Instructor Spotlight: Carole Daner

Daner_Instructor SpotlightProfessor Carole Daner teaches in both the Accessories Design Department and the Precollege Programs at FIT. The courses that Professor Daner teaches in the Precollege Program focuses on learning to design, sew and construct handbags, tech and small leather goods and accessories.

Professor Daner teaches the following courses:
HSX 103 – Leather Sewing Intensive – Precollege Workshop Class
HLD 030 – Bags: Fashion and Laptop Cases – Precollege Semester class

Bag Designed by Prof. Carole Daner

Teaching Philosophy:
Professor Daner enjoys teaching the students to develop their own personal style by designing and learning out to translate their designs into actual creations.

On Precollege Programs:
The Precollege Program is an ideal opportunity for the students to learn and become familiar with the different creative and related industries that the Fashion Institute of Technology is renowned for worldwide.

Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:
Carole Daner has worked as a designer in the handbag, small leather goods, belt and jewelry industries. Presently Carole Daner designs one of a kind handbags and accessories. Most recently she exhibited at the FIT New Views faculty exhibition.

Instructor Spotlight: Shawn Carter

Shawn Carter_Instructor SpotlightShawn Grain Carter is an Associate Professor. Her career began as an Executive at Bloomingdale’s. In 1986 she launched Bergdorf Goodman’s Home Furnishings Division “The Home on Seven.” Years later she joined Ann Taylor Stores as a Buyer of Dresses, Sportswear, and Accessories until 1991 when she gave birth. Subsequently, she became Merchandising Director at a European luxury brand MCM. Her responsibilities included marketing for Canada, the United States and Japan. In 1997, Macy’s lured her with a promise to launch their website Macy’s.Com. Her responsibilities included Designer Sportswear such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Professor Carter was selected as a Visiting Scholar and Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield, England in 2004. Ms. Carter received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia. She serves on the Board of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and received the Jack and Jill of America “Distinguished Mother of the Year Award.”

Prof. Carter recently taught:
HFM 064:  The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising
HSX 122: The Secret of Private Branding for Retailers


Teaching Philosophy:
To connect the theory and practice of fashion business and merchandising through critical thinking and case studies that enhances each student’s cognitive, creative and leadership skills. By broadening and deepening the individual’s knowledge and experience, I seek to develop lifelong learners and curators of fashion lifestyles and brands.

PreCollege Programs:
The joy of introducing students to a broad range of art, culture, fashion, and lifestyle branding is evident in the talents, skills, and projects that our wonderful students create.

Industry Experience:
Professor Shawn Grain Carter was recently quoted in the “New York Times” August 30, 2014 article, on the nonwoven fabric tyvek, “No Canvas, No Leather, a Reboot for the Sneaker.” She was also quoted on NPR regarding the diversity of models on the fashion runway.

Instructor Spotlight: Jada Schumacher

Jada Schumacher photograph

Jada is the Founding Director of Design Orange, a studio designing custom products for museums, individuals, and inspiring organizations. Jada has a Master of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a Master of Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin. She lectures on color and design nationally and internationally in countries such as El Salvador, Estonia, Italy, Hungary, Korea, and Taiwan. She is an Associate Professor in the Communication Design Department and an instructor at the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies at FIT. She teaches courses on color theory, color forecasting, graphic design, and three-dimensional design.

Professor Schumacher teaches:
HAD110 New York Art Scene
HAD149 Advertising and Graphic Design Portfolio.

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe in approaching projects and lives with a sense of discovery and joy. I believe that the classroom should be led with honesty and realness, and I create a teaching environment where each student is encouraged at his/her own pace and in his/her direction of interest. I encourage students explore ideas that make a difference in our increasingly complex world.

My advice for future creatives? Really look. Really listen. Be curious. Museum hopping is an exquisite luxury. It’s important to stay current (and to nourish your creative self). See contemporary art and outrageous performances. Go to concerts. Watch movies. Walk through boutiques and touch nice fabrics.

Travel in your own town. Travel somewhere far away. Travel somewhere that smells like curry or anise or dirt or honey.

On Precollege Programs:

The Precollege Programs offer students the luxury of shopping around for careers while building portfolios for entry into college. What an fantastic opportunity! Plus, exploring creative endeavors with seasoned professionals and instructors is an amazing amount of fun.

