Instructor Spotlight: Steven Cutting

Steven Cutting (final small)Steven Cutting is a Professor in the Fashion Design Art Department in the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Professor Cutting has taught at FIT since 1996  and received AAS and BFA degrees in Fashion Design from FIT. Currently he is working on his MA in Adult Development. Master at his craft, designer of Innovative style not only in NY, but in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean he has worked as a Design Director, Fashion Designer, in both garments  and accessories.

Classes Taught:
HAR016 Creating the Fashion Figure
HAR089 Fashion Design Portfolio III

Professor Cutting’s Teaching Philosophy:
Innovative and Relevant techniques, which consistently evolve as the times change!

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On Precollege Programs:
I get great satisfaction from teaching, knowing I made a difference! Its important I provide a welcoming environment….

Additional Comments/Advice:
Constantly research to fulfill your desire for Fashion! Understand how to blend your appetite for fashion with business for success…LIVE IT, BE IT and REMAIN IN IT!!!!!

Industry Experience:
Kenneth Cole, Perry Ellis, Larry Levine, Anna Scipioni, Krizia, Philippe Monet, Doneger Trends Consultant, Beyoncé’s House of Dereon/Dereon, Komocean, Fashion Show Producer

Harvey’s Bristol Crème Award for Most Promising Designer
Children of Promise Mentor
Shabeau Magazine Award Winner
Council for Leather Exports Presenter: India/New York
Leather Trend Specialist: China/Miami
Caribbean World Fashion Presenter/Instructor: Barbados/Guyana/St. Kitts
International Guest Professor: ZST University -Hangzhou China

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Upcoming News:
▪ Website coming…
▪ FASHION DESIGN BOOK in works coming soon…
▪ Fashion Show with Kenneth Cole/Kota Alliance/Stand for Education May 2016

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Instructor Spotlight: Michelle Wenz

164723_612017570075_5287360_nMichelle Wenz born and raised in Queens, NYC, found her love of the arts, mainly photography while she was in high school. She became President of the Art Club her Senior Year and decided to focus on Photography in college. After she attended a Summer Live class at FIT and knew this was her college of choice. Her senior year at FIT, she found an internship at ROCK 101.9 RXP and later was hired as part of their digital team. For the next three years there, she photographed some of the most famous rock ‘n roll artists to date. After ROCK 101.9 went off the air she started working at local printers, freelancing, and then teaching art in high schools and elementary schools. She is currently teaching art, kindergarten to eighth grade.
Michelle Wenz teaches HPH 159  Digital Camera Use and Photography for the Beginner  
Teaching tumblr_nj67ozKtTi1qgeys5o1_1280Philosophy:
Everyone, inherently, can create art. It’s the first and ultimate form of non-verbal communication. By showing kids and young adults the path to success in creating original art work, you open the door to a world of possibilities and expression. Through photography, you can capture life moments, create original visions, and express oneself through the still image.
On Precollege Programs:
I attended a Precollege Program while I was a senior in high school. I absolutely loved it. It helped me make the decision to step into the art world and make it a career. It opened my eyes to all the roads I could go down and that the possibilities are endless. I’m glad I stuck with it and attended FIT after my summer program was over. I got a feel, not only for the classes, but the campus, the people, and found confidence in myself right away.
Freelance & Published Works Featured On:

Smithsonian Rock & Roll:
John Varvados
New York Market Radio Events:
Riverside Church, Weekday School Web Site
The Road Recovery Foundation
Long Island Roller Rebels
Cover of Radio Ink Magazine, 2012

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Instructor Spotlight: Sue Willis

Willis was born in Chicago and received her MFA from The Tyler School of Art. Her work reflects her deep appreciation for animals and the natural world and the importance of biodiversity to the survival of our planet. She’s exhibited widely, and her current installation project will be exhibited at The New York Public Library this year.


Professor Willis Teaches:

HFA 097 55A      Basic Sculpture


FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (6)Current Project: 

Prof. Willis is currently working on an installation entitled “The Upper Worlds” for The New York Public Library, mid-Manhattan. Her concept will be installed in the giant display windows on 5th avenue and 40th street, and throughout the library’s installation space “The Corner Room”. The exhibit will consist of habitats of life-sized wildlife sculptures in porcelain and faux fur, and a few human sculptures. The installation will honor the exquisite beauty of life, and is a testimony to the people’s empowerment as a unified force to protect our world.

Teaching Philosophy:

Making art is one of the true joys of my life. I tell students to immerse themselves in the process without fear, and to experience the clay’s supple plasticity and sheer joyfulness in the process of sculpting. Self expression is one of the keynotes of my class and it’s magical to watch their expressiveness emerge. So many students tell me they didn’t realize how much they would love working with clay or how skilled they would become in modeling form! My students’ opinions are very important to me. Often I ask for their feedback on my own artwork concepts, as I feel it’s important that my work communicates to them, and our discourse teaches them how an artist thinks. I care deeply that they feel happy and fulfilled, and it’s thrilling to share one of the greatest joys of my life with my students.

