Introducing New Precollege Blogger – Caroline

1. Nutella is my weakness
2. Shopping is my other weakness
3. My laptop is my savior
4. If I could live anywhere it would be in NYC
5. I would kill for a pair of Louboutins (seriously)
6. Writing is my passion
7. I take my camera everywhere
8. My dream job is to work for Vogue
9. Paris (Needs no explanation)
10. My fashion inspirations are the Olsen Twins, Rachel Zoe, and Coco Chanel

            Now that you know ten things about me, you are probably thinking, “Okay…but who are you?” Well to answer your question, my name is Caroline Ogulnick. I am a high school junior from Port Washington, Long Island, which is around a forty minute train ride to the city.  When I first heard about the precollege classes offered at FIT, I signed up right away. What’s better than spending a Saturday doing the two things you love: going to the city and studying fashion? While I awaited the first day of my class last year, a mix of emotions floated through my head. Though I was nervous and apprehensive, I was also excited and optimistic. I knew everything would turn out just right, but all that I could think about were the endless possibilities of what could go wrong. What if I can’t find my classroom? Will my teacher be nice? How will I make any friends? Am I dressed okay? This circulation of questions, though completely normal, gave me one huge headache. I told my self, “Caroline, you’ll be okay, just relax.” For once, I listened to myself and did just that. My first day at FIT in my patternmaking class exceeded  my expectations. I found my classroom with the help of the accommodating staff, my teacher so sweet and helpful, I made new friends within minutes, and my outfit was as perfect as could be. From this day on, all of my anxiety from the first day flew away, and I could not wait to catch my extra early train to the city each Saturday. I was so pleased with my class during the spring semester last year that I signed up for one during this past fall and for this spring too! Even though I only attended two of my Fashion Forecasting classes this semester, I can already tell that they will be as enjoyable and rewarding as the others. Through this blog, my goal is to share my experiences at FIT with you, while incorporating my personal flair (refer to items 1-10). There is no better way to express my love of fashion than to do it through my other passion, writing. I hope that by the end of the spring semester, you will fall in love with FIT as much as I did, and come back during the summer or even next year!


Happy reading!

xxx, Caroline

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