Introducing Precollege Blogger: Emily

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Precollege is Prefabulous!

As my mother crossed the Verrazano Bridge after missing our train from New Jersey to Penn Station where I would attend my first Precollege class last spring, I started to wonder if this was all a mistake. I had many of the same thoughts that we all have. Will people like me? Will my teacher like my work? Will I complete something I can be proud of?

And most importantly, were these two-inch heeled boots the wrong choice for today…?

Fortunately, as I walked into my class, the first of many, all of my questions were answered. I was home. From this first class in Fashion Forecasting, taught by the funny, fashionable and fabulous Prof. Gary Wolf, I not only learned the skill of predicting every fashion trend imaginable, but I also learned a few skills on life and being confident in my skin (and two-inch heels.). Taking this class allowed me to move outside my comfort zone and into the concrete jungle where I met friends who I can honestly say I will keep for a lifetime, and learned skills I will carry with me everywhere I go.

This fall I am enrolled in, “HAR 016: Creating The Fashion Figure” class, which will help me to improve my sketches and enhance my portfolio. My goal is to apply to FIT in 2017 to the Fashion Design program, and learn all the skills the school has to offer. I am thrilled to be back in a Precollege class with students who appreciate my creative side and personal style. There are so few people in my suburban high school who share my interests, so coming to Precollege truly feels like coming home. It is a place where people share the same passion for fashion and respect for style, but most importantly it has allowed me to step far outside my comfort zone. As Elle Woods once said, “You must always have faith in people, but most importantly you must always have faith in yourself.”

Who am I? Well I am still trying to figure that out. But most days I am a girl who models her look after classic yet simple pieces such as the leather jacket, as well as trending street style. I love to sing and will continue to stand in long lines to try out for The Voice (word to the wise, wear a coat in Chicago); love New York City and the buzz and hum of it; and spend most of my time with a great group of real friends (Squad!) I feel most like myself in the city and at FIT, where I can invent myself or wear something outrageous and everyone says, “Go girl!” instead of my high school where the principal sees my outfit and says “Go home, girl!” I love being with people who understand my creative side and appreciate my style, and I appreciate theirs. I love that I have the chance to blog for Precollege and report on the exciting things that are going on every day in FIT class rooms, and maybe even bring new outlooks and aspects to the already wonderful blog!

Precollege students: welcome to your new home away from home!

-Emily Salamon

Introducing Precollege Blogger: Samantha

Samantha SosaI am Samantha Sosa. I just started my Junior year at Oceanside High School. It feels like I have written this introduction a million times and every time it is completely different. But, right now I’m not just tapping my foot with a blank stare trying to figure out something to create. I finally can just write..well type. I am a triplet and grew up with a single mother. I always had a sense of leadership and need of organization at the very start. With a life full of disarray I have always loved to write. I love how you can take a piece of literature and interpret it the way you desire. It gives such a sense of control in any chaotic life. I have quite the love for english. I am in AP English, my school’s newspaper and taking a creative writing class. Some might say I’m crazy. I take HFM 060  Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future course for fall 2015. For any fashion and trend lover this is the class for you. Just after one class I’ve already learned an exceeding amount of information. I have never taken an FIT course before due to the case of protective mothers and their need to think of every possible worst situation out there. But, after begging and a lot of trust, I finally was able to attend.

Ever since I was little I found myself loving fashion. I always knew I wasn’t going to be happy anywhere else. I really can’t imagine myself sitting in a little cube office doing the same thing everyday. I love how the fashion world is constantly changing. From buying every magazine to looking at every fashion blog. I became consumed in this world. I would love to attend FIT and major in Fashion Business Management and hopefully with fingers crossed, work my way up to a fashion director one day.

I  love that I have the opportunity to blog. I have a lot to say and so many ideas. I am very creative. I could bring all aspects to the table. From clothing and fashion advice to the top “in budget” trends easy for anyone’s wallet. I feel this experience will benefit me in all aspects. I want to connect people to this society while I learn myself. It want to challenge myself to become a better writer, it would be a dream to see that I have the ability to teach and inform my experiences to others. I hope people can look at my posts and be inspired themselves.

