Has FIT Changed Me?

Has FIT changed me? I’ve been mulling over this question in my head for a few days now. Not because it’s a particularly difficult question to answer, I know the answer. The answer is yes, attending Precollege classes at FIT has changed me, and my life, what I’ve really been considering though is the ways in which it has.

I’ve never felt that I had to change for FIT. It is a college and I am only 15 but never have I felt uncomfortable or out of place really and in the position in which I felt I had to change or be something I’m not.

Like I’ve just said I never felt I had to change myself unwillingly but quite naturally a lot has changed about myself and life since I attended my first Precollege class at FIT back in September 2013. Change most definitely can either be good or bad, but the changes brought upon my life and myself from going to FIT have all been positive.

For starters I’ve learned so much from the classes, things that I would’ve never have had the opportunity to learn elsewhere. I’ve gained a well-working knowledge of fashion and it’s industry. I loved fashion before but having learned the things I’ve learned and with what I continue to learn I feel more aware of fashion and what’s going on now and as well as fashion’s past in a more in-depth way.

Attending FIT has also made me more of a sociable person. At my high school I am really shy (not with my friends though) and don’t speak up in class much. But coming to FIT I am surrounded with people with similar interests as me. I feel comfortable and confident now in talking to new people and participating in class. And this is starting to reflect in other aspects of my life now as well not just at FIT.

It has also changed the way people think about me. People at school and my family who know I attend the classes are often impressed and really very happy for me. Especially my family, they seem to be quite proud of me.

But possibly most importantly because of attending FIT, I feel it has really changed my whole future. Not even a year ago I thought a career in fashion was impossible and unrealistic, deciding I’d just become a nurse when I’m older. Of course I really didn’t want this to be my future, but it seemed realistic. But going to FIT I became inspired and realized that a career in fashion is entirely possible and that if I worked hard I could do it. It’s really changed my whole outlook on life.

I really hope I didn’t sound too dramatic in writing some of this, it is really all true though, coming to FIT has changed me and enriched my life in ways I never would’ve imagined.

Has attending FIT changed you? For the good? For the bad? Feel welcome to leave your experiences below.



Tonight I’m a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

The music world has always been something very mysterious to me. It is allusive in its nature daunting and terrifying and oh so intriguing. Musicians themselves have an intoxicating presence. They collect such followings because of the quality of their profession. They rip open their chests, pluck out their hearts, and hold them out in their hands for us all to watch, as they beat and bleed. They make themselves vulnerable in the most personal way, the good ones do at least. This can be a musician’s success, but it can also be their downfall. Vulnerability coupled with celebrity and then criticism has killed so many young stars. We watch them climb to the top and fall down, as we point and laugh at them.

I myself have fallen in love with countless rockstars. With their brooding, sad eyes, broken hearts, and strong hands, what woman wouldn’t love one? They make great company, often smart, and speaking in lyrical whispers, constantly tapping away at the wall between you and them with their drum sticks and guitar strings and soft voices. They will break your heart, only if you let them. But it’s so much more fun to let them.

A look comes with being a musician, a certain cool and stage presence, a knowledge of how to carry yourself. They walk down the street and you know who they are. Marc Jacobs described it best when he said, “I like looking at the people who listen to the music I like. I like looking at the people who make the music I like… As a teenager growing up in NYC… I was seduced by punk. Not at first by the sound, but by the visual noise that came from it, from the scene, from the different styles of the bands and the styles of their fans.” Because with rockstar’s confidence, or at least their facade of confidence, they can get away with wearing almost anything. This is something that people who don’t look like Mick Jagger or Joan Jett cannot always do. So for an art project I designed a line of clothes that brought rock star style down from the nether sphere and into a more reachable grasp. I inserted them into images of 1970′s New York, because I wanted to reflect the dirtiness and grittiness of the clothing. I believe that not only should everyone get the chance to look like a rockstar, but everyone at some point in their lives has wanted to be a rockstar. And you’re lying if you say you haven’t.

May Art Project

My design

Art Project

My Design (the shirt says “Barely Legal”)

Art Project

My Design

Art Project

My Design (the guys around it are vigilantes who were known as the Guardian Angels)

Designers like Marc Jacobs have ventured down this path before. In his 1992 collection for Perry Ellis, Jacobs epitomized the LA rock ‘n’ roll queen by way of Courtney Love. This was also the collection that subsequently got him fired from the brand. More recently companies like Saint Laurent Paris, the re-branded name of Yves Saint Laurent, with their new head designer Hedi Slimane sent models down the runway in over-sized flannel shirts, babydoll dresses, and fishnet stockings for their Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Up and coming designer Christian Benner beat me to the chase a little bit when he said he wants people who buy his clothes to know that they can “own it, their own, it might sound corny but, rockstar, in a sense.” It doesn’t sound corny at all.

