Instructor Spotlight – Jim Webb

Jim Webb’s work has crossed several borders. Besides being a storyboard revisionist and layout artist for MTV ANIMATION and storyboarding episodes of hit shows such as the VENTURE BROTHERS and the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, Jim has written and illustrated for a variety of comic book publishers such as GRAPHIC CLASSICS, MIRAGE STUDIOS and HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE. He’s created style-guide designs for DC LICENSING, background work for MARVEL’S SECRET INVASION series and taught a class at PRATT INSTITUTE.  He created ad layouts for TV LAND’S hit series HOT IN CLEVELAND and is currently working on another story for HEAVY METAL and the third issue of his creator owned comic, THE ADVERSARY, for ASYLUM PRESS.


Mr.Webb teaches this awesome class:  JSX 025 Let’s Create Comix!
In this class you focus on the basic building blocks of comic book storytelling: story, character design and page layout. Students create written scenes, and go from thumbnails and character sketches to a penciled layout of a page, reviewing and critiquing the steps as they go along. Students will explore the use of photo reference as a means of making fantasies look real. The class will discuss the student’s creative ambitions and the importance of reading as a stimulant in the creative process.

Teaching Philosophy:

As I tell the students, we’re all on the same journey. We may be on different stops along that journey but it’s the same one. I want to give them the idea that if they have fun doing their work and use sound building blocks they’ll continue to grow. I encourage them to contribute their own ideas ; discussion is essential. I’m constantly reminding them that if they are unclear or uncomfortable with anything I suggest, by all means say so! Enjoy the process. I try to be flexible and responsive to their questions…even when they don’t ask.

On Precollege Programs:

I enjoy the idea of helping them build a foundation, instilling good work habits, without calling them work habits.  The enthusiasm is there which is the engine for the whole thing. What I find most rewarding is seeing a student with a particular problem area in the beginning of the workshop and by the end of the experience make real improvement. I feel great when that happens.

Industry Experience:

Writer/Artist for Heavy Metal Magazine
Inker for Marvel Comics
Storyboard Artist for Venture Brothers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series
Comp artist for TV Land

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Instructor Spotlight – Gregg Woodcock

Gregg Woodcock is a Adjunct Instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  He hails from the Bronx and has a degree in Industrial Design with a minor in Transportation Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Mr. Woodcock teaches this awesome class:  HLD 031 SK8, Run and Jump into “SNEAKEROLOGY”

Sneaker freakers, fashionistas and advocates of all things different will love this course.  This class will walk you through the development of professional sketches for your own sneaker design.  You’ll learn the importance of design research in various markets including vehicle design, cultures, and music, and then use this research to develop drawings from thumbnails to ink line drawings of your original ideas.  You’ll learn the lingo of athletic shoe parts and become familiar with the process of creating product specifications to present to a company. You’ll also learn basic sketching and presentation techniques required for your portfolio.

Professor Woodcock’s Teaching Philosophy:

To engage the a student’s individuality; channeling what is great in them and how it applies to the course they are enduring.

On Precollege Programs:

“I’m a child at heart.  Teaching here takes me back to my younger days as an artist.  I know what I would have wanted to learn, who I would have modeled myself after and who I was impressed by and wanted to learn from.”

Industry Experience:

  • Lead designer for P. Diddy’s footwear operation
  • Designer of luggage and sport bags for Nautica, Chaps and Trump
  • Launched footwear for Mossimo 
  • Designed for Fila, FUBU Phat Farm, and Diane von Furstenberg

Advice for Students:

     “Be humble.  Find a way to absorb new knowledge.  Open your mind, eyes, ears and be fearless of any question.  Keep a sketch book- not only for sketches but for questions, passions, desires and dreams.”

Instructor Spotlight: James Daugherty

James Daugherty is an Adjunct Instructor in the Fashion Design Art department in the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Mr. Daugherty has taught Precollege at FIT since 2003 and studied fashion design at Chouinards School of Design and Motion Pictures Studios.

Mr. Daugherty teaches HAR 016: Fashion Art for Fashion Designers and HAR 122 Designing for Entertainers for Precollege Programs.

On Precollege Programs: 

My favorite thing about Precollege is working with my students. 

