Living The Pre(college) Life

We’re growing up; some of us may not like it because we don’t know what to expect. For those of us thinking about college, reaching those teen years brings the question, “How am I going to handle college?”  Don’t just panic about the common app, try to prepare for the future with a hands-on approach.  A little over a year ago I wondered how I would manage in college; I’d probably forget to eat if it weren’t for my parents. Discovering FIT’s Precollege Program saved my sanity.  It provided exposure to my fields of interest and insight to the college experience.
train_stationMy first big step was getting to FIT.  I live in Jersey so I had to commute every Saturday.  This was a new responsibility to tackle, one that bettered me in the end. Commuting and navigating NYC was daunting but minor compared to another college fear, the social aspect; worrying that it’s not possible to make a meaningful friend group, again!  Thankfully, Precollege showed me otherwise. I took my first course over a year ago and three kids in my photography class are still my good friends. Yes, college is a new environment but it’s new to a whole group of people; studio 2people just as nervous with the same hopes and fears. The Precollege Program extended my understanding of the college culture.  I realized I’d no longer make friends in a town of random people with random interests. College is not limited to associations based on where you live.  Choosing a college provides the freedom of being with students, from around the country, with shared passions and understanding for each other.

Another pressing question is “what is the workload like in college?” Stories range from struggling just to get C’s to a 4 year party with a degree at the end. A valuable lesson learned from my Precollege courses is whatever the workload, it’s worth it because you’re doing what you love.  Some assignments are very demanding, but I realize I’m being graded on my passions so nothing will stop me.

The college experience is much more than new responsibilities, making new friends or tackling workloads. It’s about discovering who you are; through this the rest will happen.  FIT’s precollege experience is certainly making this transition a lot easier.


A Precollege Student’s Guide To Friendships at FIT

“They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” – Carrie Bradshaw

group photo

My best friends from FIT

A little less than a year ago, on my first train ride home from the FIT Precollege Program, I found myself standing in the middle of Penn Station completely confused, alone, and not understanding why everyone was running each other over to get to their train gate with fifteen extra minutes to spare (which I later realized was normal behavior at Penn Station). I walked to my gate and saw a girl with fiery red hair and it turned out that she was going to be on the same train as me! I sat down next to her and saw that she was wearing a “FIT Precollege Spring 2015” badge. We immediately started to talk. She said she had taken FIT classes before and then let me ask probably ten million questions about FIT. Her name was Maddison and to this day we are still best friends. She soon introduced me to her great friends in our class, Becca and Cynthia, who quickly became my best friends as well.

Our friendships grew both in and outside of class.  Soon we were meeting before class for lunch or after class for dinner. (Note: we all agree that GiGi’s Café, which is across from FIT, has the best cheese quesadillas in the city.) My FIT friends and I continue to travel to the city whenever we get the chance to see each other for the day. We shop in the Flatiron district (where we had a class field trip) and walk around Union Square. We recently ventured to the Upper East Side where I lost my wallet and my friends and I looked for hours until we realized it was in the other pocket of my purse!!!!

Main Tips on Making Friends at FIT

  • Don’t be afraid to talk to someone new.
  • Always ask questions about them.
  • Find similar interests and things you have in common.
  • Share funny stories about your experiences that they can relate to.
  • Don’t wait for them to talk to you, go and talk to them!
  • SMILE always be approachable!!!!

The lesson here is not only to keep track of your wallet while on the Upper East Side, but also to reach out to people in your classes. Make the effort to talk to someone new, and you could end up with a lifelong friendship (and someone to join you in nearly getting run over by suitcases at Penn Station.) I have learned so many new things from my friends: how to hail a cab, take the subway, and which sidewalk stands I should NOT get a hotdog from. My FIT friends are ones I can go to for everything; they understand me and I hope that Precollege students in this session will find the same lifelong connections.

photo 2

Maddison and me

photo 3 photo 4


9 Places To Visit After Class!

Hello readers! I hope everyone had a great weekend because I know I did. Class this week at FIT was very interesting. We learned all about color theory and how different colors can evoke different emotions from consumers. We also went on a tour of Fashion Underground: The World of Susanne Bartsch at The Museum At FIT. Learning about Susanne’s life as a party planner was inspiring because all of her hard work throughout time has paid off. In case you don’t know anything about this fashionable woman, you should definitely go check out her exhibit when you get a chance. You have until December 5th or you can virtually tour it here. All of the clothes featured have a back story and are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Each design is unique and historical in its own way.
In addition to having a fun class, I also had an exciting rest of the day as well. I took the subway down to SoHo to do some window shopping and to visit an art exhibit. For retailers, it’s already the holiday season and festivity is in the air. I also ended up wandering into Greenwich Village as well and I’m so glad I did! New York City truly has so much to offer culturally, each neighbourhood is amazing in its own way. With that being said, for this week’s post, I have compiled a list of my favorite places I like to visit in New York so far…



  • Topshop Soho
    478 Broadway, New York, NY 10013
    (212) 966-9555
  • Muji Soho
    455 Broadway, New York, NY 10013
    (212) 334-2002



  • Quantum Leap
    226 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012
    (212) 677-8050
  • By Chloe
    185 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012
    (212) 290-8000

So I covered the most important three things… Food, Art, and Shopping! The areas all of these places are in are absolutely beautiful and not hard to find. When learning how to get around the city, I highly suggest using this app City Mapper. It keeps me up to date on the status of the subway system and is very user-friendly!

Have a great week everyone! Everyday is what you make of it.

Thanks for Reading,

Kenzie Davis

Simply Styling!

