Second to Last Day

Almost-last-day-of-class blues filled the bright magenta room on this rainy Sunday in December. No one could really believe it’s been 10 weeks! Ten weeks of warm up free drawing as soon as you walk in, running back in attempt to not be late from the 15 minute break, and the last time we will all be together.

These past few classes have mostly been focused on getting portfolios together. Since I’m not the quickest worker, this has been slightly difficult for me. My art also tends to be inconsistent depending on the medium I’m using. But hey,the first step is admitting right? The only criticism I have ever heard leave anyone’s lips is, “I wish we had paint and canvas.” I really think this would be a great addition to the class. We normally have only been using magazines, computers, and our sketchbooks. Painting can be a good way to use vary styles and would be really beneficial when put in a portfolio. Although, yes, we do realize it is a graphic design class.

Our assignment for next class was to bring in all the work we have done for the class. This includes about three large sketchbooks (which are required for every class) and digital images things we have created on the Internet. I guess were going to possibly have an exhibition of some sort, which is really exciting. The best part of this class has been to see other people’s different styles and drawing abilities. One thing I’ve learned is if you want to get good at drawing, the best way to learn is by doing it. Might sound obvious, but I’ve learned more recently just by drawing a lot more than I have in many art lessons. Trial and error is your friend even though it’s a pain in the butt sometimes.

Until next (and last) time,

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