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Now, to Eighteenth Street; where I found a solution for my almost-no-project problem…

There was a vintage show down at the Metropolitan Pavilion. It’s a venue used for a bunch of different things; and it was the second time I had been there; the prior I was there for my first-ever somewhat-legit fashion show, yet that is another story for another time.

At the vintage fair, the clothes were mainly vintage designer stuff, and were all obscenely expensive.

However, there was something that caught my eye.

Vintage patterns! Yippee! It was exactly what the doctor, er, seamstress, I guess, ordered.

They looked totally awesome, and the best part was that I actually got two for about half the price of just one of today’s patterns. Usually patterns, at least in stores, are obscenely expensive.

I was super excited about the patterns. I could so totally see my flower-patterned cloth being made into them. (Though I am still on the fence as to which one I am going to make. Oops.)

One is a long, more flowy dress, perfect for summer, whilst the other is a more structured dress but still also perfect! This is quite the dilemma, I think.

(I have one in mind, though; you’ll find out which one I picked soon! I hope that all of you will like it!)

I’ve got to dash!



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