I hope you learned a little about me and I hope I can get the chance to do what I want to do most!

-Samantha Sosa

Introducing Precollege Blogger: Walter

WalterSincoxGreetings fellow photographers and fashion enthusiasts, my name is Walter and I’m here to blog about the wide world of art. But first, you probably want to know a thing or two about the guy who will be writing these posts. I’m a high school senior from Westfield, NJ and over the past year I have invested a lot of my time taking Precollege courses at FIT, everything from Introduction to Traditional  & Digital Photography to Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future to Sneakerology, but I still make time for other activities. During the week I participate in swimming, boxing, lacrosse and weight lifting. Along with these competitive sports, I pursue my recreational interests of piano, ukulele, soccer, and football as well as career related passions of photography, fashion, and sneaker collecting. I try to use all my activities to create a unified personal aesthetic that I have in my mind. An invaluable piece to that puzzle is a blogging opportunity at FIT (currently taking: HFM 064 The Ins & Outs of Fashion Merchandising and HLD 031 Sneakerology) .
At this point, I’ve only begun my push into many art and physical forms but I want to keep growing. I want to continue developing my work ethic while doing something that I love. An internship in the city, in particular at FIT, would be a dream come true. I have so many things I want to learn and do. When I get older, I want to look back with no regrets, knowing I did as much as I could. I want to experience all aspects of the modern art field; I want to design, direct music videos for underground rappers, use my photography to help charities, advertise clothing or models and work in the garment industry demographic.
While I know not all of this is possible in a single career, what a perfect time to explore and see where these passions can take me. Even if I don’t make a career out of all of these fields, I would still hold them as hobbies because it’s not all about money, it’s about doing what you love with the people and community where you feel welcome.

Now that you can paint a mental image of who I am and what I’m about, I hope you are excited about this blogging experience that we will tackle together.

Thank you for your time everyone, this is Walter, signing off.

Introducing Precollege Blogger: Sarah

Sarah Saul Hello lovely readers,

My mother and father named me Sarah (after my grandmother.) You can call me Sar- everybody does. I would beat around the bush and say I love where I live, but that’s a complete and total lie. I’m growing up in the ever-so-boring Long Island. It’s so clean here on Long Island. When I say clean, I don’t mean as opposed to filthy. It’s just that there’s such a lack of diversity and appreciation of art. NYC’s constant screams of sounds and color take my breath away and are at the core of it’s beauty. Long Islanders are very isolated from that pleasure and extraordinary experience that is NYC. FIT allows outsiders of this precious world to come visit during their Precollege program. I am lucky enough to be one of the many students.

There are so many benefits of this program such as expanding your knowledge on technique, enhancing your experience in the art field and the proximity to Starbucks. Last winter, the coldest winter I have ever encountered, I took JSX 006 Basic Digital Photography: Portraits and JSX 031 Basic Drawing Skills. Photography was at first an epic-failure for me. The poor professor had to take time to teach me how to hold the camera. Then, gradually, I fell in love with capturing nature, emotion and stories. I familiarized myself with the proper way to operate the camera over the past year…it’s an incredible piece of technology . Basic Drawing Skills were anything but basic, I thought I would be signing up for some illustrations of Uggs or perhaps a cell phone or even Nutella, it’s a “basic” drawing class after all. It was much to my dismay that I was informed that we would be drawing 2D and 3D shapes. After many classes 2D and 3D shapes didn’t seem too bad after all. In fact, I was beginning to draw them more and more in my free time.

Over the past year I have taken up an interest in Interior Design (currently enrolled in HID 021: Introduction to Technical Drawing and Spatial Planning). I have gone to incredible exhibits at the Cooper Hewitt. I have also interned at an Interior Design firm for a year which has given me an outlook on how the business operates. If the internship taught me anything at all it was that A) every textile will tell a story and B) Keep your coffee cup FAR away from the samples. Outside of my passion for visual arts, I love Opera. I have been a lover and a singer since the age of 6. My mom and I would have adventures to the MET. At the age of 7 I mostly went for the brownies and to see the chandeliers; only a few years later, the music overtook the brownies.

