Note to everyone everywhere

Evidently, my common sense was lacking today when I decided to wear a pencil skirt today for class. The aforementioned skirt constricted my movements, making it more difficult than usual to maneuver myself to get to the presser-foot-lever thing that is pressed with the leg.

Additionally, I wore shoes that were slightly too big today. Then, as I trotted up the stairs on my way to the subway from my train at Grand Central, one of my shoes fell off and I had to scramble to get it back on my foot.

Talk about embarrassing!

Now to actually talk about class…

Thankfully, my machine actually worked today, so I was able to progress in my project. I sewed on my last sleeve. (The side on which I accidentally serged on and had to replace. For more details, see a prior post entitled “Oh, it’s already Thursday?”.)

So after I attached that, I sewed down the seam allowance via topstitching.

After that, I sewed my two sides together. After I did such, the next step was to serge that seem allowance.

However, the serger had to be threaded and I didn’t feel like waiting for that. But first, I had to take one of those survey things down in the basement on the computer.

Once I returned from that, I had an idea- why not press/fold the yucky, unfinished edge in? Though, as my professor informed me, doing such was not actually a “thing,” it accomplished what I needed to do. And, it even also covered topstitching, too. A two-for-one! Yay!

By the time I finished that, class was over.

I have no idea where the time went. I think maybe a black hole or something? Down the drain? Did it go over the rainbow? Maybe it disappeared due to the professor talking about buttons and buttonholes and such?

(I think it went into a black hole, for your information.)

That’s all for now!



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