Before and After Fashion Forecasting


Hi lovely readers,

These past few weeks have been so much fun and such a learning experience that I will never forget. It taught me about fashion and even life skills. From the course to the commute. Overall I feel as though I have grown so much in the past few weeks. I would have to say my professor was the biggest impact on my growth. Professor Suzanne Piazza is understanding and has so much experience that it makes me excited just to hear her stories of being in the industry. My commute was also a huge impact on me, even though my commute isn’t too bad, it taught me time management and independence. Taking the course made me realize you always need back up plans and to be creative with any situation. Before this course I really didn’t have a tight grasp on the whole industry, also I would never have seen myself showing my family and friends directions in the city!

Fashion Forecasting is all about developing upcoming trends. I really did not know what to expect coming into this course due to mainly it was my first time ever going to FIT and taking a Precollege course. My outlook on the topic did not change negatively I am just more intrigued and really know what I want to do with my life. I really encourage everyone to take one of these classes. My goal for the rest of the class is to get a good grade on my final project.

I still have so much to learn about the industry luckily the course is not finished yet! See you next time! xoxo

-Samantha Sosa



Helping Hands

Times SquareHi everyone and Happy December!

This week I wanted to keep it short and simple and brush on the topic of family.

Above all, I feel having a supportive family is key to finding your passions. Somehow I got extremely lucky to have parents who support my interests as well as my career ambitions. It’s not often you find parents who whole heartedly will do everything they can to help you achieve your goals. My parents go above and beyond for not just me but my 5 other siblings. They’ve always taken the time to watch my progress within school and my interests. Even from when I attended my summer classes my mom visibly noticed a difference in my work from when the class started to right when it ended. Having an extra pair of eyes look at my work as well as watch my progress is nice and reassuring that there’s always room for improvement. I mean, if we were all perfect then we wouldn’t be going to school now would we?

My siblings are really supportive as well. I appreciate how they always ask about my classes as well as what I’m doing in them. My 2 younger sisters love crafts and fashion so it’s always nice to be able to share things with them that I didn’t know before going through the Precollege courses.

I’m honestly over the moon grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to attend these classes and gain the experience I have. I know to some it’s not a big deal but not only is it fun for me, I also enjoy learning more about the industry and all the different paths you can take based on your desires.

At the end of the day, whether your parents support you or not, follow your heart and do what you’d like to do. Having the extra support is great but I can only imagine how it would feel to have no one. Though think about it this way, I can assure you that out of the 7 billion people in this world, someone will be interested in whatever it is you have to offer. I’ve been privileged enough to have the supportive parents I do but it goes to show, many successful people out there followed their passions and went out to do what they desired.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

-Emily Kelly

My Final Project

Coming up soon in my class “Creating the Fashion Figure,” we are designing a final project. My professor is having us choose a customer, design a collection around him or her, and create a mood board with fabrics. The clothes we design have to be things that our customer would buy and be seen wearing! My customer is Gigi Hadid, model of the moment. She has a similar style to me and she is one of my favorite models right now. Her style is simple and classy, but can also be considered “grunge” at times, as she wears a lot of leather and fringe as well as the color black. Our class members each have to design an evening look, a casual daytime look, and a fancier daytime look. I will incorporate leather, suede and many of the other materials Gigi always wears. The collection will be more grunge-based, but feature simple clothes that she would buy. For my mood/inspiration board, I have started to collect pictures that give off an edgy vibe and I will choose fabrics with a similar feel, which I have not yet collected. Here are some pictures that inspire my upcoming collection!

image (19) image (17) image (9) image (15) image (7)


FIT Semester Overview

emily 2

This semester I am taking a class called “HAR 016: Creating the Fashion Figure.” This is a vital class to take if you plan on applying to the fashion design side of FIT. To apply to this part of the school, you will need to create a portfolio with your work and collection ideas. Also, if you dream of becoming a fashion designer, merchandiser, or stylist, this course can help you reach that goal. This course teaches students to understand, analyze, and draw the front view of the female fashion figure. Also, it teaches how to develop design ideas in a fashion sketch and to explore the silhouettes used in fashion design.

The Fashion Institute of Technology has a very specific style of fashion figure they like to use, along with detailed drawings of clothes submitted in portfolios. The body is usually very elongated and the clothes are very specific in fine detail. Fabric samples and color choices are also very important when you submit a portfolio piece. In my class, taught by Professor Renaldo Barnette, we learn how to precisely draw a fashion figure, one that fits FIT criteria. This class is very enjoyable and I have learned a lot from it. Not only have I learned how to draw a fashion figure, but I have also learned how to properly draw clothes on the fashion figure. Our professor teaches us how to draw necklines, tops, skirts and how to design our own collection. He also teaches us how to find inspiration and translate that into a collection. For example, we frequently look at fashion magazines and previous collections that designers have created. This week we learned from our substitute teacher, Professor Notto, how to determine what kind of customers would buy our clothes, and then how to design them to fit the customer base we want to target.

I would highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to apply to the design side of FIT. It has been very helpful to me and will hopefully help my chances of getting admitted. Above all, it is a very interesting class and I’m so glad I enrolled in it!

emily 3 emily 1


My Goals

Hey lovely readers,

Ever since I’ve started the precollege program at FIT, it really makes you look at your future in all aspects. It could be extremely stressful but also extremely enjoyable and satisfying. When you finally know what you want and how to get there. For myself, I have quite the grasp on what I want to do but also I am prepared for anything to come…I hope. My first choice college would have to be FIT, but if unfortunately I did not get accepted. I would like to go to SUNY Oneonta, and major in Fashion Merchandising and minor in Business Communications. Thinking about where I am going to be in 5 or 10 years makes me feel all kinds of nervous. But, I would like to have an internship or a job at a luxury brand like Marc Jacobs, Burberry, or Givenchy. I am so interested in how they start the new trends and how other brands follow. I would even love to work at a fashion magazine, working with the featured clothes and styles.

Even though my goals are broad and time consuming, anyone who is determined can get anywhere they want in life. I know, so cliche. But starting a little bit smaller: My FIT precollege goals. I am starting my 5th week and obviously, I am loving it. I find the city very motivating and every person so interesting. I have my next project due this upcoming week for Fashion Forecasting and I am very nervous! We had to take an era in time and research about its fashion trends. We have to do an oral presentation, a mood board or a PowerPoint, and an essay. I really hope I do well, I worked harder on this than my actual homework. My goals in the class is to obviously do well and absorb every possible thing out of the lessons. Also, to really enjoy the city and my new friends.

I feel as though I grow every week. It is such an experience…from the commute to the class. I really need these next weeks to slow down!