I aspire to be a graduate of FIT for Interior Design and Business. I long for a Upper-West side apartment with a few special individuals. I hope to pursue my dream at a thriving company. I hope to help out the world environmentally and also, travel the world to help others and see my planet. I believe that blogging for FIT would be a tremendous opportunity to share my love for the arts and writing with the community. It would also be a connection that I would have to other art appreciators who might be my classmates in the near future. Thank you for letting me share :)

-Sarah Saul

Introducing Precollege Blogger: Emily

EmilyKellyHi! My names Emily, most people call me Em, and I live in Connecticut. I know, some of you are probably saying “where?” but I’m closer to New York than you think! Fortunately enough, I’ve been able to take 3 classes at FIT, including the course I’m currently taking this fall semester. The course I’m currently taking is HAD 150: Magazine Design with Professor Lerner. At the moment, we’re developing mood boards that will interpret our thought process and give the rest of the class a feel for what kind of aesthetic we’re leaning towards for our magazine. I’m actually really excited to get going on this project, I can’t wait to see what my classmates and I come up with!

Personally, I have a passion for styling. I love creating a look meant to fit a certain setting or person. Putting together the final product is one of my favorite parts of the styling process because not only are you in charge of what gets seen, but you’re also the one who makes sure the client is happy and has a look finished to its full potential. I feel too many people in this world don’t have a passion and I’m grateful that I have a passion which drives me and leaves me longing for it more.

When it comes to fashion and design, my interests are pretty much an open book! For the most part, I like following fashion blogs on Tumblr or Staying in the loop with designers current collections is interesting and quite exciting! I also like to go shopping, not necessarily to always shop but to look at how window displays are set up. For instance, Macy’s on 34th street had some funky displays over the summer; they were vibrant and engaging, I loved it! A random interest of mine is, of course, food. Everyone has a favorite food, mine being pasta and ice cream! Sticking on the topic of food, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is a must! If you’ve never had a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (yes you read correctly, the whole pint) you’re missing out. I strongly recommend the flavor, Boom Chocolatta, you’ll fall in love instantly. I also enjoy watching hockey; preferably the New York Rangers. I’m not into many sports but if you mention hockey I’m all yours. I love listening to most genres of music, except country. I also have a soft spot for the band One Direction. I know what you’re thinking but hey, they make me happy and I find that if someone or something makes you happy you should never hide it because it’s a part of who you are!

Additionally, I enjoy writing whenever I get the chance. Whether it be journaling or descriptive pieces, I find it’s a nice way to express myself and sort out my brain before a new day approaches and more nonsense takes over. I also like to exercise a few times a week, it gets my body moving and in all honesty, I feel great afterwards! I wouldn’t consider myself a homebody but I have a big family so I don’t need to depend on my friends to always hang out with when I have the peanut gallery sitting in the same house as me. I’m not sure if I would consider this a hobby or not but I like to make people feel better. Everyone goes through rough patches at points in their lives and sometimes it can even be an ordeal to get out of bed in the morning, no one deserves to live in a sour state of mind. I do what I can to be there when someone needs a person no matter who or what their problem is. Sometimes people need to know someone cares and that really can make all the difference.

On a lighter note, I’m eager to share my 2 cents with individuals like me on this blog because I feel it’s important we all learn from one another’s experiences and be able apply them to our own lives. I enjoy giving advice and a bit of insight to others, as well as hearing what other people have to say! There’s a billion different stories out there so when it comes to blogging, the more the merrier!

. “Do what you love and happiness will follow.” This is one of my favorite quotes because it holds true to whatever path you end up going down. Having an optimistic outlook on life makes each step of the way easier and more meaningful. In the future, I hope to be able to attend FIT in the Fall so I can dive into an industry that puts a smile on my face and enhance my knowledge in each exciting nook of the fashion industry. Fashion and design are part of so many different work fields so being able to immerse myself in it head first is extremely exciting! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my ambitions and I as well as what paths I end up taking in life!

-Emily Kelly