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photo (13)As I said in my introduction post this spring semester I’m taking Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising. When I first signed up for the class from the title of course I knew I’d be learning the art of merchandising in the fashion industry, but I still had a very vague perception as to what exactly that meant. Nonetheless I was still very excited and knew I’d learn soon enough.

And now after attending three classes (March 1st, 8th, and 15th) I certainly have a better idea of what exactly fashion merchandising entails. Essentially (so far) what this class provides is an understanding of how everything from fabrics, to color, sales, and perhaps most importantly the costumer affect the art of merchandising.

My professor is really very good and I’m having a great time in the class. Since the first day we’ve jumped right into the course. With only three classes under my belt I feel I’ve already learned so much, we’ve taken notes on essential fashion terms, fabrics, colors, and Spring 2014 trends and have read and discussed countless articles. We’ve had a FIT student studying Textile Development and Marketing come in and show us her portfolio, we’ve written positioning statements on different stores, had a museum costume tour (fashion from the 1910s to the 1990s), and visited the student run Style Shop.

I’ve enjoyed myself thus far and feel it’s only going to get better, for the class on March 22nd we will be going to the Meatpacking District (unless the weather is poor). There we will go to stores and take notes on the things we see that we’ve learned about, like if products are stars or question marks, and the trends with fabric, color, prints, and etc. for the spring.

Anyway this was just an update as to what my class has looked like for the past few weeks. If anyone has any questions or thoughts please comment below. I hope classes are going well for everyone else too!





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