Instructor Spotlight: Jada Schumacher

Jada Schumacher photograph

Jada is the Founding Director of Design Orange, a studio designing custom products for museums, individuals, and inspiring organizations. Jada has a Master of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a Master of Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin. She lectures on color and design nationally and internationally in countries such as El Salvador, Estonia, Italy, Hungary, Korea, and Taiwan. She is an Associate Professor in the Communication Design Department and an instructor at the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies at FIT. She teaches courses on color theory, color forecasting, graphic design, and three-dimensional design.

Professor Schumacher teaches:
HAD110 New York Art Scene
HAD149 Advertising and Graphic Design Portfolio.

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe in approaching projects and lives with a sense of discovery and joy. I believe that the classroom should be led with honesty and realness, and I create a teaching environment where each student is encouraged at his/her own pace and in his/her direction of interest. I encourage students explore ideas that make a difference in our increasingly complex world.

My advice for future creatives? Really look. Really listen. Be curious. Museum hopping is an exquisite luxury. It’s important to stay current (and to nourish your creative self). See contemporary art and outrageous performances. Go to concerts. Watch movies. Walk through boutiques and touch nice fabrics.

Travel in your own town. Travel somewhere far away. Travel somewhere that smells like curry or anise or dirt or honey.

On Precollege Programs:

The Precollege Programs offer students the luxury of shopping around for careers while building portfolios for entry into college. What an fantastic opportunity! Plus, exploring creative endeavors with seasoned professionals and instructors is an amazing amount of fun.

Industry Experience:

Design Orange has just finished a collaborative effort with The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, NYC, to launch a scarf inspired by sculptor Isamu Noguchi’s Akari lamps. The studio works with other museums across the country in creating custom products inspired by the museums’ collections.

designorange noguchi scarf 6

designorange scarf noguchi 1

designorange noguchi scarf 2





Farewell FIT

No exaggeration, my heart hurts knowing that my summer classes at FIT are over. These were easily the most interesting and independent 3 weeks I’ve ever experienced. In class today, we finished up our magazines and presented our final work to each other. I’m so proud of my magazine, but so many of my classmates did an amazing job too! This class definitely opened my eyes to how unique everybody’s ideas are.

The cherry on top of this experience was getting picked to blog about my class. I love reading blogs, but I never thought I’d actually get to write one! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my experiences as much as I loved talking about them! I truly encourage you to take a class (or two) at FIT; spending time in New York City will change your perspective for the better, and you’ll learn so much about what you’re capable of.

Enjoy your summer, and thanks for sharing these past 3 weeks with me!

Xo, Marisa

P.S.  I attached a bunch of pictures of my final magazine :)

IMG_3580 IMG_3581




IMG_3582 IMG_3583 IMG_3584 IMG_3585 IMG_3586 IMG_3587 IMG_3588

Farewell Post by Rachel K.

FIT’s Summer of 2015 Pre-College Cosmetics and Fragrance Lab was “da balm!” From going on an amazing Sephora field trip to making cosmetics such as lip balm, perfume, body oil, bar soap and moisturizer- everyday was full of excitement and fun! Not to mention, the numerous great friends I made in the short 3 weeks I was there. Each one of my fabulous FIT classmates were unique and talented in their own way and were a key addition to making my FIT Precollege experience amazing. On top of that, I learned so much important information on the beauty business. Growing up I had always aspired to just be a make-up artist but I knew there had to be something more than that. By taking this class I learned the incredible business opportunities within cosmetics and fragrance field and broadened my knowledge to figure out exactly what I want to do in the future. To any girl or guy looking to learn more about the beauty “biz” while making a ton of friends and studying in one of the greatest fashion cities in the world- you can’t go wrong by taking this summer class! I’m sure glad I did!!

My fierce and fabulous classmates having fun!

My fierce and fabulous classmates and I having fun!

My classmates and I with our professor, Mrs. B!

My classmates and I with our professor, Mrs. B!



My final project- perfume inspiration board!

My final project- perfume inspiration board!

Until next year, FIT…

– Rachel

In The Halls: Mariah


Student: Mariah (17) from Somerset, New Jersey

Program: Summer Live

Pre-College Courses: Drawing in Adobe Illustrator

Describe your personal style: Classic chic with a bit of an edge.

Where do you go on your breaks from class? Art store, book store, food.

What is your favorite thing about FIT? The Diversity

Who or what inspires you? New York street fashion. Street fashion in general.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college? Become an Illustrator for a magazine


In The Halls: Mianna


Student: Mianna (16) from Newport

Program: Summer Live

Pre-College Courses: Intro to the Fashion Industry

Describe your personal style: I would describe my personal as something that can’t be pinned. It’s forever changing!

Where do you go on your breaks from class? Starbucks <3

What is your favorite thing about FIT? All of the unique individuals.

Who or what inspires you? Life. Beauty is in everything around us.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college? I would love to explore the world!