The Dodo
L’Huffington Post Italia
Oubliette Magazine
NHK Tokyo

Blogs and digital archives:
Feminist Art Base: Brooklyn Museum, Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art
Digital Archive: National 911 Memorial Museum
Artist profile; FIT Art and Design Blog: “White Wolf at Brooklyn Waterfront”

Instructor Spotlight: Margaret Bishop

Margaret Bishop (small)-reduced
As a textile engineer, Prof. Bishop launched my career in textile manufacturing in the United States. Wanting to work overseas, she joined Peace Corps and served two years in West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer, consulting to local businesses on product and business development. Following her Peace Corps service, Prof. Bishop began consulting worldwide to  apparel and textile brands and manufacturers all over the world, working with village artisans and large factories producing garments and accessories for the US, European, Russian, and Japanese markets. In 2010 she moved to New York City, began teaching at FIT, and earned a Master’s degree in Global Fashion Management at FIT. She continues both teaching and consulting worldwide.

Prof. Bishop teaches:

Teaching Philosophy:
Every student brings a unique set of experiences, interests, and perspective to this class, with the potential to enrich the learning environment for everyone. I really like an interactive class, where students participate actively in class discussions, small group projects, and other class activities; and I work hard to ensure each and every student feels welcome and important in my class.

On Precollege Programs:
There’s no better way to get a taste of the college academic experience, build new knowledge and skills, make new friends, and exchange ideas with students from many different backgrounds, than FIT’s Precollege programs. Come. Learn. Enjoy.

Industry Experience:
As an Instructor at FIT, I have been teaching for credit courses, executive seminar courses, and Precollege courses for six years. As an industry consultant, I have been helping brands, factories, and artisans in more than 50 countries around the world to build stronger, more competitive businesses in the global textile and apparel industry. Most recently I have been consulting to jeans manufacturers in Serbia, feltmakers in Kyrgyzstan, and in April, I taught Global Apparel Sourcing to a group of university students in China.


Instructor Spotlight: Dennis Lee

Dennis Lee Close-upNov1

Dennis Lee is an artist, design director, stylist, and the President of Tyler Hall, a wallcovering/fabric company that sells products internationally and domestically for almost 20 years. His art/design studio, Dennis Lee Inc. creates residential/contract fabrics, wallcoverings, carpets, and apparel prints and accessories. Professor Dennis Lee teaches in both the Textile/Surface Design majors and the Fabric Styling majors and is a graduate of FIT in Interior Design and SUNY Empire with a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Decorative Arts.

Professor Lee teaches: HFS182 Develop an Eye for Styling

Teaching Philosophy: I’ve always believed if you have been given the “artistic gene” then it is essential to yourself and your world that you create and cultivate that gift as much as possible. That’s why FIT has been a sanctuary for many of us as students and professors. The decorative arts, fashion, architecture, and fine arts have been one of the cornerstones of our culture since civilizations began. I impress upon my students the importance of design and how it makes us who we are.  Many creative skills can be developed with the guidance of dedicated professors and a continuous pursuit. I believe highly in exploring the artistic process for that’s when the best results are achieved.

On Precollege Programs: FIT’s precollege programs have been one of the highlights of my teaching career.  I’m so happy to be teaching my Bachelor Degree Textile/Fabric styling courses and see students who had gone through the precollege programs, planned and acquired their associates and then see them in my classes. Yes, they are usually the best students!  It’s amazing to get the training and exposure in the high school years from the FIT faculty because you develop your skillset as well as your confidence early on.


The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

Wallpaper WOW!

Fancy Free








Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:

Clients include Interior Designers and Design Companies:
French luxury House; Pierre Frey, Boussac and Braquenie, Vervain/Fabricut, Sherle Wagner, Dorothy Draper, Carleton V, and interior designers, Matthew Patrick Smythe, Victoria Hagen, and Bunny Williams.

“The 15th Pines Biennial Art Show”

NY Fire Island Arts Project, juried art show, Fire Island Pines, August 2015

“Home  Is Where The  Heart Is”  American Heart Association Designer Show Houses-Tyler Hall’s wallpapers showcased in these historic manor houses along with Designers NoliHahn. . April 2015 and Dec. 2013

Limoncello close-upPalais & MathieuTyler Hall fabricsPapillonHoundstooth and SerenityPoseiden (1)


Style at Home
“At First Sight” Tyler Hall’s Sanctuary wallcovering graces the walls of this serene children’s nursery. Feb.2016

House Beautiful
“Fancy Free” Designer Elizabeth Pyne creates a NYC apt with Tyler Hall’s Follies, wallpaper. July/August 2015

World of Interiors
Roll Models” A selection of geometrically themed wallpapers featuring Encore by Tyler Hall. April 2015

Wall Wow” Cover photograph of Newsday LI Home, NY Now. Wallpaper Renaissance highlighting Tyler Hall’s Casa Di Whitney, Teahouse, and Follies. Romantic patterns in modern houses. April 2015 cover page

Architectural Digest
“True to the Past” Matthew Patrick Smyth designs 20th century Hamptons house featuring Tyler Hall’s Bloomsbury wallpaper. August 2014

Connecticut Cottages and Homes
Posh Wallpapers in Posh Hues” wallpapers from Tyler Hall’s; Fjord, Glacier. April 2014 cover photo