Introducing New Precollege Blogger – Tessa

Hello, FIT Precollege blog-readers and internet dwelling people!

Oops. Did I just say hello to myself?


Let’s do introductions.

I’ll go first.

My name is Tessa, and I am a freshman at a small public school in lower Westchester. Like 100-people-in-my-grade-small.

I like baking, writing, reading, the internet, and of course, fashion. I also play some sports, too; volleyball is my fall sport, and more recently (a.k.a. this week) I joined my track team, which, so far, has been quite a tiring experience.

Anyway, this year I am taking the class “Sewing for Fashion Designers,”

…and it is the only class that I am taking. (If only there were enough hours in the day for me to take everything…) It’s my first time taking a class at FIT; and oh, was the thought intimidating!

I’d have to learn new names, familiarize myself with a new building, industrial machines, wake up to catch the 7:26 train into the city, and then walk 20 or so blocks; the whole shebang.

It was like a first day at a new school because, well, it was.

After that first day, I was less nervous. I made some friends, well at the least some acquaintances, and I felt more at home. It may be a new experience, but I am getting the hang of it fast.

Well, I’d like to think so. The industrial sewing machine and I are still working out some of our issues.

I’m quite excited to share my experiences with all of you, to walk you through what is happening in my world. The idea that I’m actually legitimately blogging for like a school is mind-blowing and exciting and I may be screaming right now.

(I’m screaming mentally anyway. And a good scream. Like a “got-a-hundred-on-a-test” scream.) Come, take a walk in my shoes, and experience my fairly typical, extremely awkward female teenage life.


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