The End is Upon Us

Guess who it is?

If “Tessa” was your answer, give yourselves a high-five, or a pat on the back. Go buy yourself some lunch, or maybe even a present. You deserve it. You’re right.

If you guessed anything other than “Tessa,” I have to inform you that you are incorrect. However, feel free to do the activities mentioned above because I am sure that’s you are a wonderful person and you probably still deserve it. But you were still wrong.

So, now that that’s out of the way…

As the title suggests, today was indeed the last day of class. I finished my shirt and got the buttons and stuff on, which was superbly awesome because it allowed me to see the completed fruits of my labor.

(My shirt! My precious! My baby!)

Today I sewed on the buttons on that baby, which only took a bit of the class time. After doing all the other little stuff, the class, as a whole, hung our shirts on mannequins.

It was cool to look at all of the shirts, and funny how I could tell which shirt belonged to each person. I mean, we’ve been working in the same room for a while. If I wasn’t able to do so, it was obvious that I needed to look around a bit more.

Right now it’s really hitting me that class is over. As of this writing, it’s only been like an hour or so, but not only does it feel like it ended forever ago, I also really miss it.

I miss my sometime-malfunctioning sewing machine. I miss the smell of the irons. I miss the buzz of the machines. And, of course, I miss the people too; I miss the idle conversations, the laughs, the interactions.

In short, I pretty much miss everything. I don’t miss the oft-malfunctioning escalators, though. I mean, seriously, they might as well just be called stairs.

Being that not really much work was done, it’s a short post today. But that does not make me miss class any less.

Perchance I’ll be back someday!


PS: in the meanwhile, I’m blogging, albeit inconsistently, at, and also tweeting/instagramming @tmitessa.

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