All I Have To Say Is Waffles

Before I begin my usual ramble of how class was today, I’d like to share how fabulous my breaks have been since I was introduced to the cafeteria.

It’s incredible that I have taken classes at FIT for three years and I never bothered to go to the cafeteria! Last week, someone from my class decided to take us on a trip there, and we have been going every break since. I strongly recommend to anyone who hasn’t been there to check it out because I MADE WAFFLES ON MY BREAK TODAY. Yes, you read that right. I made my very own Belgian waffle during my fifteen minute break. I saw the waffle maker and the waffle mix and immediately knew how my time would be spent.

For those of you who don’t believe it ’till you see it, I have PHOTO PROOF!

I might be overreacting a little bit, but I mean… waffles.

Not to mention that I bought waffles, a bagel, a drink, and two bags of chips with a friend and it only came out to about seven dollars total, meaning we each threw $3.50…that’s it.

So basically I think everyone should go and make themselves waffles on their breaks ’cause it’s seriously worth it.

I’m really trying to find the perfect thing to do for my self portrait, but I can’t think of anything! I don’t know if I want it to be very obviously me, or something more abstract, or even something in the middle. I drew up a few sketches of my ideas and I’m trying to weed through them, but so far I just keep coming up with more ideas instead of removing them!

During class today, someone else on the Communications board came into our class to drop by and say hi, and we were bold enough to ask her for some advice. She told us more about what colleges, and specifically FIT, looks for when reviewing portfolios, and what is most important or most necessary to include. Mostly I gathered that they want to see who you are, a lot of observational drawings, and some pieces from your sketchbook.

I also made plans to hang out with a girl from my class next week! We got friendly-er during our waffle making time, and have plans for next Sunday!

For now, the whole city is preparing for the hurricane that is supposed to hit us bad, so I’ve got to go tape all my windows! (Kidding, I don’t know anyone that does that)

Stay safe everyone!

Where do you normally like to go on breaks?

Until next time,



Is it just me?

Or am I the only one who didn’t know where the cafeteria was? ……..Buller……….Buller…..okay I think it was just me.

Even though I missed class this week, next week I know where I’m gonna be! You guessed right, the cafeteria! I know I sound lame going on and on about it but my mind was completely blown when I found it last weekend! In my time spent at FIT it never occurred to me to question “Hmmm, where is the cafeteria?”

Before, my breaks consisted of wondering the hallways for 10 minutes looking for the crappy vending machine or eating ice cream from Baskin Robins (yes, a very healthy choice at 11:45 in the morning). I can’t really say my breaks are very exciting because I end up being too lazy to get up from my seat so I just finish my work and of course, tumble, which by the way, I have changed my url to mrgeorgeharrisonseyebrows because face it, George Harrison had the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen on a person besides Madonna.

Now that I know that I don’t have to walk all the way down the street just to get a Frappachino and a Protein snack pack from Starbucks and whatever else they have in that fancy (by my standards) cafeteria, I might just come back a little bit later from break ;)


Inspiration. Education. Diversity. – My FIT Routine.

Whats NOT to do in NYC? From restaurants, to shopping, to cafes, your options are limitless. Not only are their places for inspiration for your artwork, but you get to absorb so much culture in NYC just by walking the streets.

During my breaks at FIT, I usually get coffee at FIT’s cafe, right next to the art supply store (THEY HAVE EVERYTHING IN THERE, CHECK IT OUT!). Their caramel macchiato’s are to DIE for, and the variety of muffins are endless.

For lunch, I like to eat at FIT’s cafeteria, or I like to wander off and go to whole foods or even subway which is just a block away from the FIT campus. The prices at FIT’s cafeteria are unbelievably cheap, you get a ton of food for under 5 dollars. Also, you get to be around college students, and you really get the feeling like your in college with them. Although, being up and about in NYC and trying different cafes and restaurants really helps you absorb the NYC atmosphere; the cafeteria just gives you a different atmosphere to absorb. It really depends on what “feeling” you want to get throughout your travels.

Once class is over, I usually stop at the closest H&M store and buy something, or just to see whats new in their stores. I get a sense of whats in and out in the ready to wear industry by visiting H&M, and I get to see what the consumers are wearing. Its hard to just go to H&M without buying anything though. So my trips there have been cut down a bit, as I don’t want to be broke.

Inspiration. Education. Diversity. The three words that describe NYC, and my routine as a FIT Precollege student.


Chilling with my (non-existant) Homies, Part deux

And so it continues….
You’d think after another year and more time to grow I’d be a little better at becoming less socially awkward.

Still same old Talya! Seriously though, I went job hunting today at the mall (because these college application fees are getting pretty ridiculous and Versace for H&M is less than a month away) and I literally had to take a break in between stores because I was forced to talk to too many people I didn’t know in such short amount of time. I got all scared and started fembot-ing (yes, Austin Powers reference). Mostly just the initial going up to a random person and speaking to them is the most nerve wracking part for me, after that I’ll start talking your ear off like I’ve known you forever.
I can’t blame myself completely for not making any new friends this time around, generally class time is spent either listening to the instructions our Professor is giving us and then going about said steps hoping that we don’t screw up and have to re-do it when she comes around to check our work. So, besides before and after class with a break in between, there’s not really much time to socialize. I still wish I had someone to talk to though! *hint*hint* even though I usually am hiding my phone behind my bag scrolling through tumblr when I’m done with my work. Breaking the rules, I know, so hardcore \m/

Oh! And guess what? Did you know there’s a cafeteria here? Oh my lord – I found it by accident because this Sunday was FIT’s Open House and there was stuff going on everywhere and this lady told me to go there and I did and it’s like I found heaven inside of heaven! I know I’m reaally late on the whole cafeteria thing but I’m just so happy I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a snack because I just really love eating. Food > social life of any kind.

Speaking of Open House, I was able to meet up with my friend (yeah, I actually manage to have friends!) Anwar and tour the school and dorms and go to the Daphne Guinness exibit, I was so excited I actually had someone to enjoy FIT with! He’s majoring in Fashion Design like me so hopefully we both get accepted and go to school with each other because I don’t think I can handle sitting in the corner of my classes alone on tumblr for four years. Besides, since “gym” is a required class we have to take, I already told Anwar we’re taking ballet and fencing just because it’s there.

Maybe this post will encourage you guys to talk to me but my previous posts should have already encouraged you because they show how completely awesome and not concieted I am! (I’m really not though, this is just my odd sense of humor) Till then, I’m still forever alone but that’s okay, because I will always have food.

Peace, Love, & Food