In Case You Missed It: Junior Day 2013

This Saturday, FIT had their first ever Junior Day! Junior Day was an entire day devoted to high school juniors looking to apply to FIT next year. They were given the chance to explore the campus with their friends and families, and were also able to check out some the amazing programs and activities available at FITРincluding the Presidential Honors Program, EOP, and The Style Shop to name a few.The students and their families were also even given the opportunity to attend financial aid sessions and portfolio reviews.

If you missed it, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered.
Virtual Campus Tour
Register for a Tour/ Admission Session
Register for a Summer Live course


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to this week’s classes. However, more than fortunately, I’ve been accepted to The Fashion Institute of Technology for Fashion Design! The day has come where I finally received my acceptance letter, and I’ve never been so relieved. I can’t wait to go down to FIT and hug the building, haha.

I’ve been so busy this week, I had a mini fashion show of my own at school, and a community service award ceremony. I’m glad I don’t have school this week because I need some down time. When I’m taking Precollege Classes, I’m always so excited to be in the city that I sometimes forget to relax. I try to go everywhere. Before school, I usually grab coffee at Dunkin Donuts. During my breaks I usually head wherever my friends are going, which may be Dunkin or Starbucks or just to the cafeteria.

The hour between classes, I go everywhere and anywhere. Sometimes I run to Mood to swatch, (and beat my best amount of swatches in one visit) or I go thrift shopping at some of the nearby stores, like Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange. On days where I’m tired though, I usually just go for pizza across the street or to the cafeteria and read magazines. There’s always so much to do in Manhattan.