. It is extremely essential to know about in the fashion industry, since styles are constantly repeating themselves. It’s a huge privilege to have a (free!) museum right on campus, and the exhibits they’ve curated there have truly been amazing. Although I’m a little sad I missed out on Diane Von Furstenberg speaking in the Katy Murphy Amphitheatre at the opening!

In Fashion Design Techniques, I expected to enhance my skills in using patterns. However, there’s a lot more to it than that. We’ve learned how to draw the measurements on to the fabric and drape it right one to the mannequin and make our own darts. We just finished the basic skirt, and we’ve only had two classes. I already can’t wait to take it home to make my own skirts in several different fabrics.

In other news, I’ve been accepted to Parsons, The New School! Now, I only have to wait 3 more weeks until April to hear about FIT….