Might Be The End, But Just The Beginning

During my classes I was able to create 6 pieces. In my sewing class, I completed a jean apron, shorts, and a peasant top. In my draping class, I was able to make a bodice, dirndl skirt, and a straight skirt. imageI am glad to be able to add these pieces to my portfolio.

My time spent at FIT I was able to accomplish more than I thought I would. My technique as a seamstress improved, as I now have more control over the machine and I am able to maneuver around curves. I am eager to create more items. I leave this semester with a new friend Anais, new skills that I can use on future projects, and more experience. So this is not goodbye, I will be back to FIT next semester. This is just the next step to the beginning of my Fashion Career.


Instructor Spotlight: Renate Lindlar

RenateRenate Lindlar has been a fashion stylist for over 20 years and works in New York, Hamburg and Berlin, styling fashion editorials and advertising.
She has taught fashion styling at FIT in the past 5 years. She is also the proud owner of rrrentals – a fashion wardrobe rental house located in the heart of the garment center that caters to stylists, styling fashion shoots, commercials, videos, movies, tv and more.
Renate holds a degree in fashion design from Lette Verein, Berlin.
Website: http://www.renatelindlar.com/


Professor Lindlar teaches the Workshop: HSX 121 55A PASSION FOR FASHION STYLING

Styled by Renate Lindlar

Teaching Philosophy:
I like to pass on what I have learned over the past 20+ years. I believe in a hands on approach and that requires practice practice practice. Fashion styling is acquired through trial and error and I would like to eliminate the error part. It is important to just do it and have fun doing it.

On Precollege Programs:
Pre-college is a wonderful way to determine what it is you are passionate about. Again another way to minimize the “error” in “trial and error” and have a really good and interesting time on your way to College.
Nov_Dec 2014

Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:
Renate has worked for major fashion publications as well as worldwide advertising campaigns and commercials. She also worked with celebrities such as Cindy Lauper, Dimitri Hvorostovsky and more. She recently enlarged her styling portfolio by styling “lay-downs” and “pin-ups” for Vogue, W-magazine, Glamour, Lucky and more.

Styled by Renate Lindlar:

RLbanner_08 RLbanner_05 RLbanner_04 RLbanner_02 oct  nov 14

Instructor Spotlight: Cristina Razzano

cristinarazzanoCristina Razzano is a 28 year old FIT Graduate, with her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. She is a South Shore Long Island New York native, working in many mediums. Her recent work primarily focuses on using found objects with embroidery/crochet/stained glass and painting in 2D and 3D; pencil drawings and jewelry made from sea life.

Professor Razzano teaches Middle School Workshops:
JSX 037 Middle School Sculpture
JSX 038 Multiple Media Workshop

Teaching Philosophy:
My teaching philosophy is based strongly on my years as a student; taking my experience under different types of teachers and professors, and translating that into my own classroom.  As a teacher, I believe in providing students with a safe environment to explore their own methods of creating art and developing their own ideas, while connecting with fellow students. My goal is to provide an environment where they will learn relevant art history, different methods for making art, and to give them time and direction in order to focus on their personal artistic development.  I strongly believe that nourishing the creative mind is crucial at every age, and my students will be immersed into art via classroom time as well as a field trip on the third class session to the art galleries a few blocks away in Chelsea.  It’s very important to me that my students walk out of my classroom feeling confident, inspired and motivated.IMG_0545

On Precollege Programs:
The Precollege programs offered at FIT are a unique opportunity to experience college life and independence at a young age. As a graduate from FIT, as well as a former Precollege student from FIT, I can truly say that this program is an excellent step towards the future for these students.  With courses geared towards different programs at FIT, all available to experience before even entering high school, students can begin to develop and expand their creative minds; and in what better environment than New York City, under the direction of professional New York based artists and creative minds.

 IMG_0546Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:
Miniature Sculptor/Illustrator for Dwarven Forge; Art Instructor for SASF Jamaica NY, Art Instructor at Applied Arts, Amagansett NY

Recent exhibits include “Home” at Morris-Jumel Mansion and “A Show of Heads” Limner Gallery, Hudson NY

Past experience in Interior Design, Fashion Design, Accessories Design and Textile Design.

Artwork by Christina Razzano:

IMG_0541 IMG_0542IMG_0544IMG_0543

Inspiration Filled Lunch Break

During my lunch break, I usually walk from the C building to the D building just to look at some of the creative things in the lobby. TiaraBland

Some of the things that I have seen are in the picture above. I found the quotes on the board really inspiring. As a student at F.I.T., I get to work with with my peers in my pre-college classes. These classes really motivate me. Walking around and looking at the other student’s work has given me some ideas on what I would like to draw, create, or even build!!! I take advantage of everything around me because you never know what will truly catch your eye and help you create your next biggest design. I think next week I will visit the Museum.


Instructor Spotlight: Ellen Oster

Ellen Oster

Professor Oster has been teaching Textile Design for over 25 years at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She says “I taught the first computer graphics class in FIT, boy have things changed since then!”  She has also been freelancing in the industry for as many years. As a graduate of the Textile Surface Design Department, she is proud to be teaching in that department since her graduation. Prof. Oster received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

Professor Oster teaches HTS 173 Designing with Pattern    

Teaching Philosophy:
The most important thing to me is that a student progresses.  I do not believe that there is perfection, if so, life would be stagnant.  I know that we all have the ability to develop skills we need in order to visualize our thoughts.  We just need to remember that improvement takes practice and practice takes time.  In that light, I hope that my students find their voice and enjoy the process of growth and results.


Artwork by Ellen Oster

On Precollege Programs:
I have been fortunate to teach a number of Precollege programs, both on Saturdays and in the summer.  WOW is all I can say.

I see such bright eyes and minds ready to explore and work hard.  You know this is not like going to camp. Usually it is the student’s decision to focus on what they are interested in, or have decided their career path and are starting young.  So impressive!

Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:

demo color board nightflat

Artwork by Ellen Oster

I have designed bedding for Springs Industry, both for their contract bedding division and their juvenile bedding division  I designed licensed graphics such as Superman, Yako, Waco and Dot, Strawberry Shortcake, Clifford the big red dog, I designed infant bedding as well for another company.   I also designed computer graphics for Macy’s and Federal Express. Most recent, my work has been designing prints for companies such as Talbots, a private label for Macy’s and a private label bedding company.

In my spare time, I train artists on using Photoshop for textile design and pattern through on-site classes or webinars, I wrote a book on the same topic, teach yoga and have two patents for a yoga mat I designed.

Work by Professor Oster:
558-1124ATS cabineaudesign1 Geisha A patchwork

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