Instructor Spotlight: Kristin Paquette

KristinPaquetteKristin Paquette is an established and well-respected fashion industry professional with 15 year of expertise. Seven in Men’s and Young Men’s markets, and eight years in Women’s Trend forecasting, analysis, and fashion direction. She creates Trend boards for the global trends of the season, and then breaks them down with key silhouettes, fabrics, and details, in to wearable salable trend direction. She has an extensive knowledge of fashion cultural references that are leveraged in to creating amazing collections.

Professor Paquette teaches the course: HSX 090: Fashion Design Using Global Inspirations
In just four sessions you will create a group of fashion designs that reflect your or another ethnic cultural detail. Learn how to develop a design idea and create a small coordinate group using your original inspiration. Design a group of garments on fashion figures that you would wear everyday, to a special event or to a club. Learn the techniques of drawing a fashion figure, work with markers, and color your designs to matching fabric swatches.
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Teaching Philosophy:
Is to encourage, motivate, and be passionate about what we create. We are all going to learn from each other, and there is no wrong way but different paths that we all can take to get where we want to go! I am very enthusiastic and I hope that my energy and knowledge will inspire the students to be as innovative and excited about the subject; and that they will take away from this class a fantastic experience in fashion.

On Precollege Programs:
Precollege programs are a fantastic way to test out what the process is for the actual job. I enjoy taking the students through the process and educating them on how to create a line. They will get a real sense of what being a design director will be on a smaller scale. I enjoy championing them and their creativity, to further pursue a degree in fashion design.

Industry Experience:
Fashion Director for Trend – Women’s, Men’s and Children’s wear
Research & Development – Seasonally Traveled Europe for key trends, Fashion show analysis, Fabric analysis for Macy’s Private Brands 5 years
Trend Board Stylist Joseph Abboud
Union Fashion Stylist for TV – APPLE,Neiman Marcus,, Panasonic,Queen Latifah, I home, Bsmith to name a few

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Last Day of Classes!

Hi Everyone!
Well another great semester at FIT has come to an end and I feel like just yesterday I was sitting down writing my first blog post. It’s crazy to think I’ve completed my second Precollege class. I really enjoyed the class I took this summer. I feel like I got an inside look at what the beauty industry is really all about. All 3 of my professors were so knowledgeable and taught me so many great things.

As the summer begins coming to a close there are definitely both feelings of excitement and nerves about entering into my senior year of high school. This is the year I will begin applying to colleges and FIT is definitely at the top of my list.

The cosmetics and fragrance Precollege course really reminded me how much I love the beauty industry. From making products to learning about marketing I loved every minute of it and I hope to pursue a career in this field in the future.

My friends Marissa, Olivia and I!

My friends Marissa, Olivia and I!

I’m glad that I was able to have an opportunity to attend classes at FIT before applying. Taking these courses really showed me that having a career in the fashion industry is definitely something I want to do. Its been so much fun blogging this semester. I hope everyone enjoyed their classes and has an amazing summer.

Best of luck to everyone!



This Isn’t Goodbye

I don’t believe in goodbyes, implying an ending and never seeing a person again. I tried my best to update and open a window into my experiences here. I don’t think words could fully describe what I’ve gained from this program. While my future in art seems a bit… limited at the moment, I will always continue to doodle and photograph on my own time on my beloved iPhone. I hope to see everyone again at some point! So to end this post: see you later!

Chloe =)

The End

This is my last post for this session’s blog. These past three weeks went by very quickly. I enjoyed my classes this semester very much. I enjoyed learning new skills. I enjoyed some of the people who I met. I enjoyed my professors. These classes have given me a new motivation for fashion, a new motivation for pushing myself to do better. Who knows what I’ll do when I grow up but what I’ve realized is that at this point it doesn’t really matter. I’m not wasting time by taking these classes because I have all the time in the world. And even if I don’t use these skills in the future, I’m enjoying them now.

I’m sad that it’s over but I know I’ll be back, if not this fall or spring then definitely in the summer.

Thank you, good luck, and good-bye.


Bye! Adiós! Ciao! Au Revoir!

Board for Fashion Forecasting

alice + olivia – Tulle Skirts

Mosque of Paris - Tulle Skirts

Mosque of Paris – Tulle Skirts

Hey Mod Mavens!
I haven’t posted in a while because my two fabulous professors have been keeping me busy with fashion projects. So busy, actually, that I did not even notice three weeks had passed by. Before I started on my Precollege adventure, I looked at three weeks like it was a lifetime. The days flashed by, although in them I earned a lifetime of knowledge and friendship.

Excitement and stress swirl in my stomach when I think of the last day. All final projects are due and friends are flying back home. If it weren’t for the fact that I am staying in the city for another week, I might actually shed a tear. Luckily, I have my stylish assignments to distract me.

In my morning class, Develop an Eye for Styling, we had to create a board for a location photo shoot. I chose the tea garden in the Mosque of Paris with a trend focus on tulle skirts – that is right: tutus. I, fortunately, got to double this board for my afternoon class’ project. In Fashion Forecasting, we were to analyze a future trend. I chose, you guessed it, tulle skirts with a brand focus on alice + olivia.

Once the projects are over and the stress is relieved, I will be left with the reality that this journey is over. The bittersweet ending signifies the start of a new journey: senior year. Hopefully these won’t be my last steps in the halls of FIT.

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Chari