I love music so much, but I don’t play an instrument, and I can’t sing, and I don’t like performing, so this is my way in. To make and design rockstar clothes for the average person. To cultivate a brand and a name that is known for its ability to create a feeling, a vibe, not just clothes.

- Sophia


Spring Fashion Trends!


Hi everyone! Although it may not feel like spring, the warm weather is definitely around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I am really excited to started rocking some shorts and tank tops. In my Precollege class, we have been talking about some of the upcoming trends for the Spring 2014 season. I thought I would share with you what some of my favorites are!

  • http://www.notorious-mag.com/2014/02/24/white-trend-spring-2014/Crop Tops: If I could fill my entire closet with crop tops I would. I feel like they are so fun and affordable and you can style them in so many different ways. One of my favorite ways to style a crop top would be with a pair of high-waisted shorts or a skater skirt.
  • Floral Prints: Floral printed things literally make me so happy. Just looking at them is like a breath of fresh air. It gives a “springy feel” to any outfit. I really love floral printed dresses and skirts.
  • Lace: Adding lace to any outfit just adds elegance. I’ve been noticing a lot of white lace as well as lace accents on many tops. I actually just wrote an essay about lace in my Precollege class and it is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
  • White on White: I feel like white on white has been seen almost everywhere lately. It’s all over the pages of magazines as well as on the runways. One of the best things about this trend is that it is fairly easy to mix and match white pieces at an affordable price tag. Because according to Jessie J, “It’s not about the money money money.”

What are your favorite trends for Spring? Feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Until next time,



FIT Precollege Influences

Even though I am only five weeks into my first Precollege course at FIT, I have definitely seen changes in myself. FIT is my outlet to channel my creativity and to put all of the ideas I have into action. I have a different mindset during FIT class than I do during, lets say, math (Don’t get me wrong, I also have a passion for logarithms and trig functions). But, while I’m designing at the computer, I need to switch the focus into what looks the best aesthetically. The possibilities are endless, because there is no “wrong” answer.

The program that we are using is called Adobe InDesign. Knowing the tips andScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.56.28 AM tricks of using this program is an extremely useful tool. By downloading it on my own laptop, I am able to use what I have learned from FIT in my everyday life. Using InDesign to spruce up regular high school presentations allows me to practice the program and to learn new things by trial and error.

My FIT Precollege course has also changed the way I view things. Whether we realize it or not, design is everywhere. Everyday products such as soda cans and makeup products involve packaging designers. Packaging Design Advertisements in magazines are put together by designers. Window presentations in stores are done by visual designers, as well. Design is so important, and it’s all around us. This is why I’m so happy to be a part of the FIT Precollege community.


See Ya Around,



A Trip to the Flatiron District!

photo 1

Hi Everyone!  This Saturday, my Precollege Fashion Merchandising class took a trip to the Flatiron District.  The Flatiron District is a neighborhood in New York City, named after the Flatiron Building at 23rd Street, Broadway and Fifth Avenue.  The Flatiron District was really nice. There was such an array of stores and restaurants.  It seems like there is something for everyone.

photo 3For this project, we had to work in groups. My group consisted of myself and two other girls from my class. The assignment was called, Trend Spotting in the Flatiron District. What we had to do was choose a store and analyze price ranges, colors, fabrics and give an overview of the store as a whole. The store my group chose was Urban Outfitters located on 14th Street. A really cool thing happened on our way there. We passed by a store and outside modeling a wedding dress was Kate Gosselin! I thought that was really awesome. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of her.

When we entered the store, I was overwhelmed by the amount of clothes.  As a shopaholic, I love clothes. But I snapped back to reality and got down to business. Right away, I could tell that people in the store were hardcore judging us for taking notes, but hey I had an assignment to do. Something I noticed about the store right away was how expensive things were. I looked at the price tags on some items, and a pair of jeans cost anywhere between $85 and $100 and some of the shirts cost anywhere between $50 and $70. Even though it’s really expensive on my budget, you can tell that the clothes are good quality. Another thing I noticed was a lot of the styles were floral printed and I saw a lot of fringe. I think these styles will definitely be a big trend for this upcoming season. Overall, I really enjoyed going to the store with the girls in my group.  Looking through all the racks and taking down all my notes was so much fun. I mean can you believe going to a store and looking through all the racks is a homework assignment?  This trip made me realize even more how much I love fashion and want to keep learning about it at FIT.

I took a ton of pictures while we were on our trip and the two in this blog are my favorite displays from inside Urban Outfitters. Have you ever been to the Flatiron District? What are some of your favorite places to go there? Leave it in the comments below!

Until next time,