Instructor Spotlight: Sarah Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert is an patternmaking, sewing and draping Instructor in the Technical Design department in the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Ms. Gilbert has taught at FIT since 2004  and received her  BS in Consumer and Family Studies from SUNY Buffalo. In addition, she holds two AAS degrees from FIT in Fashion Buying and Merchandising and Patternmaking. In addition, she is a Freelance pattern-maker and samplemaker of doll clothes and stuffed animals for a McCalls Pattern Company.

Ms. Gilbert teaches HPM 067: Manual Patternmaking and Sewing for Precollege Programs on Sundays at FIT.


Ms. Gilbert’s  Teaching Philosophy:

Everyone has creative potential. I love sharing my passion for sewing and patternmaking with my students. 

On Precollege Programs: 

Meeting wonderful people who want to learn about patternmaking and sewing is what I enjoy most about Precollege Programs.  I like to see the expression on my students faces as they put on a garment they actually made themselves.  It is a very powerful feeling.

I find Pre-college students to be very motivated and energetic.  They radiate that energy to me and it inspires me to be my very best.

Industry Experience:

  • Freelance pattern-maker and samplemaker of doll clothes and stuffed animals for a McCalls Pattern Company
  • Computer and manual pattern-maker for outerwear, children’s wear and sleepwear
  • I create custom handmade dolls, doll clothes and stuffed animals on an individual basis
  • I teach and tutor at FIT in the subjects of manual and computer patternmaking, draping and sewing



Instructor Spotlight: Jamie Ross

Jamie Ross is an Adjunct Professor for Fashion Merchandising Management in the School of Business and Technology at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Professor Ross has taught at FIT since 2007  and received her AAS in Fashion Buying and Merchandising and her BS in International Trade and Marketing from FIT. She has been quoted in Elle magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Crains, and USA Today among others and has appeared on segments of Good Morning America and CNN.

Professor Ross teaches HFM 064: The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising for Precollege Programs at FIT.

Ms. Ross’  Teaching Philosophy:

I believe in teaching students the current reality of the fashion industry and the tools and resources I use everyday. I like to create a very positive atmosphere for the students where they can feel free to express themselves and encourage and interract with others. Field trips and hands on projects further enhance the experience.

On Precollege Programs:

I find teaching the Precollege programs to be an extremely rewarding and humanistic way to give back to the industry at the earliest level. I give the Precollege students a tremendous amount of credit for being motivated to get an early start on their college education, along with attending high school. Their enthusiasm motivates me to share as much as possible.

Industry Experience:

  • September 2000 – Present
    Creative Director
  • April 1999 – Sept. 2000
    J.C.PENNEY CO., New York, NY
    Fashion Specialist (and previously with JCP from 1989-1992)
  • April 1994 – Nov. 1997
    Fashion Stylist
Recent/Upcoming Shows/Exhibitions:
  • March 22 and April 26 2012 – Miami and Europe Street Scenes Presentations at Doneger Offices
  • December 2011 – Margit Symposium at FIT
  • June 2011 – HBA Beauty Expo – Spoke on Bergdorf Goodman monitored panel about new trends in the beauty industry

Instructor Spotlight – Janet Esquirol

Janet Esquirol is an Adjunct Instructor for Communication Design in the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Ms. Esquirol has taught at FIT since 2007  and received her BA Fine Art (Majors: Design and Print Making) at Connecticut College and her MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design. Ms. Esquirol also obtained a Certificate in Arts & Technology from Center for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College; a prestigious fellowship program.

Ms. Esquirol teaches HAD150: Computer Basics for Magazine Design for Precollege Programs at FIT.



Ms. Esquirol’s  Teaching Philosophy:

My greatest joy has been to see my students’ awards, career achievements, and publishing successes. I credit my students’ success to their hard work. They have told me that their success is in part thanks to my straight forward teaching style, guiding them through the comprehensive, highly technical, ever-changing tools of their trade. I believe that all aspects of an education in design can be made accessible. In the classroom, clarity breeds excitement and the motivation to work hard. I encourage my students to create design projects that they will want to execute. Every idea is within reach. When students hesitate to bring a great idea to fruition because ‘I don’t know how to use a database’ or ‘my Adobe Illustrator
skills are weak,’ I remind them that we do not design to the technology, we use technology to produce our design.

On Precollege Programs:

Precollege students are such a blast – they don’t seem to ever experience ‘artistic – block’ or general creative frustrations! Every summer the Precollege students astound me with their ambition and determination. The maturity level I see in critique in the Precollege Program at FIT truly impresses me – it gives me goosebumps imagining the fantastic work they will all go on to do in their future careers!! 

Additional Info:

Janet is the Principal of Esquirol©, a design studio specializing in art direction that simplifies the design process for clients, so they can feel free to create & dream towards the future. Janet specializes in advertising, publishing, motion graphics and user interface design. She remains involved in the design world through various professional memberships & networking events, and adjunct faculty positions.

“I am a design educator; expert lecturer and studio teacher. Over the past 7 years, I have had the privilege of being an adjunct faculty member at prestigious institutions in New York City, such as FIT, Pratt & Parsons.”