Hi everyone !

This week I wanted to touch base on one of my favorite interests, styling. Styling is amazing because you can express yourself in so many ways without ever saying a peep!

Personally, I love almost all types of style, throughout the week you’ll see how flexible my wardrobe is and maybe even pick up some style ideas along the way!

Monday's Outfit

Monday’s Look (also my birthday, yay!)

Monday’s outfit consists of darker colors with a final splash of yellow. I have to say I LOVE sneakers. A growing trend I’ve come to notice is designer sneakers such as funky printed ones or even heeled sneakers. Comfort and fashion all in one!

DIY:  Find a cute pair of sneakers, or old ones you’d like to reinvent and buy your own quirky laces! It’s cheaper and can create a cute personalized shoe. (That’s what I did with the ones I’m wearing!)

I don’t have a very indepth thought process when mixing and matching garments, connection and simplicity is always key! My thought process normally starts with 1 piece of clothing, for instance a dress, then based off the look I’m going for I decide if booties or sneakers would best fit the look.

Tuesday's Outfit

Tuesday’s Outfit

That brings me to Tuesday’s outfit. If your dress is one color and more on the simple side, a nice detailed boot adds some personality and flare! If your dress is patterned and you’d like to level out the pattern, a pair of converse will give your outfit a more laid back fun look.

Patterns CAN complement each other!! Adding other elements such as jewelry and sweaters balance the patterns without you even realizing!

Not everything has to match. In reality, if it’s pleasing to the eye it doesn’t make a difference if everything matches. Creating a flow and evoking a certain aesthetic is the goal of well…being you!

Autumn is known as the season of sweaters, preferably large cozy ones which provide a comfortable yet fashionable approach to your everyday outfit. A dominant trend during the Fall season is long length/long sleeved sweaters. I love long sweaters because not only do they keep you warm but they create “sweater paws!” Mittens and sweater all in one!

Wednesday's Outfit

Wednesday’s Outfit

Nearing towards the end of the week, the weather did a 360 and it got much cooler out (shocker). Now, I’m not a huge fan of flannels, though of the few I have I love to play them up with a cute graphic tee or a nice detailed tank underneath.

Thursday's Outfit

Thursday’s Outfit

Bracelet close up

Bracelet close up










Friday! I love how the colors of this top tie in with the effect of the loose sleeves and bottom. As I’ve said earlier, shoes always add an extra bit of oomph to an outfit. Declaring it casual, cute, girly, fun, or anything in between!

Some days I’ll go for a more “frilly” look by mixing in paler colors with deeper ones or even keeping the outfit a few simple tones for a “light” affect can do just the trick as well!

Friday's Outfit

Friday’s Outfit

My final outfit, featuring this funky patterned shift dress makes me so happy! The way the patterns and colors blend together is fun yet formal. To complement the shades of blue in this piece I paired blue tights along with a cracked stone turquoise necklace to pick up the detailed lines of the flower’s insides.

Of course in this weather a jacket is always a must. Leather/bomber jackets are always trending so throwing this leather jacket on top is the perfect bit of edge to the floral and bubbly patterns.

Saturday's Outfit

Saturday’s Outfit

Essentially, I dress in what makes me feel good. Styling it all together is just an additional plus of the process! A good outfit will never let you down….Unless you spill some coffee on it, oh how unfortunate.

As always, hope you enjoyed reading and have a swell day!

Emily Kelly


The Perks of Commuting

Hello Readers!

One of the funniest things I encounter when talking to my classmates from my Precollege courses is witnessing how wide their eyes grow the second I say I commute from Connecticut.

It’s amusing to me how taken back some people are. Granted, it’s a long commute but I feel it’s worth it! I want to take the classes so the commute is nothing to me! For the most part I actually don’t mind!

As you could imagine, my day starts relatively early. Luckily I get to see the beautiful Autumn leaves on my car ride to the MetroNorth Brewster Station. I hope the vibrant leaves stay longer but it keeps getting chillier and chillier!unnamed-3

Once I get comfy on the train my ride varies from an hour 15 minutes to an hour 30 minutes. Fingers crossed there’s no delays or complications in between.

After arriving in Grand Central, I make my decision if I’d like to walk or take the shuttle and subway. Walking to FIT on a nice morning is one of my FAVORITE things. So obviously, unless it’s down pouring you bet I’m walking!


The second I step outside Grand Central my eyes always immediately glue to the crystal blue sky and reality wise, my nose twitches at the slight smell of a concoction of who knows what!

TIP: Don’t stand near a puddle

Walking often and coming from a big family, looking out for one another is never a second thought. To help out some of you who may be nervous about walking alone, I’ve accumulated some basic pointers to keep in mind!

  • DON’T dangle your phone, money, or anything of value in your hands that could easily get snagged
  • Pay attention to your surroundings; zoning out while walking along a bustling street can be dangerous and get you lost, we don’t want that!
  • When checking out street talent, keep your bag in front of you
  • Enjoy and take in the little things! From top to bottom the city is incredibly diverse, leaving you new things to see everyday!

On the way back from class to Grand Central, I love seeing the way the sunset fills each nook and cranny of the city.

Now let’s face it, who likes to sit on the train for over an hour, 9 out of 10 times crammed next to someone for usually the whole ride? Just about no one. Though, the pesky things about the commute will never cancel out the experiences I get at FIT. Besides, I get to be in the city I love and immerse myself in a class I enjoy, what could be better?!




What are some little things you enjoy about your daily commute? The bagel before class or the snacks & sunset on the way home? Leave them in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


By the way, I also have a love for photography…photos by Em!