Introducing Precollege Blogger: Sophia

My name is Sophia Pinney; I am fifteen years old, a born and bred New Yorker, with coffee running through my veins instead of blood, smog in my lungs instead of air, and scaffolding under my skin instead of bones. This city raised me. I grew up with Central Park as my back yard, the Natural History Museum as my living room, and 24 hour diners as my kitchen. Raising a child in New York City is the greatest gift you can give them, because from the time they start going to school they’ve seen more humanity on their morning commutes than a lot of people do in their entire lives. This city has taught me so much, and it’s given me so many opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. And when I talk about my future, all my friends say how much they want to leave the city, but I think why would I? I am where so many people spend years building up to moving, I’m already in one of the fashion capitals of the world. Why would I waste precious years being somewhere else?

I have taken two classes at FIT, including the one I am currently enrolled in. Until I began at FIT I had no idea that I shared my world view with so many other people. I had no idea that there were so many other girls and boys in this city aiming for the same goal as me. This goal to be accepted into the fashion world, maybe not receive our first choice career but just to simply be accepted, let in to the exclusivity of it all. People in the fashion world see things so differently than everyone else. They see so much beauty, create garments out of thin air, and capture a singular moment, a feeling in something still and silent. Fashion makes art accessible to those who simply want to receive it. However to those of us like myself who find ourselves trying to work in the fashion industry, it can seem extremely inaccessible, like there is a glass wall between you and the life that you want, because you can only witness it through pictures and videos.

This year and last year I have been lucky enough to attend fashion shows. And while my goal is to be the one behind the curtain, it was nice to be surrounded by people of the same mindset as me. It was nice to pretend to be an adult for a little while, to pretend like I belonged, even though I know that I do. Growing up in New York City you would think that I would have been exposed to so much more of the fashion industry than I have been. And while it may still be more than a kid growing up in Middle America, I find that most of the city I see is dirty and dingy. Especially during the winter it is hard to find beauty when everything is whitewashed in grey. For now I put my head down, and wait for the colors to return to my city, wait for the spectacular glow of summer nights in the West Village, and for the smell of melting garbage and flowers to mix into a perfect bouquet.


Introducing Precollege Blogger: Nicole

NicoleHeaneyColorHi everyone! My name is Nicole and yes red is my natural hair color. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get down to business. I am currently a junior in high school and I live on Long Island, New York. I discovered my love of fashion at a very young age. I remember the first time picking up a magazine and thinking to myself “ Wow look at all these different styles.” Ever since then it has been my goal to pursue a career in something I’m most passionate about, which is the fashion industry. When I’m not looking at the newest trends or browsing the racks at the mall, you can find me twirling flags with my color guard team, blogging and hanging out with my 4 year old sister. (Trust me I know it’s a big age difference)

This semester will be my first time attending the Precollege program at FIT. I am taking The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising and I couldn’t be more excited. In the future, I hope to become a buyer. Analyzing the trends of what consumers are buying and deciding on the trends that will be coming out is what I am all about. Oh hey I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! Wow sorry for that corny joke, but I felt like the timing was right. Last week was my first class and I was so excited that on the first day, I walked the wrong way for 3 blocks! That’s pretty embarrassing for someone who goes to New York City as often as I do, but hey it happens.

Like most other high school juniors, I was feeling really overwhelmed in deciding what to major in. All of my friends are going crazy trying to decide what they want to do and taking this Precollege class has kind of made me feel at ease. Stepping into FIT just feels right and every time I walk out with a smile. I’m so excited to see what is in store for this semester. Wow that was really sentimental, I think I need to go grab a tissue. Ok, I’m back now. Until next week, xoxo gossip girl.

Totally kidding. I can’t wait to share my experiences this semester with you all. Being able to blog for FIT is such a dream come true and I can’t wait to let you all know how class goes.

Until Next Time,


Introducing Precollege Blogger: Catherine

LyonsA “Formal” Introduction

       Precollege classes for spring 2014 have begun! For the next few months we’ll all be attending our selected course/courses, hopefully learning a lot, and pursuing our passions.

- Hello, reader! My name is Catherine and I am a spring 2014 Precollege student at FIT. I am 15 years old (16 in about 3 months) and I live in N.Y on Long Island. This past fall I took my first Precollege class, Creating the Fashion Figure. If you don’t know what this class entails it’s essentially the basics of fashion design. This course was a great starting point for me because I was not sure just where my interests in the fashion industry had lay yet. But being the mediocre drawer that I am, that course helped me realize that my interests and talents lay better with the business side of the fashion industry. Now with that positive narrowing of my future in fashion I gained, I start this spring semester enrolled in the course The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising and I am very eager.

          Just like everyone else (I assume) enrolled in a fashion related Precollege course I love fashion and have loved it from a young age. I love everything about fashion, from its history, to just everyday street style, to high fashion, and etc. I love reading fashion magazines, books, and blogs, and watching fashion related movies and documentaries. And I don’t even want to know how many hours I’ve spent scrolling through the ever so important Everything fashion related excites me. I feel like a fashion “nerd” a lot of the time – that’d be the correct term I guess? (If not it very well should be!). But other than fashion (I won’t be deadly specific with this) some other interests and passions of mine I guess are quite typical things like art, music, and film.

          As I said before I am very excited for this Precollege semester. I’ve already been to one class of The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising on March 1st. And so far I feel like this class is really tailored toward my interests in the fashion industry. Of course from the title of the class you can tell we will be learning about merchandising. But we also will be taking trips to The Museum at FIT and to stores around Manhattan. I’m very thrilled to be blogging and sharing this experience because I really feel that by the end of this semester I will have grown and have learned a lot as a person and as a lover of fashion. I hope to share as much as I can, thanks for reading!


Introducing Precollege Blogger: Arielle

ArielleMcManusHey everyone!

My name is Arielle, and I’m a senior in high school taking classes at FIT for the first time. I’m from Long Island, New York, and every Saturday I take the train into the city early in the morning to get to my Fashion Forecasting class. After an hour-long break, I make my way to my Fashion Merchandising class. I’m taking these classes because I want to become a fashion buyer for a luxury department store, and I am going to major in Fashion Merchandising.

Up until last year, I was dead set on becoming a dermatologist. I had dedicated all of my time to becoming a doctor and getting into a good college so that I could eventually get into a good medical school. While taking the hardest science classes available to me, I realized medicine was not the right field for me. I hated biology, I was terrible at chemistry, and I did not want to spend the rest of my life doing anything related to natural sciences. I was faced with a huge dilemma. I wondered what to do with my life. I have always loved fashion (literally always-my first word was “shoes”), but I was unsure of what part of the fashion industry I should become involved in. I did not even know if I could really make a career out of fashion. Besides, I had no real experience in the fashion world. I had been attending medical conferences, not helping out the fashion club. I wondered if it was too late to go into fashion, since I had been so focused on science and math, not the arts. However, over the summer, I really became involved in fashion, and after extensive research, I had decided that fashion merchandising was the right option for me. I found out that I could take classes at FIT, and so I signed up! I’m taking classes at FIT so that I can expose myself to the fashion world as much as I can.

I have always wanted to blog. My plan is to start my own fashion blog in either my freshman or sophomore year of college. Not only do I have experience in creative writing, but I want to be the Precollege blogger so that I can develop skills for my own blog and also so that teens who cannot take Precollege classes at FIT can get a feel for what it is like.

I’m so excited to be at FIT. My first day of class was amazing. I made so many friends and met so many interesting people. The professors are the best! They have so much experience in the fashion world. I really do not think there is anyone better suited to teach students about fashion than the professors at FIT.

I really hope my posts are helpful to you all. Although I have only taken classes for a day, I strongly advise anyone that is considering taking classes at FIT to sign up!

Until next time,


Meet Precollege Guest Blogger: Tara

Hi, everyone!

        My name is Tara and I am taking HIN 131 55A or what most people would generally say, International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries. I had previously taken a workshop in the Spring called HSX 120 The Fabulous World of Fashion Forcasting which was really interesting. We learned about how fashion forecasters pick certain colors and trends about two years in advannce. However, that side of the fashion industry just was not for me.

        The class I’m in now is all about business, kind of like me. My classmates and I are learning about the 5 P’s of the Marketing Mix, how current events can play a major impact on factory production overseas, the different tiers in fashion price – pointing, and so much more. I never really knew how important the world relations play into fashion and that small mistakes can cost companies thousands of dollars.

        My overall experience with Precollege at FIT has been extremely positive. I’m a native New Yorker from Brooklyn and Queens so meeting unique people is not new to me. However, the students I have met taking these classes surprise me everytime. They all come from different backrounds but we all have one thing in common and that is; we live for fashion!