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Every day is the best day for a picnic, I think.

And the thirteenth of April was no exception.

The week prior, my FIT friends and I decided that it would be a genius idea to have a little picnic during our break in the middle of class. I was assigned the “main” course, which ended up being what I called a salad.

I’d tell you what it was made up of, but a true magician-err, chef- never reveals her secrets.

It was really just guacamole with lettuce. But I called it a salad. Just with tortilla chips on the side.  Tohmato, tomahto, in my opinion.

No matter what it was called, it was pretty good, not to toot my own horn or anything.

Anyway, though we were lacking a dessert, it was still extremely fun. I mean, a picnic in the hallway isn’t an everyday thing, right? At least, it isn’t for me.

(And to clarify, we were much too lazy and pressed for time to actually have the picnic outside. Fifteen minutes is not a long amount of time in the long run.)

After our picnic was finished and break was over, class once again resumed. Can’t eat forever! (Sadly.)

By this time, if I can recall, as it has been a little while since this occurrence, we (or at least I; being that I cannot speak for the entirety of my class) had already finished with making the aprons made out of jeans, our first large-ish project. I believe that I had even gotten mine back by that time, as well.

So it was then shorts time! For my shorts, I had purchased (from Mood, just in case you’re wondering) a Marc Jacobs polka-dot fabric, that from my research, likely was associated with his 2011 resort collection. It’s a pretty blue-and-off-white pattern, with the latter being the actual dots.

A perfectly summery-springy pattern for what is hopefully going to actually be spring. (So far, it feels like it’s still winter! I wonder when I’m going to finally be able to wear them…)

I actually finished up my shorts that day, and I got them back this last Saturday. (I got a check plus! Yay for me!)

After the shorts, there was the blouse. It’s actually the project I am working on at the moment. (I’m nearly finished, just with a couple of more hems to complete.) Working on the blouse, I learned how to make French seams. Which, I think, are much more sophisticated than the serger (or overlock, whatever. I first knew it as a serger) machine’s somewhat ugly seaming that is found on the inside of my shorts.

The blouse is a pretty eyelet fabric. I don’t have pictures at the moment, though sadly.

But I should be done with it soon, likely in the beginning of this upcoming class.

With that in mind, after class last Saturday, my mother and I hiked up to Mood, and went fabric shopping. I found a fabulous flower-esque pattern.

However, speaking of patterns, I still needed one. There wasn’t one that caught my eye at Mood, so I went on another adventure.

To Eighteenth Street!

And like the best of the best authors, I leave you here on a cliffhanger.


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