What is Fashion Forecasting?

Hello readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. As the semester comes to an end in 3 short weeks, I thought I would go over what I’m learning in HFM 060: Fashion Forecasting: Seeing Into The Future. I took this course because I’ve always wondered why certain trends happen. Is there a science behind it? What mathematical formula do retailers use to know what people are going to want to wear?

In reality, it’s more complicated than that. Trends are formed based off a tremendous amount of research and what is happening in the world at the time. The process is complex and definitely very interesting, which makes learning about it exciting. My professor, Suzanne Piazza, started by introducing us to simple fashion vocabulary. This was very informative because these terms are important to know. Then, we learned about business within fashion and how to be successful in dealing with business. Next, we learned about the history of fashion. This was my favorite part of the course because understanding why people dressed and designed they way they did in certain time periods is very interesting to me. We each did a project on a decade of our choice which made this topic fun to learn about. Then, we learned how to formulate a theme for a fashion forecast. A theme is the topic of your prediction that has a unifying, dominant idea. Inspiration for themes can found almost everywhere. Next, we learned about color theory. I never knew color could be so interesting! Color affects us so much and we don’t even realize it. Color is a vital part in forecasting a trend because consumers aren’t going to buy something if they don’t like the color. When forecasting fashion, your consumers are your real customer, so you have to please them first. This makes the job of being a fashion forecaster risky, but most of the time rewarding if you’re good at it. Finally, now we’re working on our final project of forecasting our own trend for Fall/Winter 2016. This project is really cool because we’re using resources that actual retailers use like trend forecasting services. I’m excited to see how my project turns out.

Overall, this semester has been the best learn experience I’ve ever had. It’s exciting and rewarding to learn about something you’re passionate about. I’ve not only learned so much from Professor Piazza, but also from myself and my classmates. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is interested in any part of the fashion industry because it is very informative. I can’t wait to come back to FIT next semester.

Have a great week everyone!

Thank you for reading,
Kenzie Davis

Instructor Spotlight: Jully-Alma Taveras

Jully-Alma Taveras ​is an energetic, motivated and fashion obsessed NYC girl. Her
experience in the fashion industry started at 16 years old, interning for fur designer Adrianne Landau. Since then, Jully has earned degrees at FIT in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising Management. Jullyfor FITShe has worked in various different roles including luxury design, marketing, fashion show production, celebrity styling, merchandising and sales. Throughout all of these experiences, one thing has always remained constant – her love for fashion, product and relationship-building. Today, Jully works for Ralph Lauren as an Account Executive, lectures at FIT and works for the world leading trend forecasting Service WGSN/Stylesight.


Instructor Jully Taveras teaches:
HSX 120 Fabulous World of Fashion Forecasting

Teaching Philosophy:
My teaching philosophy starts with engagement. It’s very important for me to create an environment where asking questions comes very natural. My goal for my students is for each of them to inquire, research and develop in order to discover their dreams and then tactfully pursue those aspirations. I love to share my experiences and strive to help our next generation of fashion leaders carve their own paths to success!

On Precollege Programs:
I took my first Precollege class many moons ago, but I remember to this day who my professors were and how they helped me determine what my skill sets were and ways to improve them. The Precollege program at FIT provided me with tools to learn about careers, opportunities and industry professionals. It gave me a glimpse at the fashion world from the inside and helped me carve my own path to success. I encourage every young person to take Precollege courses – after all, I wouldn’t be where I am without being a part of this wonderful program myself!
 Fashion Design, Merchandising, Marketing and Sales:
-Adrienne Landau
-Bill Blass
-Ralph Lauren
-Laundry by Shelli Segal
-Jantzen Swimwear
-Perry Ellis International
-Leatherock Accessories
Fashion Styling:
-What Not to Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly
-Time: Health Magazine
-Mercedes Benz NYFW

Introducing Precollege Blogger: Samantha

Samantha SosaI am Samantha Sosa. I just started my Junior year at Oceanside High School. It feels like I have written this introduction a million times and every time it is completely different. But, right now I’m not just tapping my foot with a blank stare trying to figure out something to create. I finally can just write..well type. I am a triplet and grew up with a single mother. I always had a sense of leadership and need of organization at the very start. With a life full of disarray I have always loved to write. I love how you can take a piece of literature and interpret it the way you desire. It gives such a sense of control in any chaotic life. I have quite the love for english. I am in AP English, my school’s newspaper and taking a creative writing class. Some might say I’m crazy. I take HFM 060  Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future course for fall 2015. For any fashion and trend lover this is the class for you. Just after one class I’ve already learned an exceeding amount of information. I have never taken an FIT course before due to the case of protective mothers and their need to think of every possible worst situation out there. But, after begging and a lot of trust, I finally was able to attend.

Ever since I was little I found myself loving fashion. I always knew I wasn’t going to be happy anywhere else. I really can’t imagine myself sitting in a little cube office doing the same thing everyday. I love how the fashion world is constantly changing. From buying every magazine to looking at every fashion blog. I became consumed in this world. I would love to attend FIT and major in Fashion Business Management and hopefully with fingers crossed, work my way up to a fashion director one day.

