Where did the time go?

Hey, Tessa here. Currently, I’m wondering where in the world these past couple of weeks went. They sped by so fast, it makes me feel as if time used to go slower!

Time flies when you’re having fun, they say. And I am here telling you that, yes, time does fly.

Anyway, today allowed me to near completion of my shirt. Once I got I class, I started on the sleeve hems. I finished them soon thereafter.

By that time, the professor called us to talk about buttons and buttonholes once again, and then I went to go mark up my shirt (using pins) in order to signal where the buttonholes would go.

Then we journeyed to a place far, far away…

A classroom which had a buttonhole maker, up one floor and down a hall. It was an exhausting trek!

(Hopefully my sarcasm is obvious.)

By the time I got my buttonholes completed and we (as a class) headed back into the classroom, class was nearing completion. So then, I got to finishing my bottom hem.

I finished in the nick of time, so I was able to get all the work on the machine done.

All I have left is hand-sewing on the buttons and some other little hand-done details.

Ahh! So close!


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