Industry Experience (Just to name a few…):

  • Sketch Artists for Bill Blass, Anne Klein, and Liz Claiborne
  • Designer’s Assistant for Pat Sandler
  • Designer for Jerry Silverman
  • Designer for my own company with Ben Shaw







Lynda Bird Johnson Robb, the elder of two daughters of United States President Lyndon Baines Johnson!!!


Letters from EDITH HEAD !!!!!!!!


1957 Letter of Recommendation from VINCENTE MINNELLI!!!!!!

Instructor Spotlight: Christopher Uvenio

Christopher Uvenio is an Professor for Fashion Design – Art in the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Professor Uvenio has taught at FIT since 2005  and received an AAS in Performing arts from Suny Purchase, and his AAS and BFA degrees in Fashion Design from FIT. Advanced training includes Polimoda in Florence,  Italy and Esmond in Paris, France.

Professor Uvenio has taugh such courses as  HAR 016 Fashion Art for Fashion DesignersHAR 091 Anatomy of Fashion, and HSX 095: Costume and Couture Rendering for Precollege Programs at FIT.



Professor Uvenio’s  Teaching Philosophy:

I love to bring the expertise that I learn from the industry to the classroom at FIT. I want students to learn what I went through so I treat my students as designers, not students, and I’m their art director.

On Precollege Programs:

I admire students at a young age who are willing to learn about the fashion industry. I enjoy watching the students find themselves and lean how to draw and improve themselves.

Additional Comments/Advice:

Be dramatic! The audience will love you. Forever.

Industry Experience:

Bob Mackie, Anna Sui, Todd Olden, Whithall + Shon, Valentino, Lily Achatz Couture, Cullen Knitswear, CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful, Isaac mizrahi


  • Designer of the Year, CBS Daytime’s The Bold and the Beautiful 2000
  • Designer for film Romy and Michele’s High school Reunion, 1997
  • Designer for Ballroom Fever, PBS
  • Over 20 publications including Italian Vogue (2009), ReFresh (cover, 2010), OHLALA Paris (2010), Italia Umo (2009), L’Uomo Vogue (2009), Official Hoomes (2009), Beautiful Magazine (2008), Fantasticsmag (2009), Wall to Wall Darkness Magazine (2011)
  • Book Contributions: “Dark Angels” by Joseph Sinclair and “Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers” by Linda Tain (3rd Edition)

Upcoming News:

  • Website coming…
  • Music Fashion Video in the works…
  • Menswear collection for Fall 2012 “Wicked Glamour”
  • Womenswear collection for Fall 2012 “Wicked Glamour”
  • Working on a Coffee table book of design photographs


And that’s not all!!!

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Instructor Spotlight: Sarah Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert is an patternmaking, sewing and draping Instructor in the Technical Design department in the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Ms. Gilbert has taught at FIT since 2004  and received her  BS in Consumer and Family Studies from SUNY Buffalo. In addition, she holds two AAS degrees from FIT in Fashion Buying and Merchandising and Patternmaking. In addition, she is a Freelance pattern-maker and samplemaker of doll clothes and stuffed animals for a McCalls Pattern Company.

Ms. Gilbert teaches HPM 067: Manual Patternmaking and Sewing for Precollege Programs on Sundays at FIT.


Ms. Gilbert’s  Teaching Philosophy:

Everyone has creative potential. I love sharing my passion for sewing and patternmaking with my students. 

On Precollege Programs: 

Meeting wonderful people who want to learn about patternmaking and sewing is what I enjoy most about Precollege Programs.  I like to see the expression on my students faces as they put on a garment they actually made themselves.  It is a very powerful feeling.

I find Pre-college students to be very motivated and energetic.  They radiate that energy to me and it inspires me to be my very best.

Industry Experience:

  • Freelance pattern-maker and samplemaker of doll clothes and stuffed animals for a McCalls Pattern Company
  • Computer and manual pattern-maker for outerwear, children’s wear and sleepwear
  • I create custom handmade dolls, doll clothes and stuffed animals on an individual basis
  • I teach and tutor at FIT in the subjects of manual and computer patternmaking, draping and sewing