Industry Experience:

Design Orange has just finished a collaborative effort with The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, NYC, to launch a scarf inspired by sculptor Isamu Noguchi’s Akari lamps. The studio works with other museums across the country in creating custom products inspired by the museums’ collections.

designorange noguchi scarf 6

designorange scarf noguchi 1

designorange noguchi scarf 2





Instructor Spotlight: Jacques Cornell


I started with one photography class in high school after my dad piqued my interest, then practiced & studied photography as a hobby on my own for about 20 years before I realized that it was what I most wanted as a career. I then took night classes part-time for three years and completed a full-time one-year program in photography. After graduating, I worked for several years assisting scores of very talented photographers and building up first my skills and then my business. In 2007 I cofounded event photography company Happening Photos with my good friend and award-winning documentary photographer Steve Hart. I now work primarily as an event & corporate photographer and take on editorial and portrait assignments as well. I have lived part-time in Central Asia for the past two years. My most recent assignment was to document for the US State Department a visit by a US scientific team visiting Kazakhstan to work on an international biodiversity project. 

Professor Cornell currently teaches:
HPH 169 Fundamentals of Digital Photography and Photoshop


Teaching Philosophy:
I think of myself as a consultant and my students as clients. It’s not my class, it’s theirs. I am there to help them accomplish their goals, imagine new ones, and discover the fun and satisfaction of playing with a camera. There’s nothing more inspiring to me as an instructor than someone who really wants to know something. And, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the enthusiasm of a student who’s putting a new skill to use. So, in class I welcome questions, ideas, suggestions, experimentation, and free-ranging conversation.

Rajasthan 002On Precollege Programs:
Regardless of age, there is a joyful sense of exploration in people who are new to photography that is infectious. What’s unique about younger students is the freedom from preconceptions about what a photo “should” be. I see in them an open-minded approach to image making that comes naturally and that veteran photographers work hard later in life to rediscover. It makes me want to go out and make pictures without an agenda, just for the excitement of looking and seeing.

Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:
As cofounder of Happening Photos, I photograph all kinds of events – conferences, performances, weddings – and I enjoy the challenge of problem-solving on-the-fly in new and constantly changing circumstances. I also take on editorial assignments and make travel & landscape photos for publication and exhibition & sale as fine-art prints. My photos of Mt. Washington are in the permanent collection of the Kiyosato Museum in Japan. Others are on the walls of private buyers around the world.


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Instructor Spotlight: Carla Quatraro-D’Arcy

IMG_1749.JPG (2)


Carla Quatraro-D’Arcy began her career in the fashion industry of New York over 15 years ago, having held positions in Product Development, at companies such as Jones NY Intimates, Dana Buchman, DKNY Jeans, August Silk, Etienne Aigner and Private Label Handbag / Luggage companies. She is a seasoned traveler both personally and professionally who spent many summers as child visiting family in Italy and now her husband’s family in Ireland. When given the opportunity to visit a new corner of the Earth, Carla and her family pack up and GO!
Carla’s career in the fashion industry entails travelling throughout the USA, Europe and Asia to order raw materials for final product being delivered to the American selling floors. Her job entails constant research on foreign trade agreements, negotiating prices, dealing with budgets as well as intricate planning of shipping & follow through for on time receipt of products or services.
As a Director of Product Development, Carla has been able to take her in depth knowledge of world cultures to achieve positive results in her roles by working directly in factories in China as well as travels throughout the NY Garment district representing retail buyers from Latin America. Additionally, she travels across the US to visit headquarters for various retailers to effectively communicate product development requirements back to overseas factories and fabric mills. Her friendly demeanor, extreme attention to detail, strong organizational skills, high work ethic, and astute level of professionalism, common sense & confidentiality has a made her known in her field as a professional who holds high regard & consideration for other people’s customs, time and work styles.

Professor Quatraro-D’Arcy currently teaches: 
HIN 132 Passport to International Fashion! 

Teaching Philosophy & The Pre-College Programs:
Having attended many of the High School Live classes myself throughout my high school career, I find the classes we take as well as the people we meet at FIT become an important part of what shapes our path well into the future. For me, I took a few design classes which taught me how garments are constructed that later enabled me to look at a line in a factory and know where mistakes may be. Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade & Marketing at FIT, what I love most about the programs offered is that they truly do pertain to real life practices. We are taught by industry professionals who have in depth insider’s knowledge. I am a true believer that we are all interconnected in this Global life we now all live and if I can help lead by example and guide another person, I am truly rewarded in my life!

Industry Experience:
Aside from being a “FOODIE” who loves to cook, I am curious about what makes people across the globe “tick”! Having spent a lot of time throughout my career in Hong Kong as well as Mainland China, I love when people connect for a common goal. At the end of the day, we are all the same and we all have the same reason for getting through our days, which is to grow within our careers. I recently had a former colleague of mine from Hong Kong stay at my home for a month. She taught me how to cook authentic Chinese food while I taught her my secret Italian sauce recipe and how to make the perfect American Burger and Apple Pie! As mentioned in my Bio, my work experience is making products come to life across the world and making sure they arrive here for consumers to buy. That would not happen without getting to know what’s at the core of any company…. The People!