Recent & Upcoming Shows/Exhibitions:

  • 2006-Members Show, East End Arts Council Riverhead, NY
  • 2005-“Fields” East End Arts Council Riverhead, NY
  • 09-12 (2 annual exhibits) SUNY FIT President’s Gallery Faculty Shows, NYC
  • 2008-Air Gallery, Brooklyn {DUMBO} NY

Industry Experience:

Art Director: 2001-2002
DAN’S PAPERS (weekly Newspaper), Bridgehampton, NY

Senior Graphic Designer: 1999-2001
BZ PRODUCTIONS (full service Ad Agency), East Providence, RI

Principal; Art Director: 2001-Present
ESQUIROL (Boutique Design Studio) New York City

Instructor Spotlight – Sadia Seymour

Sadia Seymour is an Instructor in for the Center of Professional Studies and the Center for Precollege Programs in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Ms. Seymour has taught at FIT since 2001  and received her AAS and BFA in Fashion Design from FIT.

Ms. Seymour teaches  HSX 121: Passion for Fashion Styling for Precollege Programs at FIT.



Ms. Seymour’s  Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that everyone can make a living doing something they enjoy and they should. If you have a talent, a sincere and dedicated interest or passion for something, there is a way you can earn a living in that area.

I want to encourage people who live, eat and breathe fashion that there is a place for them. They are sitting in the greatest college in the country, FIT, and in the fashion mecca of the world, New York. That’s step one and from there the paths are endless if you have a strong desire and a dedicated work ethic. I want to help students find that path.


On Precollege Programs:

I LOVE seeing young people with a sliver of direction towards their career. I was just like them and took Precollege classes at FIT when I was a teenager. Step one on their paths, check! I want to open their eyes to the possibilities of the careers they can have in fashion. When they go home, I hope they tell their parents what they’ve discovered and the parents are comforted knowing that they are being guided in the right direction and by someone who has walked in their shoes.

The creativity, the energy and the drive of the Precollege students makes me want to come back every week. They inspire me!

Additional Comments:

Middle School and High School are challenging times for teenagers and when asked what “they want to be when they grow up,” it is a hard question to answer when you haven’t really seen the world. The Precollege Programs at FIT are a great place for students to experience what they will experience in college and get a hands on approach to their desired career path. It makes a time that could be difficult much easier to navigate. I highly recommend it!

Industry Experience:

  • UpStart Knitwear – Production Coordinator for a private label sweater manufacturer
  • Beldoch Industries – Production Coordinator for the Pierre Cardin sweater division
  • Objects D’Art – Assitant Production Manager: Private label junior sweater manufacturer
  • Rampage Clothing – Production Manager for the sweater division for the collectiona nd retail stores
  • Freelance Fashion Stylist for 14years and  represented by Halley Resources for entire career. Stylist for magazines, catalogs, advertising, runway, editorial, print, celebrity, independent film and commercials.

Instructor Spotlight: Sonja Lamut

Sonja Lamut is an Assistant Professor in the Illustration Department in the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Professor Lamut has taught at FIT  since 1988,  and is a painter, print maker and illustrator. She received her BFA from the University of Arts, Belgrade and her MA from Hunter College, CUNY.

Professor Lamut teaches  HIL 012 Drawing for Illustration for Precollege Programs at FIT.


Professor Lamut’s  Teaching Philosophy:

Art instruction demands individual attention to every student. I try to emphasize and nurture students’ strengths and create a base for further development and enrichment of their talents and self expression.

On Precollege Programs:

My course is a fun course. Students are learning by doing something they like to do. Besides introducing students to basics of drawing for illustration, I try to encourage every individuals’ search for personal expression through exciting projects. I like to teach young enthusiastic students with interest in art and illustration and see them happy when they produce results that are above their expectations.


“Grand Prix” in Mediterranean Art Biennale; Norwegian International Print Biennale; International Print Biennale in Finland; International Print Biennale in Ljubljana; Alternative Museum in New York; The Best Children’s Books of the Year; Parents’ Choice; AJL Sydney Taylor; AJL Notable Children’s Books; ANDY; Print, etc.

Industry Experience:

Clients include: National Geographic, HarperCollins, Penguin Putnam, Random House,IBM, Microsoft, American Express, Fidelity, Sony, Citibank, Pfizer, Bayer, GE, GM, Mercedes, Procter & Gamble, Travelers, Motorola, Museum of Natural History, American Educator.

Exhibitions: Eighteen one-person gallery shows in New York, Boston, Miami, Greenwich, Stockholm, Geneva, Ljubljana, and others; numerous national and international group shows.

Collections include: Brooklyn Museum, New York; Grafiska Sallskapet, Stockholm; Museum of Modern Art, Fredrikstad; Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana; College Board, New York; Utubo Gallery, Kyoto; Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade; National Museum, Krakow.

Children’s books include: Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks (NYTimes Children’s Books List Bestseller), Too Noisy!, Papa’s Pastries, Lemuel the Fool, How Many Candles?, Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, and many others.


"Quiet Scene"



"April's Fool"






"Dr. Dolittle"