Instructor Spotlight: Brian Emery

Brian Emery is an artist and educator living in Brooklyn, NY. He has been teaching in the photography department at FIT since 2004, and teaches a wide array of digital skillsets and techniques. His art practice is centered around creatively misusing cameras to manipulate representations of time and space.


Brian Emery Teaches:
HSX 114 Drone Photography


Teaching Philosophy:
The process of learning is one spent largely wandering around in darkness in hopes of finding brief moments of light. Those aha moments are rare, but gratifying. The key, however, is to learn to love the wandering.

Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:
Brian had a solo exhibition of prints and video work at the Romano Gallery in the Rose-Hipkins Center for the arts in Blairstown NJ in 2017, and participated in group shows at the Center for Photographic Arts in Denver Colorado, and the University Art Gallery at Central Michigan University.

In 2016 Brian was awarded a fellowship in 3D Visualization by the John D Rockefeller Jr. Library in Williamsburg, VA. And, in 2017 he received a National Parks Artist Residency at Gettysburg National Military Park.

Featured work by Brian Emery:

Expectations vs. Reality: Precollege

When enrolling in Precollege, I had a lot of misconceptions about the program and a lot of expectations that actually turned out to be very close to reality. Putting oneself in a situation that for many people is foreign, can be nerve-wracking. The following are some expectations I had of Precollege at FIT, and what the reality turned out to be.









Expectation: The environment would be intense, competitive, and stressful.

Reality: The environment at FIT is supportive and helpful. There is no denying that the courses are very educational, but it is not nearly as similar to a normal high school or middle school setting as it may appear. It is not to say that the environment of the class is not sufficient, but rather that the environment is perfectly appropriate. The community of students and professors involved in Precollege is lovely, and I am yet to meet anyone who expresses any aggression at all.

Expectation: The emphasis on paperwork would be heavy in order to calculate grades, and there would be tests.

Reality: I can’t speak for the other classes, but at least in my classes and in those of other students who I’ve spoken to, the amount of paperwork is minimal. The grading system is almost always based on rubrics and project work, including a final project. Again, I can’t speak for every class, but in the course I am taking, there are no tests and our final is an artistic portfolio assignment that is very open in concept and in grading.

Expectation: We would never leave the FIT campus.

Reality: My class has left the FIT campus several times to go on field trip style walks around the city in the area. It has always been safe, staying in a group and never being more than about a mile radius outside of the campus, but going outdoors has definitely had a positive impact on my experience. I was gifted with a lot of inspiration and the quality of my work and photos has improved.

Expectation: The class populations would be large, and the teaching would mostly be lecture-based.

Reality: The classes are not overpopulated at all. My class has around 15 students, and the course is super individualized. It’s a teaching style that I really benefit from, and I think most students would agree because it’s easy to stay focused. The class keeps the students extremely involved in the work with hands-on and visual methods. This is super helpful to me and to artistic right-side brain learners, who have trouble listening to something like a lecture and taking in the information.

Overall, Precollege has exceeded my expectations by far, and I am so grateful for it.

Chloe Abidi

Instructor Spotlight: Gary Wolf

Gary Wolf is currently a professor in the Fashion Business Management Department and previously Acting Assistant Chairperson at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and an MBA degree from Georgia State University. He has taught many courses relating to the industry:  Fashion Marketing, Fashion Business Practices, Consumer Motivation in Fashion, Merchandise Planning and Control, Fashion Merchandising, Small Store Fashion Management, Fashion Inventory Management, Merchandise for E-commerce, Business of Licensing, Supply Chain Management, and Principles of Accounting.  Gary has also been an Adjunct Professor not only at FIT, but at NYU, St John’s University, Hofstra University, Baruch University, and Parsons School of Design.  During the summers of 2016 and 2017 instructed a merchandise math and inventory valuation class at ZSTU in China. Gary Wolf is a principal at Global Management Partners a consulting and advisory service firm for early stage and middle market enterprise organizations in the manufacturing, service, and retail companies.  Global Management Partners (GMP) concentrates on driving marketing, financial, and strategic planning activities for these respective vertical industries.

Prof. Wolf teaches:
HFM 064  The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising
HFM 060  Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future
HSX 120 The Fabulous World of Fashion Forecasting

Teaching Philosophy:
Learning about the fashion business should include problem-solving techniques resembling real-life situations in the modern world of predicting the future success of various strategies. I stress cognitive learning with an integration of modern fashion decision making with current examples of success.

Industry Experience:

  • National Field Marketing Director of Internap Network Services Corporation, a NASDAQ listed Ecommerce innovator and provider
  • Vice President, Planning and Marketing at Frederick Atkins, Inc., an international service, apparel product development, and research corporation.
  • Vice President and Corporate Controller at Frederick Atkins.
  • Board of Directors, Audit Committee, of Ultimate Shopping Network an OTC listed home shopping network and multi-store retailer
  • Fathers Day Mothers Day Council and previously with Young Men’s Association (YMA) both non-profit apparel supported associations.

Instructor Spotlight: Roza Mirakova

Prof. Roza Mirakova graduated with a B.S. in Production Management in 1996 from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

She is highly experienced in draping, sewing, and patternmaking. After working as a tutor for a while, she was inspired to teach and share her knowledge with others. She started to teach in 2015 at FIT and NYSD. Prof. Mirakova worked in various companies as a patternmaker/technical designer in childrenswear and womenswear for over 15 years.


Prof. Mirakova teaches:
HPM 070  Basic Patternmaking and Sewing I
HPM 071  Patternmaking and Sewing II 

Teaching Philosophy:
I focus on teaching with patience and clarity, and on passing my knowledge/experience to my students. It is very important for me to make the class interesting so that students enjoy their experience. I treat my class as one big team so everyone has fun in the process. I want my students to stay connected to me and each other as we all have one goal at the end of the day, to see our final product. At the end of the semester, I have students present their projects as a small fashion show presentation.

Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:
Liz Claiborne- Tech Designer
Everlast/Everex- Tech Designer
Diana Hartman- Production Patternmaker
Paris Suits by George Simonton- Production Patternmaker

Featured Work by Prof. Mirakova: