Calling All Makeup Lovers!

Hi everyone! I am officially signed up for another Precollege course at FIT for the Summer Live Program. This summer I will be taking the class The Beauty Business-Art & Science of Cosmetics and Fragrance. I have always been obsessed with makeup so I am really excited to take this class. Some people might think it’s crazy that I would want to go to school over the summer, but to me this is another opportunity to meet new people and to take another fun class at FIT.  Right now I am taking a Fashion Merchandising Class which I love, but since I also really love cosmetics I thought that taking this class will really help me decide on what I would like to do with my future.

I remember becoming really interested in makeup when I was in 8th grade and ever since then, I have become more crazy and have bought more products than anyone I know. OK, I have a confession to make…yes my makeup collection is pretty large but I can’t help it I’m a shopaholic! One thing I really love to do after my class on Saturday is take a walk to either Macy’s or Sephora on 34th Street. Did you know that the Sephora store has two floors?  For a makeup lover like me, this is amazing. Both stores are close to Penn Station so they are really easy to visit on my way home. The first time I walked into these stores, I was overwhelmed with the amount of makeup products they carried. I was so glad I didn’t bring a lot of money with me that day, because honestly I probably would have bought the whole store. Some of my favorite brands of makeup are Urban Decay, MAC, Too Faced and Bare Minerals. I just recently found out that the creator of Bare Minerals went to FIT.  I think that is awesome.sephora_1

I could probably go on forever about this but don’t worry I’ll wrap this up. I am so excited to take this class over the summer and learn all about different kinds of makeup and fragrances and the business behind them. If you have already taken this class or are enrolled for it this summer comment down below and we can chat about it!

Until next time,


Love, Diane


Diane Von Furstenberg, DVF, the woman behind the iconic wrap dress. She is a legend, a symbol, for me and so many other women. She is a visionary master. She is a classic tale of a woman making it in a man’s world. She is my long-lost fairy god mother, a real life princess, and more than any of this, she is an artist.  Like a painter she wields her brush and puts it down leaving a symphony of colors in her wake. And with each brush stroke she breaks my heart just a little bit more, because I am filled with so much love, and sorrow, and jealousy, and happiness. With each masterpiece of hers I see, a little piece of my foundation cracks, my wall comes down; the woman trapped inside of me is allowed to breathe.  Because that’s what she does best, accentuate the female form. She knows how to make a woman feel beautiful.

We all know this feeling. Clothing can evoke the same emotions as any spectacular van Gogh or Degas. And people can make you feel bad about this. They trivialize your emotions because you care about something so seemingly frivolous. But what you must understand and know is that fashion is ridiculously important. It is a common thread woven between every single culture.  Every single person on the planet has to wake up in the morning and decide what to wear. Whether the question is, which designer dress should I put on, or which one of my two t-shirts should I wear, there is still a commonality. People criticize the superficiality of it. Not just those judging the fashion industry from the outside, but those within the fashion industry as well.There will always be that one designer that we feel like understands us better than anyone else. Diane is this for me.

Diane Von FurstenburgShe lives in the penthouse above her flagship store in the Meatpacking District, like a queen ruling over her kingdom. I have walked past her store for years without ever going in because I was afraid that it was going to reject me somehow. I was afraid I was going to feel like I didn’t belong, and then my golden dreams would shatter. Eventually I did go in, and it wasn’t quite as magical as I thought it was going to be, but nothing ever really lives up to expectations, does it? In my head she is still this magical creature, but I like to pretend that she is real enough that she would think it was sweet if I rang her bell and asked to come up for a cup of coffee and a chat. I do know where she lives after all.

Love, Sophia


Second week of class

Nicolephoto 1Hi everyone! This past Saturday was my second week of classes and I feel like I have so much to tell you guys. (Don’t worry I won’t make this too long) This week our Professor assigned us our major project for the semester: ‘Trend Spotting In The Flat Iron District.” First, let me just say we are not talking about a flat iron for your hair, we are talking about the large array of stores and buildings on the streets of Manhattan.

The goal for this project is to spot different fashion trends in women’s, men’s, intimate apparel or home.  We get to pick one of the following stores: Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Zara, Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Gap, Old Navy, Express, Armani AX or Free People.  It is also mandatory that each group visit Paul Smith, at the corner of 16th street. I’m really excited about this because I have never been to the Flat Iron District and it’s so amazing that we are taking a field trip there! I mean come on would your regular school let you go on a trip where you are able to look for trends in stores in New York City?

Another great thing about my second class is that I was able to meet some really great people. During my first class, I was really nervous that I wasn’t going to make any friends and I was going to have to sit alone during each of the breaks. Then I thought to myself, “I am not going to let that happen.” I talked to a few girls and went to Starbucks with them.  It really wasn’t hard to make friends because first of all, everyone in this class shares a common interest for fashion and everyone was probably just as nervous as I was. Ok, I’m about to sound like a typical teenage girl, but it’s so great to be able to grab a cup of coffee before the last hour and a half of class.

Nicolephoto 2

Even though I’ve only had two classes so far, I feel like I have already learned so much. It’s really cool to be in a class where everyone has the same interests as you. I’m looking so forward to sharing more of my experiences at FIT with you all!

Until next week,


A Love of Fashion Does Not Equate to Materialism

My favorite and most memorable piece of clothing? That’s hard. It might be my Thirty Seconds to Mars sweater, since I love the band. And Jared Leto. It might be the vintage blush silk top that I got on my first vintage shopping trip.

No. It is my Tiffany’s bracelet. It’s silver with a heart hanging off of it. Why is it my favorite? Because it belonged to my grandmother, who died of ovarian cancer when I was too young to even understand what cancer was. When the doctors informed her that she only had a few weeks left to live, my grandfather went to Tiffany’s and bought her the most beautiful bracelet he saw. It was the most extravagant thing she had ever owned, costing less than $500. After she passed away, my mother gave it to me, and it was one of the few physical reminders that I had of her.ArielleMcManus

Fast-forward many years later to October 29th, 2012, when Hurricane Sandy changed my life. My family had to evacuate the house, and when we came back the next day, we saw that everything we owned had been destroyed. The bracelet had been washed away in the flood. I was devastated.

My boyfriend felt terrible that I lost the bracelet, along with everything else, in the storm. He saved up his money and for this past Christmas, he bought me a new one. That bracelet, which may just seem like a materialistic item to others, means the world to me. It is a reminder of the amazing woman that my grandmother was, and also a reminder of my boyfriend. There is so much love associated with that bracelet.

You may be wondering what the point of that story was. Well, that was my homework assignment for my Fashion Forecasting class. After the class finished telling their stories, my professor told us that the point of the assignment was to get the class to see that fashion is not merely about “things”. There is a story behind fashion. There is a history, as well as many emotions, that accompany pieces of clothing and accessories. Some do not understand this. There are those that say fashion is materialistic, and those that follow fashion are spoiled. That is not true.

Fashion is about you. Fashion is about the way you feel. It is about the things you have experienced. It is about the hardships of your life, and well as the riches of your life. Do not let your love of fashion make you feel as though you are materialistic or spoiled. Fashion is how you express yourself. If you love fashion, embrace it; don’t feel ashamed of it.

So, what’s your most memorable item of clothing?


Introducing Precollege Blogger: Sophia

My name is Sophia Pinney; I am fifteen years old, a born and bred New Yorker, with coffee running through my veins instead of blood, smog in my lungs instead of air, and scaffolding under my skin instead of bones. This city raised me. I grew up with Central Park as my back yard, the Natural History Museum as my living room, and 24 hour diners as my kitchen. Raising a child in New York City is the greatest gift you can give them, because from the time they start going to school they’ve seen more humanity on their morning commutes than a lot of people do in their entire lives. This city has taught me so much, and it’s given me so many opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. And when I talk about my future, all my friends say how much they want to leave the city, but I think why would I? I am where so many people spend years building up to moving, I’m already in one of the fashion capitals of the world. Why would I waste precious years being somewhere else?

I have taken two classes at FIT, including the one I am currently enrolled in. Until I began at FIT I had no idea that I shared my world view with so many other people. I had no idea that there were so many other girls and boys in this city aiming for the same goal as me. This goal to be accepted into the fashion world, maybe not receive our first choice career but just to simply be accepted, let in to the exclusivity of it all. People in the fashion world see things so differently than everyone else. They see so much beauty, create garments out of thin air, and capture a singular moment, a feeling in something still and silent. Fashion makes art accessible to those who simply want to receive it. However to those of us like myself who find ourselves trying to work in the fashion industry, it can seem extremely inaccessible, like there is a glass wall between you and the life that you want, because you can only witness it through pictures and videos.

This year and last year I have been lucky enough to attend fashion shows. And while my goal is to be the one behind the curtain, it was nice to be surrounded by people of the same mindset as me. It was nice to pretend to be an adult for a little while, to pretend like I belonged, even though I know that I do. Growing up in New York City you would think that I would have been exposed to so much more of the fashion industry than I have been. And while it may still be more than a kid growing up in Middle America, I find that most of the city I see is dirty and dingy. Especially during the winter it is hard to find beauty when everything is whitewashed in grey. For now I put my head down, and wait for the colors to return to my city, wait for the spectacular glow of summer nights in the West Village, and for the smell of melting garbage and flowers to mix into a perfect bouquet.