I  love that I have the opportunity to blog. I have a lot to say and so many ideas. I am very creative. I could bring all aspects to the table. From clothing and fashion advice to the top “in budget” trends easy for anyone’s wallet. I feel this experience will benefit me in all aspects. I want to connect people to this society while I learn myself. It want to challenge myself to become a better writer, it would be a dream to see that I have the ability to teach and inform my experiences to others. I hope people can look at my posts and be inspired themselves.

I hope you learned a little about me and I hope I can get the chance to do what I want to do most!

-Samantha Sosa

Been There, Done That – An Interview With Precollege Alum Bruno Meira


Bruno Meira’s Lifestyle Blog

I was born in Brazil, and raised in New York. I have just graduated with an AAS Degree in Communication Design, and now I am entering my first semester as an upper division student pursuing a BS Degree in International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries, planning to minor in French and International Politics.


Photography by Silvana Fazzalari

The FIT Models and Stylists Association has become one of the biggest clubs on campus, attracting models, stylists, photographers, bloggers, and fashion lovers from all different majors.Over 100 students have attended our weekly workshops and activities. We have brought many opportunities for our members, including a Models and Stylists Networking Conference that included a speaker from America’s Next Top Model. Our members have signed contracts with modeling agencies, worked for various fashion events, been featured in FIT Publications and social networks including W27, Blush Magazine, @FITNYC Instagram and other social platforms and one of them was even featured in Vogue last year. FITMSA was recognized at the Student Association Recognition Ceremony with the New Club of the Year Award. On the same night, I was recognized with the Michael Noeth Memorial Leadership Award and the FIT Student Gold Leadership Key.

I am a Presidential Scholar, Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society member, and have received scholarships from PVH Corporation, Gemini Shippers Association Ralph Lauren, and New Times Group.

I took two Precollege courses: HAC 063 Careers in Advertising and Marketing Communications and HAD 101 The Principles of Design.

Fashion has always intrigued me. I knew FIT was the right school for me, however I wasn’t sure of how I was going to make a career out of my passion. Taking courses that fit my personal interests helped me develop my identity within FIT to find the appropriate majors to explore all my talents in business, fashion, art, and design and follow the right path to “making a living” by also making the world more interesting and dynamic.

After my Principles of Design class I knew that I had to explore that talent. Precollege gave me a taste and an insider view of what the FIT experience was going to be.

After Precollege I came to a realization that a great artist is not only one who invents great works; but one who has a bigger vision for such works.

My best advice for students is to start your career as early as you can and take as many Precollege courses as they can. On top of being ahead, they will always learn more about themselves and the school in the classes. It’s a great opportunity for trial-and-error, especially in terms of interests before committing to a specific major at FIT.

Have a wonderful day and believe in the dream.


Bruno Meira
President, FIT Models and Stylists Association

Introducing Precollege Blogger: Kenzie

Hello FIT Precollege Blog readers! My name is Kenzie Davis and I am a sophomore in high school. I am currently taking my first ever semester of precollege classes at FIT and I am very happy that I can document this special experience with you all . After one class of “HFM 060: Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future”, I already know that the next ten weeks will be the most productive, exciting weeks of my life! My teacher and classmates create an inspiring atmosphere. Back home in Connecticut, there is no place I can go where there KenzieDavisare people as passionate about the fashion industry as I am, so going to FIT is a refreshing experience.
Wearing what I want to wear is important to me and has been from a very young age. I remember needing whatever clothes I would see women of the 2000s wear in music videos back when MTV would only play music videos. Can you imagine that? However, growing up and going to a private school, which required uniforms, put a restriction on my wardrobe. When I wasn’t at school, I was always dressed up. I loved layering my shirts, wearing knee high boots, and making sure every piece of my outfit matched. My inspiration as I got older came from mostly my favorite actresses and musicians. When I started going to public school last year and wearing whatever I wanted to everyday, I developed a cleaner sense of my own style. I adopted the belief that what you wear represents who you are. Currently, my inspiration comes from the music I listen to and outfits I see on Instagram or Tumblr. I love getting inspiration from the people around me as well, like looking at people’s outfits and critiqueing them in my head.
Throughout the years, I have also grown to love art and especially the artistic process of fashion, but I am unfortunately untalented in this area of the industry. Now is my time to explore my interests so in addition to keeping up with the fashion world and taking classes at FIT, I’m also a part of the Film and Photography Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Key Club, and Wildcat Word, the newspaper at my school. I hope by the end of my high school experience, I can confidently say how I would like to contribute to the fashion industry. The truth is that right now I just do not know specifically what I want to do. All I know is that I want to work with fashion more than anything in the world. So my goal is to figure out what I would like to be when I grow up with the help of FIT.

I am very excited to show you all what this semester brings for me! Thank you for reading.