Happy First Birthday, Precollege Blog!

Illustration by Marta Regulski

This week the Precollege Blog celebrates its first birthday! I am excited to share that we have accomplished a tremendous amount of success in just one year. We have reached over 60,000 viewers from all over the world and created a space where current and prospective students and parents can learn, comment, and be a part of the wonderful opportunities and people that make up our community here at FIT.

You are never too young to experience your dreams and we hope that through this blog you have experienced a taste of what FIT’s Precollege Programs are all about!

Here are just some of our accomplishments from the last year. We have…

I would like to personally thank everyone who made this first year so amazing.

To Meredith Perkins, the Media Coordinator for the Tech Development Team at FIT: Thank you for always being there to help us with our technical issues and for helping us make this blog dream of ours come to fruition.

To our previous work study student Taylor and our fabulous interns Martha and Yulissa: Thank you for your photographic and editing contributions. Your are the oil that keeps our machine running.

To Marta Regulski: Thank you for your amazing photographic contributions and daily Precollege office coordination.

To our Precollege instructors: Thank you for allowing us to showcase you and your amazing talents outside of the classroom to our readers. You are doing wonderful, amazing things and I know our readers appreciate experiencing it outside of the classroom.

To our Precollege student bloggers: Thank you for your voice which has not only provided perspective on what it is to be a student at FIT, but has inspired, advised, and informed your fellow students, prospective students and parents. Your dedication to FIT and to your college futures is inspiring!

To Brian Edwards: Thank you for your vision and management of this endeavor – your tireless efforts have made this blog what it is today and we are are grateful for your leadership and expertise.

And lastly, thank you to all the readers. We appreciate your comments and we hope you look forward to another fabulous year!

Michele Nagel
Director, Precollege Programs

Haute Hangouts

Hi All!

What a crazy week! Last week I arrived at Penn to find that all the trains were cancelled due to the storm. I called my Dad and he had to drive two hours to get my friend and me. It was crazy. We were really hungry so we decided to stop in Hoboken for some chinese food. I ended up getting home around 6pm. But in a strange way it was fun. On the plus side it’s so far been a 4 day weekend for me; I didn’t have school on Monday or Tuesday (yay!).

I can’t believe I’m going to be 16 in less than a week!!!  I felt bad because last Saturday was my friend Grace’s 16th and we were stuck at Penn for two hours. I’m going to Disney World  for my b-day which I’m really excited about, but unforch I’m going to have to miss a class.

Last class I finally finished my skirt. It came out ok; the darts in the back are great, but the ones in the front are too small because I somehow ran out of material. I don’t know if I made the other darts too big or if I just didn’t measure correctly.

I don’t do too much during break since we only have 2o minutes. It goes by really fast. (If only school went by quickly…) I like to check to see if the Style Shop is open. For those of you who don’t know, the Style Shop is a student-run boutique and they always have really cute stuff. It’s located in the A Building Lobby. Unfortunately, it’s not open most weekends. I think I got lucky last weekend because there was an event going on at FIT.

I love Starbucks but I usually go after class now because we aren’t allowed to have drinks in the classroom because of the sewing machines. If I need anything for class I’ll run across the street to the Fashion Design Bookstore or the Barnes and Noble at FIT (in between the B Building and the cafeteria). After class last week I found two great tops at Buffalo Exchange. I basically go there every week! That’s my all-time fave store. I was joking around saying I would go shopping in a blizzard, which is basically what I did last week. If you’ve never been to the Style Shop or Buffalo Exchange, I suggest you check those places out. How did you all “survive” the storm?

Until Next Time,