Different LifeSTYLES

Hi everyone! It’s been another long week of sitting in class nine periods a day listening to my teachers talk. I mean, come on, how is playing kickball in gym class going to help me in life? Anyway, as I’m walking to FIT on a Saturday morning, walking through the halls at school or even going to a concert I like to observe what everyone is wearing. It’s so interesting how someones lifestyle can influence how they dress.

A perfect example would be last Tuesday when I was at the 5 Seconds of Summer concert. Looking out into the crowd it was literally a sea of flannels, band t-shirts and converse sneakers. This made me realize how heavily the band has influenced the way their fans dress, everyone at the concert mimicking the band’s style. I’ve also noticed a diverse amount of styles walking down the halls of school. First, there are the jocks dressed in their basketball shorts, t-shirts, Nike sneakers and mid-calf socks. Next, we have the preppy kids wearing pastel colors, skirts, dresses and polo shirts. There is also that group of kids who like to dress casual and comfy in sweatshirts, t-shirts and sweatpants. All of this just goes to show that different lifestyles will have an effect on what a person wears. What kind of style do you have? What influences you to buy certain clothes?

I know I am completely switching topics right now but this weekend my Precollege class will be taking a trip to Macy’s so I will have to let you all know how it goes in my next blog post! I am so excited, I really feel like taking these little trips and learning about real life situations in the Fashion Industry really enhances the class and will get us prepared for a future working in the industry. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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