Introducing Precollege Blogger: Arielle

ArielleMcManusHey everyone!

My name is Arielle, and I’m a senior in high school taking classes at FIT for the first time. I’m from Long Island, New York, and every Saturday I take the train into the city early in the morning to get to my Fashion Forecasting class. After an hour-long break, I make my way to my Fashion Merchandising class. I’m taking these classes because I want to become a fashion buyer for a luxury department store, and I am going to major in Fashion Merchandising.

Up until last year, I was dead set on becoming a dermatologist. I had dedicated all of my time to becoming a doctor and getting into a good college so that I could eventually get into a good medical school. While taking the hardest science classes available to me, I realized medicine was not the right field for me. I hated biology, I was terrible at chemistry, and I did not want to spend the rest of my life doing anything related to natural sciences. I was faced with a huge dilemma. I wondered what to do with my life. I have always loved fashion (literally always-my first word was “shoes”), but I was unsure of what part of the fashion industry I should become involved in. I did not even know if I could really make a career out of fashion. Besides, I had no real experience in the fashion world. I had been attending medical conferences, not helping out the fashion club. I wondered if it was too late to go into fashion, since I had been so focused on science and math, not the arts. However, over the summer, I really became involved in fashion, and after extensive research, I had decided that fashion merchandising was the right option for me. I found out that I could take classes at FIT, and so I signed up! I’m taking classes at FIT so that I can expose myself to the fashion world as much as I can.

I have always wanted to blog. My plan is to start my own fashion blog in either my freshman or sophomore year of college. Not only do I have experience in creative writing, but I want to be the Precollege blogger so that I can develop skills for my own blog and also so that teens who cannot take Precollege classes at FIT can get a feel for what it is like.

I’m so excited to be at FIT. My first day of class was amazing. I made so many friends and met so many interesting people. The professors are the best! They have so much experience in the fashion world. I really do not think there is anyone better suited to teach students about fashion than the professors at FIT.

I really hope my posts are helpful to you all. Although I have only taken classes for a day, I strongly advise anyone that is considering taking classes at FIT to sign up!

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