À mon avis… {« in my opinion »}

Tuesdays are always sort of a ‘meh’ day…and I am writing this on a Tuesday.

It always seems a day of longing; it is close enough to the weekend for me to reminisce and wish that weekends never ended, yet far away enough for the small acute details to start to fade away from my memories.

Though I always say that I am done with the week by first period on Monday morning, Tuesday is when it really sits in.

So I start looking forwards.

The weekend is only three days away by Wednesday eve, the end of the day on Tuesday.

Being that with the weekend comes FIT.; there is only three days until I’m sitting behind my favorite machine facing towards the door, threading my machine, getting my bobbin straight, sewing the zipper on my dress, trimming the threads, all the things that I’ve come to really enjoy and expect from my Saturdays.

Last class, which feels like ages ago (see explanation above), I got all of the fabric for my dress cut out and started to sew and such. I did not get much done, as cutting the stuff out is really, really time consuming and annoying, in my (100% truthful) opinion.

Other than sewing, our professor showed us the video from the fashion show that displayed, if I recall correctly, the designs of the students receiving their bachelor degrees.

It was quite interesting, and from what I saw, the students’ designs were pretty and pretty well rounded.

I didn’t pay total attention, though, as I was cutting out my fabric. (Don’t tell my professor!)

Grrr, fabric, why are you so difficult to cut?

‘Tis the tidbit from this week!

Au revoir! (I feel in a French mood today. Mais, c’est la vie! “But, that is life!”)


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